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You've been asking for a healthy, grab n' go, Lithe-centric "liquid detox" and we're delivering, post-Thanksgiving!  Lithe Foods are, by design, cleansing & detoxifying, especially our cold-pressed juices, smoothies and our raw, whole food Lithe Bar. Combining them together for a day or two is great for resetting eating patterns.  
I've always said that our workout truly demands more than juice. So, while I don't think that cleanses should be an every day part of healthy, Lithe-friendly eating, I have personally benefited from a day of all (or nearly all) liquids - though, the liquids I choose are more nutritionally varied and dense than just juice. 
Want to give it a try? Purchase on-line (please be patient with link loading!) on Monday 12AM - 11:59PM. Your Liquid Lithe will be available for pickup in-studio on Monday morning, December 8th. We can guarantee product freshness until EOD, Wednesday, December 10th.
Liquid Lithe:
 #1 ("breakfast"): Greenest Smoothie
#2 ("morning boost"): Smile Sparkle Shine
#3 ("lunch"): The Vert
#4 ("afternoon boost"): Lithe Spicy Lemonade + Lithe Bar
#5 ("dinner"): Pom Pom Punch
#6 ("dessert"): Cashew Milk
Baseline Nutrition = 1,480 Calories, 34g Fat, 150g Carbs (28g Fiber), 18g Protein







Chlorophyll Water: Get ready to up your glow factor!  High in antioxidants, chlorophyll regenerates the body by restoring and replenishing red blood cells, therefore increasing oxygen in the body. Perfect post-Lithe or first thing in the AM. Price: $3


Cashew Milk: Our super delicious, high protein, healthy fat, and low-glycemic nut milk is packed with soluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous health-promoting phyto-chemicals. Ingredients: cashew, water, cinnamon, vanilla extract, himalayan sea salt, coconut nectar  Price: $10


Lithe Spicy Lemonade: Our Lithed-Up lemonade is spicy, hydrating, immunity-boosting, and restores your body's healthy alkaline balance.  Ingredients: lemon, coconut nectar, cayenne, filtered water  Price: $8


Greenest Smoothie: It's our Greenie in a smoothie, baby. Sweet, Pineapple-y, rich in vitamin C and packed with bromelain which aids in digestion and also prevents swelling. Ingredients: pineapple, ginger, kale, spinach, apple, lemon  Price: $8


The Vert: It's not green tea... it's a deep, yet light, power-packed raw juice blend that will get you going – and we mean it!  Ingredients: cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger  Price: $8


Winter Recovery Smoothie: Cranberries offer immune support, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits, are rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Ingredients: cranberries, orange, pear, shaved coconut This 2013 favorite is based off the much loved Winter Holiday Smoothie  Price: $8


Bikini Kale Salad: The original Lithed-Up Salad! Our delicious, nutty and extremely low calorie & fat dressing provides 18 amino acids, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional yeast is a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans because it is a perfect alternative to animal-based protein. One ounce of this yeast contains 14 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber and is only 79 calories.  Ingredients: kale, cherry tomato, shallots, lemon juice, EVOO, nutritional yeast, tahini, tamari, water, salt & pepper Price: $8.50


Curried Cauliflower Salad: This hearty, low-carb, protein-packed vegan roasted salad is warm, earthy and filling. Some of the best vegetables for detoxifying and rejuvenating the body are cruciferous ones like cauliflower, which is chock full of phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Curry powder contains turmeric, a spice known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and digestion improving properties. Ingredients:  cauliflower, raisins, cucumber, curry powder, harissa, cashews, EVOO, lemon juice  Price: $6.50


Lithe Bowl - Bibimbap:  Our raw version of the classic Korean dish filled with crisp Asian veggies and spicy dressing. We recommend pouring the dressing on the salad, and shaking it up! Ingredients: brown sushi rice, radish, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, mung bean sprout, sesame seeds, rice wine vinegar, mirin, nori  Price: $10


