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Lauren Boggi

This is me after pulling an 80+ hour work week, a stressful mom week, and a photo-shoot.  Do you ever feel the way that I look in the above photo?  Nobody ever wants to appear out-of-focus and sleep deprived—and you don't have to!  There are many effective services, and inexpensive products wake you up, and plenty of look-alive secrets that are 100% free.  Check out my 12 tips for when you're feeling less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:

Wear a Ponytail: When I need an uplift, I pull my hair into a high ponytail for an instant refresh. 

Caffeinate Your Eyes:  Cotton pads dipped in brewed espresso eliminates puffy eyes and circles.  Its diuretic effect helps reduce swelling, and caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so it shrinks blood vessels and minimizes dark circles.

Get Moving: I stretch as soon as I wake up to bring a flush to my face. 

Take a Cold (and Hot) Shower: Taking a hot and cold shower around 3PM does the trick for 12+ hour work days. The temperature change revs circulation and brings back color—it totally wakes up the skin. 

Glow: When I'm wiped out my face gets ghostly.  A spray tan gives you instant glow, hides skin imperfections, makes teeth and eyes appear whiter and makes you feel pretty and refreshed.  I visit Amber Bucci at Skin Palette twice a month, but when I'm in a pinch Tarte Brazilliance bronzer does the trick (you'll need an extra set of hands for the back of the body).

Val Daily:  Val Daily and the aesthetician team at Dr. Bucky's can take you from zombie to hottie in no time flat.  Every fall I treat myself to IPL to bring my skin back to its pre-summer tone and smoothness. 

Make your favorite color bright: After late nights or early AM's, I’ll slip on a simple tank dress and heels to throw off coworkers.  Bright colors like yellow and pink warm up skin; I get kudos even on bad days!

Coral Lips: I draw attention away from my eyes with a bright coral lip.  The shade screams I'm awake. 

Blue Mascara: Two coats of Eyeko midnight blue up on the upper lashes only makes the whites of my eyes whiter. 

Wear Pearls: 6AM workouts aren't pretty, but TheraPearl cold compresses help cure morning face. 5-20 minutes over the eyes and sinuses does the trick. 

Highlighter:  My good friend and makeup artist Dawn Episcopo taught me to dab a little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone to brighten up the whole area.

Bling: I pair jewelery with my active-wear during the day - A little sparkle makes you look alive!


Lauren Boggi for Prevention

Lithers, here are some moves that you know well!  Check out Lauren's exclusive sculpting workout for Prevention

Image via Prevention



It's Wednesday, which is legs/lower body day at Lithe!  Check out Lauren's latest Skinny Jeans playlist.  

Image of Lauren via Everlast

#LITHETOUR 2014 TANK 29 Jul 2014


Landing in studios (and L.A.) in 2 weeks! 


Lithe Inspiration

Lithe Instructor Annette Kaplafka via Dom

MAMA SAYS 29 Jul 2014

Simone Simone1

Our next Lithe Mama is Simone Nadav. What makes her awesome? For starters, not even midnight nursing sessions can deter her from getting to classes first thing in the morning. 

Children: Bayla, 3.5 and Lev, 16 months

Tell us your Lithe story:  I was looking around for early morning classes for awhile and knew I didn't want to go to a gym. I Lithed here and there before I got pregnant with Bayla. About 7 months after she was born, I started going 4-5 times a week and continued up until I was 35 weeks pregnant with Lev. 

How do you fit it into your schedule? I always go to 6AM classes. Usually, I can sneak out while my children and husband are sleeping (unless I step on a creaky floorboard). And if I'm really lucky, they're still snoozing when I get back. Plus, I don't have to pay for a sitter. 

Sounds like you're hooked: Definitely. I've considered moving to the suburbs, but I think I would miss Lithe too much. And the 6AM students at Old City are a tight knit group. Many of us have been going for years. 

Anything that you did to really get your body in gear post-baby? The challenge this past October helped me lose that last five pounds. The sculpting classes helped build all the muscles I need to pick my babies up out of their cribs. I'm also a big believer in eating clean and I juice every day. 

So, chicken fingers aren't in the rotation at your house? Luckily, my kids eat whatever I eat. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them. But ... I don't hesitate to eat sweets every now and again. 

Thanks, Simone!



Happy Friday! This week we're giving away a spot for our August 2nd Lithe Beach (Lithe's Bikini Bottom workout) class in Avalon!  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us why you want to win! A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Class will be automatically added to the winner's account with normal expiration applied. Thank you, and good luck!

Image of Lithe Instructor Gina Toscano wearing Nike via Dom

LITHE LEERY? 24 Jul 2014


It's no secret that Lithe has a reputation. Ask women who Lithe regularly to describe that reputation, and the descriptions often include words like: fun, community, support, challenging, rewarding, and sometimes even addiction. But for some who've never taken a class, Lithe invokes something totally different. Peering into a studio with all of its mirrors, weights, barres, and various bands hanging from the ceiling, and words like intimidating, insane, torture and impossible all come to their minds. 

Starting any new workout regimen is a big step! And while I don't mind that Lithe has a reputation for being tough - because changing your body takes work - I do mind when women think they won't be able to do it. Some women see the flow of fit bodies that come and go from our various studios and they think: I couldn't keep up. Or, I will be the only person in the room that's not in fantastic shape. And while I understand their fears, it's important to know that any able-bodied woman, regardless of fitness level or age, can Lithe!

Nobody who Lithes starts with a Lithe body! The women in our studios look the way that they do because they Lithe.  There is such a diverse range of women that attend classes, from competitive athletes to women who are brand new to exercise. The best way to start out if you have no background is to take a few of our Lithe 101 classes. 

It's important to us that newbies feel supported through every step of your workout. We are here as you take it at a pace that works for you. Most women who begin Lithe are always surprised how quickly they catch on, and how well their bodies take to the challenge! Still leery? Stay tuned for our additional tips on what workouts to take and a video on how to modify!

Image of Lithe Instructor Sophie Oh wearing Stella McCartney & Michi via Dom

OPEN LITHE! 24 Jul 2014


We need approximately 8 Lithers to participate in a complimentary Hot Legs workout today, 7/24 @ 11AM at Lithe Rittenhouse with Lithe Instructor, Jonathan Cedrone!  Call 215-545-5144 or email philly@lithemethod.com to reserve!

Image of Lithe Instructor Jonathan Cedrone wearing Nike via Dom


Watch how Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer recruits a total stranger during our Lithe Hunt.  He's pretty good! 

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