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Being a Lither takes commitment. But being a mom and a Lither calls for serious dedication. Between early wakeup calls (5AM? Again?) and rushing to pick the kids up at preschool, it's not always so easy to squeeze in a class. In our Mama Says column, we shine a little light on the mothers that make it happen.

Who: Ovgu Kaynak Mulroy

Children: Simon, 18 months. 

What's your day job? I used to be a full-time public health researcher, part-time professor. For now, I'm staying home and teaching on the side.

How do you manage to schedule time for Lithe? I am lucky to have a husband with a two block commute and a keen understanding of how much I need to Lithe! That gives me a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. I'd love to eventually get back to my rightful place (6AMer for life!), but until then I'm all over the place schedule-wise.

How has your Lithe practice changed since you became a mother? I went from Lithe bride to Lithe mama in less than a year, so it changed quickly! It took me a little while to get back into it once I had Simon (a bottle refuser doesn't make scheduling anything easy). Now I'm back with a vengeance and happy to be in class 4+ times a week. I count Lithe as one of the biggest confidence boosters. My friends Lauren and Dani have been my personal cheerleaders over the past two years. They were the first people I told when I zipped up my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. 

Do you use Lithe's babysitting service? Yes! In fact, the babysitting service made the decision for me to transition Simon from two naps to one a lot easier. And I treat it like a playgroup for him. 

Does Simon eat healthy or does he turn his nose up at your nutritious dinner attempts? Simon will pretty much eat anything right now, so we are bombarding him with as many healthy tastes as we can. His favorite foods are peas, pasta fagiole, and black bean burgers. I've learned not to eat in front of him if I'm really hungry because he turns into a baby seagull begging for bites. Once he ate the majority of my Lithe Carrot Cake Oatmeal. It was kind of a bummer ... for me.

Which one of his foods can you not resist munching on? Bunny graham crackers.


Annette1 Annette2

Jenn M1 Jenn M

These ladies do it ALL. They hold full-time jobs, teach at Lithe, take vacations, and still managed to complete our entire Earned in Winter Challenge. Props to you, Annette and Jenn! So impressed with your dedication and results! 

LITHE INSIDER! 26 May 2015

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This week, we get to know longtime Lither Nisha Mistry!

What's your secret to consistently incorporating Lithe into your schedule? On May 6th, I will have been loving Lithe for 3 years. I think the best way to incorporate Lithe into my schedule has been to take advantage of the three week window for booking. I always book a class as soon as the window opens, and with the app it has made that much easier. Plus it also put a reminder into my schedule so that I know its already booked when I go to look at that day and then just schedule around it.   

When you've had a long day, what do you like to do to de-stress? My lithe routine is typically the 945am class at the Main Line studio. So its not really an end to a long day, but it gets my day off to a great start and I can't remember there ever having been a time when I regretted coming to class. But as a stay-at-home full-time single mom of three, very active and busy kids, there are times when I don't always get to lithe because of a dr's appt, a play, or a game. On those days, I try and meditate before I go to bed, to just clear my head of all that noise.  I find that lithe does that for me because as so many instructors have said, 'it is your hour - make it your best'.  I also drink tea and read a little. I absolutely try not to bring any technology to bed with me. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? I think the most rewarding part of lithe is knowing that I have become stronger physically and further,  the element of lithe that keeps it interesting is, that it is always a work in progress. There is always a new workout being added to the line up or being 'raised from the ashes'. Every instructor teaches a class in her own way and whether its about 'making it your best', 'you can do ten of anything', 'this is your hour', 'make it punchy' or a loving, encouraging growl - they know how to keep you going. I don't know how Lauren does it - but I am grateful that she does.  Even more so, emotionally I am also a much more even-keeled and happy person. There was this post that was on the blog that I printed when it was posted and even though its faded and dog-eared - it has been my mantra. It was entitled ‘Inspiration’ in which was there was a list of ‘obstacles’ one shouldn’t let interfere with one’s Lithe practice.

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Hmmm - I have to pick one? Well, I think it would be Sideline. I love the intensity of the CCS and the sculpting standing on the Pom bands.  Its really an awesome workout. I know my body changes so much more  when I focus on sculpting - I think Peeled is my favorite sculpting class. 