Zuc-Quinoa Lasagna:  The cult favorite is back!  A little slice of heaven for your heart and your hips!  If you're a lasagna lover, you'll adore our healthy "cheat" version of the rich, calorie-laden original (usually around 1,000-2000 calories per slice!). Our Lithed Up version is only 254 Calories, 8g Fat, 36g Carbs (5g Fiber), 12g Protein Ingredients:  zucchini, quinoa, tomato, spinach, vegetable stock, ricotta, mozzarella, EVOO, onion, garlic, oregano, basil, parsley, salt & pepper  Price:  $10



Favorite City: Philadelphia & Chicago

Favorite Lithe Workout: Hot Legs

Favorite Lithe Exercise: CCS in Barlesque

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team: As an ex-competitive level 5 gymnast and collegiate soccer player, Alicia is athletic, hard-working and has real knowledge of the body. She challenges vets and inspires newbies with her no nonsense approach with an emphasis on proper form.  I think that you'll love her classes! 

Other Job: Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Surgeon)

Enjoys: Spending time with my husband and my baby (Olive Maria, my boston terrier), road trips, experiencing new restaurants in Philly, singing, dancing, chocolate and peanut butter in combo, a really good latte or cup of tea.

What you wouldn't know by looking at her: I'm half Puerto Rican. My dad is from Puerto Rico and his entire side of the family still lives there. We go to visit often and actually almost moved there when I was in grade school. I definitely look much more like my mother's side of the family with blue eyes and lighter features. I recently got married and am in the process of changing my name to Lai which is Chinese. I hate losing my last name because it is my only visible tie to the fact that I am hispanic. People literally do not believe that I am half Puerto Rican, until they get to know me...I can be quite feisty:) I have also been asked on more than occasion if Rivera was my married name. Sadly to say, I can only speak enough spanish to get by in PR, I am far from fluent.

Temp image of Alicia & Olive via Alicia





Lithe Instructor and trained chef, Danielle Ingerman is debunking common food and nutrition myths by giving you facts about sugar, fat—even comfort food — and more, so you can feel good about diggin' the foods that you love.  Danielle is studying to be a Registered Dietitian at Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions.  Her favorite class is Micronutrient Metabolism, and she's currently interning at CHOP and at a private practice in Trenton, NJ.  I'm thrilled that she's shedding some fresh and passionate "Eating Lithe" insight here on Fit.Hip.Healthy!  Today she's talking post-holiday self-care...


It’s the time of year all of us look forward to, the holiday season. Finally we get to put our busy B.S. aside for a moment, spend some time with family (hopefully more pros than cons there), see friends from out of town, and relax a bit. For me and many others, most of those special events revolve around one thing … food. A lot of us look forward to holiday traditions centering around meals and there’s no reason not to. Most of our favorite foods evolve from a feeling, a memory, some emotion that brings us to a place of comfort and happiness. More than what we “crave” our minds take us to an emotional place each time we reach for one of our favorite treats. What I hear a lot and what is expected in the field of dietetics, is that most people use these occasions as cheats. I’m all for holiday gluttony, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit to it, but what I’ve learned to manage over the years is the post-gluttony guilt.


I’ve previously written about how we can be so hard on ourselves when we are trying to clean up our lifestyle, that any bump in the road makes us throw our hands in the air and say we “give up.” I hear women that have lost 50 to 100 pounds come into offices where I work and say after the holiday one thing led to another and they gave up. But then they step on the scale and have only gained 5 pounds. We are SO much harder on ourselves than we even realize. We quickly throw away all of the progress we’ve made based on what we view as a couple of hiccups in our path to wellness. As a future dietitian I am required to say that there ARE tips for avoiding total blackout eating at these times, such as not going into meals hungry, focusing on filling your plate with greens, focusing on the protein, putting your fork down between bites, etc. However, as a food lover and enthusiast, I think I’d like to focus more on the food forgiveness in the holiday aftermath. Enjoy yourself, your holidays, your family and friends. When the workweek hits, get back to your fit.hip.healthy. We are human, not robots, sometimes we really need this time, so take it. Just remember to always take care of yourself and your body. We’ve only got one!


Happy holidays to my Lithe family!


Lithe Instructor Danielle Ingerman via Dom





Lithe's Black Friday sale opens tonight at midnight and closes on Monday at 11:59PM!  Our 5 class pack, Monthly (1-A-Day) Unlimited, Annual Membership, & Lithe Foods 3-Day Meal Plan specials make the perfect gift!

5 Class Card  $100  $65 
(that's like, $13/class)
Monthly (1-A-Day) Membership $210  $165
(That's like, $5.50/class if you attend everyday)
Annual Membership  $2,200  $1,999
(That's like, saving $521/year if you're a monthly member)
Lithe Foods 3 Day Meal Plan $225 $203
(Eating Lithe made easy. Kick-off with us on Monday January, 5th!)

To purchase, go to our on-line store and choose Black Friday 5 Class Card, Black Friday Monthly Membership, Black Friday Annual Membership & Lithe Foods 3 Day Detox.

*One per customer. 5 class cards expire on 12/31/14. Limited quantities of the Annual Membership available. May not be combined with any other discount or promotion. All Lithe Foods questions should be directed to lithefoods@lithemethod.com

Image of Lithe Instructor Sophie Oh wearing Michi NY via Dom



Q: How did you meet?
Shana: We met at a party our mutual friend Nicole had, and then recognized each other in class soon after. Our “spots” in class are next to each other and our class schedules are similar, so we started seeing each other frequently and then took our friendship outside of class, too. We both like to reward ourselves with a good cocktail and something yummy to eat (sometimes healthy and sometimes not)

We’ve also now recruited a couple of mutual friends to try Lithe and I think we’ve made a some converts! I just heard one of them say she’s “addicted.” I couldn’t be more happy to have our Lithe crew grow.
Kristy: What Shana doesn't know is that I remembered her as the girl who wore the VERY sparkly holiday dress to Nicole’s holiday pony party when we ran into each other at Lithe. I think during our first encounter or two, we were kind of awkward with each other as well. Then, it all came together and we went for drinks post-class. The rest is history. After all of the yapping we have done at dinner parties with our group of friends about Lithe or getting told to stop talking about Lithe, I cannot explain the excitement that they've all come over to our side. I almost cried from excitement, and then I got a hold of myself. But, it really is SO fun to be able to have our whole group plan post-Lithe lunch dates!

Q: What are your favorite Lithe classes to take together?
Shana: This one’s easy, and I know we’d both unanimously agree, Lauren’s Tuesday 12:15PM Freestyle is hands-down our favorite. Always a highlight of my day to take a break from work, get a good sweat, and be pushed to the limit by whatever new trick Lauren has up her sleeve.
Kristy: Um ... NO CONTEST on this. It's probably what was our first "Lithe Date" as well. Our "spots" thing mentioned in Question 1 we take super seriously. We have a pact that whoever is there first saves the other's spot. There was this one time I texted Shana to save my spot because I was running late and someone was in it. The pressure was too much and I think accidentally scowled at the girl in my spot. I am really sorry to whoever that was. Though I do still tease Shana that she failed at the task ;)  

Q: How do you motivate each other in Lithe and in life?
Shana: My motto is everything in moderation. We both try live a healthy lifestyle without being too restrictive. I think this is a healthy way to live and limit the binges that might come with complete restriction. We keep each other motivated to get to class and question where the other one was if we miss it. I think we're both equally good and bad influences on each other. So with my math it kind of evens out :)
Kristy: Oh it's true. Though I am usually the one that is on the receiving end of the shame texts stating that I saw your name on the class list. Where were you!? Shana is definitely the stronger of the two of us, so I always look to her to push myself for a extra rep or to go for the challenge. I agree with the moderation motto, though I also think we're a bit of work hard/play hard as well. I think she's giving me too much credit on the influence, but I'll take it!

Q: If you're not at the studio, where can we find you two together?
Shana: Sitting at a bar with a bourbon cocktail in hand.
Kristy: ALWAYS bourbon, and often at A.Bar. We're also very into Saturday Funday instead of Sunday Funday. It really is a wonderful thing and you don't start the work week dragging. I think there was only one time that we have been together outside of the studio where there wasn't bourbon involved and that was at Franklin institute's Science After Hours. We made toothpaste and lip gloss and drank wine and beer instead. Basically where there is good food and bourbon we go, and often it involves a dinner party at one of our houses with our girlfriends the Ponies!
Fun Fact: We share the same birthday

Images via Kristy




For the next 40+ weeks, we'll be featuring our favorite Lithe workouts. This week we're starting with Spirit, which debuted back in 2010...