What TV series are you embarrassed to say you've binge watched on Netflix? That would be Felicity - Keri Russell was my girl crush when it was on TV, and Scott Speedman was my guy crush, and I love Scott Foley too (especially as Jake now on Scandal). I just felt all their angst during the course of those four years. And her hair -  her hair -  was just how I always wanted my hair to be - even when it was short.  I remember living in NYC and seeing Keri Russell in person at the counter of the event planning/catering company/restaurant I worked at - I wasn't serving her, but I heard her speak and knew it was her - and she really is gorgeous in person.  Thankfully she is on TV again in The Americans on FX ( but her hair is straightened now - but she is just as gorgeous). 
When you were in high school, what would you have been "Most Likely to..." in the yearbook superlatives? Most Likely to...be a late bloomer - I really didn't come into my own until my early twenties, comfortable in my own skin. Even now I continue to 'bloom' in so many ways - especially as a mom. One of my favorite quotes is 'And the day came with the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom' – Anais Nin

WE WEAR: JEWELRY 21 May 2015

Lauren's J2
Lauren's Jewels

Lauren Boggi
Laur's Jewels4

Jewelry is so personal and it's supposed to feel personal, right? I get a lot of questions about the jewelry I wear, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces and a bit about my personal style. I love unique, modern, minimalist, and luxe jewelry: stackable 18K gold bangles, delicately detailed super-thin rose gold midi rings, arm bands, and everything diamond (real or fake!). I love giving and receiving jewelry. Currently, my favorite pieces to gift are ear cuffs. They add that cool factor to the traditional stud and look good on everyone. My son loves pointing them out whenever I wear them. “Fancy Mommy!” he says. 

Because I'm always in between sweaty and clean, my general aesthetic is relaxed and modern peppered with a little bohemian. A typical everyday outfit for me is a comfy shirt, jeans, flat sandals, and a statement necklace. My outfits and jewelry are easy to slip into in the morning and comfortable enough to hang out in around the house with Mars, yet pulled together enough to go from the studio to the street. Here are some of my favorite pieces on the market right now:

Uniform Wares M-37 watch

Daimblond resin stackable rings

Ginette NY black onyx horn necklace 

Jennifer Meyer custom nameplate necklaces

Anything by Jennifer Fisher, especially the build your necklace

Pamela Love hand pieces 

A Peace Treaty necklaces and earrings 

Images via Celia Ragonese / Antrim + Spruce Photography


Does fear of judgment or shame about your body ever keep you from getting out there and breaking a sweat and becoming fit? One of the biggest fitness/health hurdles for so many people is being judged or feeling shame about their body. Because perfectionism has a strong grip on so many of us, you may feel like you have to be perfect at the studio, too.

So many of us are guilty of this. How many times have you passed on a particular class or instructor at Lithe or on a swimsuit because you're "too fat"? The entire first year after I had my son, I refused to buy clothes until I fit into my old ones! Have you passed on a particular sport because of shame?

Check out the video above. Sport England set its This Girl Can campaign to the classic 2001 Missy Elliot jam “Get Ur Freak On." It was created to inspire women to wiggle, jiggle, move, and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.



1. Your body is your ally
Our bodies change through aging, pregnancy, illness, weight loss, weight gain, the list goes on. One thing we must learn to do is love our bodies before, during, and after. Be loyal to your body and love it. It’s the only one you have! Use it to help you win battles, not create them. The sooner we conceptualize our bodies as allies instead of enemies, the sooner we learn to mend the split between what we want and aspire to be, versus what and who we are. 

2. Choose love not fear
Don't let the fear of not being perfect or accepted hold you back from living the life you want. Instead, live your life by loving yourself and others. Going to the studio and popping your hips might feel embarrassing, but fear isn't running your show anymore because you love yourself, right? Six months from now, you'll be surprised how quickly you started Lithing up a storm. You'll also be amazed at your strength and stamina and it’s all because you said goodbye to fear.

3. Don’t let others tell you how much you’re worth
So many of us have a habit of letting other people’s opinion run their feelings and choices. Can you relate? Here’s the thing though: those people don’t know your story. They can never know the depth of your journey or the beauty of your mind, body, and spirit. If people try to tell you otherwise, walk away. When your best supporters tell you that you're awesome, believe it.

4. Slow and steady wins the race
One of the things that can trip you up while getting fit is lack of patience. We do not like to wait for things. You want to give up because it seems too difficult. Try to remember that the course of our life is not a straight path, but a winding one. We all make wrong turns and double back on ourselves. The best thing we can do is not beat ourselves up, but believe that we are worth it. Then just put one foot in front of the other. A Lither recently told me that she started Lithing a few minutes at a time, then 20 minutes, then 60 minutes. Three weeks ago, she completed her first 6x/week since she started three months ago. And it’s all because she stepped into the studio. Set a small goals and try to work at it in small ways every day. 

5. Ignore the Competition
It seems counterintuitive, but when setting up for your sweat session, plop your gloves and props down near a mat in the front of the room (you don't have to be in front of the instructor). This helps you focus on YOU instead of others in the room. 