In my opinion, this is one Lithe workout that is so underrated. Spirit is unique, so effective, and it's quintessentially Lithe. Tough AND fun is what we do best. CCS on the mat, tuck jumps, star explosions, Marios ... You'll burn at least 700 calories and smile the entire time.

Want to know more? Read Sayeh's take on it!

I sat in on the 11:00AM Wednesday Spirit at Old City and the room was on fire! LM2 Reggae Dancehall (Collie's Bermuda Mix Tape's Defend Your Own and Assassin's Don't Like You (Applause Riddim) are two of my faves) was blasting and all the girls were working their butts off. 

Images via Lauren



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  Boom Chica Boom Skinny Heathen


TGIF! At Lithe, we're all about making healthy choices without sacrificing any of the fun. Welcome to our Lithe Foods Skinny Heathen collaboration with Art In The Age spirits! Next in this 13-week series is Boom Chica Boom, which is made with Lithe's Boom and AITA's Rhubarb liquor. 


If you're looking for a healthy, healing cocktail with a kick, this is it! Lithe's Boom is a cold-pressed juice made from lemon, ginger, and cayenne. Lemons are full of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals both inside and outside the cell. Free radicals can cause inflammation and the antioxidants in lemons are helpful for reducing inflammation and easing symptoms of arthritis. Ginger reduces bloating, relieves motion sickness, and also helps promote detoxification. Cayenne also fights inflammation, clears congestion, assists weight loss, and gives your immune system a boost with its high content of beta-carotene.


Boom is great straight or as a hot toddyAITA's Rhubarb liquor is made with a botanical bounty of beets, carrots, lemons, petitigrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar, and rhubarb. Married, they make Boom Chica Boom – a refreshing vodka lemonade with a cayenne kick!



2 oz. Rhubarb liquor

4 oz. Boom


Honey to taste (reduce the spice by adding more honey)

Lemon wedge



Fill a highball glass with ice, pour in Boom, Rhubarb, and honey, and then garnish with a lemon wedge.

Yield: 1 serving

Image via Chaucee

LITHE BRIDE 21 Nov 2014


Alex and I were married on October 4th on Kiawah Island, South Carolina at the Ocean Course. We met during first week of undergrad at Duke where we both lived in Wilson Dorm. After dating on and off throughout college, we parted ways for awhile while he moved home to Georgia for medical school and I worked in fine art in Manhattan. When he matched for residency in Philadelphia, I followed quickly with my dog Sprout in tow! Fast forward about a year, and Alex proposed to me in the middle of Philly's City Hall on bended knee while tourists looked on and a busker jammed on an electric violin. While we love it here in our adopted home (I'm from Wisconsin, go Pack!), we decided to get married in a pseudo-destination wedding off the coast of South Carolina where we celebrated our first anniversary during college.

At our welcome dinner lowcountry boil on Friday, and especially at our wedding reception Saturday night we danced like crazy, toasted about a hundred thousand times to our future together, and just generally had the most magical weekend of our lives. I may have pulled out some Lithe CCS moves on the dance floor without realizing, too...
Our wedding day was more wonderful than either of us could have ever imagined, and I felt incredible on the day of in large part due to Lithe! I began working at Lithe in March 2014, and over the months leading up to my wedding the incredible workouts and general vibe of wellness helped me lose over 20 pounds, going from a size 12/14 to a 6/8. Working in the studio has been such a gift this year, as I'm constantly surrounded by healthy, happy influences care of my coworkers and our Lithers. This influence has carried over into my home & family life as well, where I've just been generally happier, more present, and more energetic! I've also taken to using way more exclamation points!!!
I have tons of love and gratitude for Lithe for helping me feel amazing on the happiest day of my life! Thanks for transforming me into a Lithe Bride!

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