6. Character matters
Our bodies take so many shapes during our lifetime. It is our character that matters the most! 

7. Chat up your instructors
Let your instructor know that you are nervous, don’t know what to expect, etc. What you perceive as a weakness is actually strength. Asking for help when you need it is hard, but that's how you learn and grow which will improve your practice and break down barriers.

Of course, now the question must be asked — does fear of judgment or shame about your body ever keep you from getting out there and breaking a sweat for your health? Let’s talk about it!

Lithe Instructor Diana K. via Lauren

SPRING READS 18 May 2015

Spring Reads!

I feel like I haven't read in years, but I started to make time for it on Lithe Escape, and also just became part of a book club, which I'm super excited about!  If you’re taking a holiday break or spending some time by the pool, spring is a great time to do a little reading.  I usually look for fun books and real page-turners that I can devour in a few days.  I thought I’d share five worthy reads with you:

Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy  written by my most creative friends (and Lither!), Joy Cho.  A colorful, inspirational guide to help bring that Oh Joy whimsy into your life.  It's filled with quick, fun, and stylish projects from home decor to food to fashion as well as tips on how to shop for vintage, and pick art for your home!

To Be A Friend Is Fatal written by my friend Kirk Johnson.  Founder of The List Project, Kirk is an all-around amazing guy, a killer story-teller, and has such an unbelievable story. 

Luckiest Girl Alive is a can't put down novel by Jessica Knoll which takes place on Philadelphia's Main Line.   Jessica gifted this book to me and I'm so glad she did.  It's such a page-turner; I was hooked on page seven!  

Girl in a Band: A Memoir is written by Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth, fashion icon, and role model for a generation of women. I love her story—a memoir of life as an artist, of music, marriage, motherhood, independence, and as one of the first women of rock and roll.

CherryBombe celebrates women doing cool things in the food industry, which I love.  I picked up a subscription so I don’t always have to shell out for newsstand prices. 

Image via Celia Ragonese / Antrim + Spruce Photography



This week, we get to know longtime Lither Claire Elliot!

What's your secret to consistently incorporating Lithe into your schedule? The 6AM class has become a pretty non-negotiable part of my daily routine. No matter how crazy my schedule gets throughout the day – work, travel, girlfriend hangouts, dates – that early bird time slot is always available. There’s no excuse not to sweat! My proximity to the studio (two blocks) doesn’t hurt either. I am so proud to be a part of the Old City 6AM crew. Talk about some bad*ss chicks!

When you've had a long day, what do you do to de-stress? A stack of magazines, some hot mint tea, my pajamas, in bed. That’s pretty much heaven. If it has been an especially stressful day, then swap out the tea with wine. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Lithe is so unique because it NEVER gets easy. Yes, you learn the moves and nail down your form, but you always sweat, your muscles always shake, you always challenge yourself to get to the next level. That consistent push, the lack of “plateau” in terms of inner and outer strength, is what makes Lithe unlike any other work out I’ve done. I agree with Molly who mentioned the barre chair series being the most killer moves of all time. When will I be able to complete the whole set?

And … one of the most geeked-out Lithe moments I’ve ever had was doing singles of the entire All That lineup, from Twiggy straight through to Sideline. Jonathan taught the class. It was 7PM in Old City. I smiled the entire time. There was Whitney Houston blasting and I could not believe I did it. Ah, magic! 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Freestyle. I love trying out new clothes, shoes, lipstick, etc. Freestyle is the Lithe version of “outfitting.” The workout is always fun and keeps you on your toes, just like a pedicure with a new Essie polish!   

Who was your celebrity crush when you were in middle school? I was fairly certain that I was going to marry Prince William. I guess I’ll have to settle for Prince Harry.  

What was the first concert you went to? Celine Dion when I was 11. My older cousin took me because her boyfriend (shockingly) did not want to go. I cried when she sang “My Heart Will Go On” (I mean Titanic? Leo? Come on!). I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 


Cabana Chic Swim

Cabana Chich 2

Happy Friday! This week we’re giving away one $50 gift certificate to Cabana Chic Swimwear! The Main Line-based webstore brings you the most exclusive swimwear from around the world (think South America) with a one-of-a kind aesthetic and superior quality. We love the luxe supportive fabrics, rich details, and beautiful designs.
Even if you don’t win this week, Cabana Chic is offering a 25% discount to all Lithers. Enter discount code LITHE25 at checkout from May 15-31. For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us which suit you have your eye on! One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Good luck!

Image via Cabana Chic Swimwear

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