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You're not alone. We all find excuses to not exercise. Life gets in everyone's way, but you CAN reach your goals and achieve the results you want. Here are ten tips for when youcan't seem to get your rear in gear, get out of your own head, or stay motivated. 

1. Prioritize. No time because you spend hours on your smart phone? Turn that time into active time. In the long run, you'll be glad that you put your health first. Your body will thank you, too. 

2. Make a date with YOU. Schedule your workout just like you schedule doctor's appointments and dinner with friends and honor that commitment. It's just as important. 

3. Write it down. Tracking your progress and setbacks is eye-opening and effective. Record how long you worked out, what class you took, how you felt after. I always remind myself that I'm only one hour away from a good mood and that always motivates me to just do it on days when I need a boost. 

4. Stay positive. Your body hears everything your mind thinks!

5. Imagine it. Visualize your results! Think about how you will look and feel after one month, six weeks, three months, six months, and one year. Results are the best motivational tool, so be sure to keep up with your own measurements and photos. 

6. Make yourself accountable. Going public with your story keeps you committed. 

7. Don't get discouraged. It's important to make a long-term commitment, even if it means going without noticable results for a week. Remember that you can't go wrong by eating Lithe and working out regularly (especially when it's fun!). 

8. Find a few besties. Spend time with friends who also value a healthy lifestyle. You will benefit from sharing your stories about how fantastic you look, how strong you're becoming, how great you feel, and funny things that happen in the studio.

9. Reward yourself! I'm not talking about junk food. Each week that you accomplish your goals (maybe it's a going to a certain number of classes, taking a particular class with an instructor that you used to avoid like the plague, or becoming a consistent 6AMer or 5:30PMer.

Treat yourself to something that inspires you to stick with it, like a new pair of workout pants or a piece of jewelry. I recommend creating a point system. When you meet your goals, give yourself a point and record it. When you hit a certain amount of points, treat yourself to an activity that makes you feel great, such as a mani/pedi with friends or a massage.   

10. Travel Lithe. If you've Escaped with us, you know that Lithe travels well! Get outside, have fun, and utilize your surroundings. Just make sure to send a Lithe on Location shot to us! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis in FP Movement via Dom


We Wear: Annette We Wear: AK

There's nothing like a fresh, sporty jacket that takes you from studio to street. Everyone loves Annette's Pure + Good jacket that she snagged from Anthropologie. Annette says that it was one of those unexpected finds that made her feel like a champion shopper. She says, "I love how billowy it is, while still being on trend with the cropped length. The pattern is so much fun, but for some reason, whenever I pull up the hood, I feel badass. It's just the right weight and warmth for this time of year. I always throw it on as I head out to teach the 6AMers."

Images via Antrim & Spruce Photography

LITHED-UP BOWL 26 Oct 2015

The Perfect Bowl The Perfect Bowl

The Perfect Bowl
Organic quinoa, organic millet, organic buckwheat, organic roasted Brussels sprouts, organic roasted sweet potatoes, and organic kale with sherry vinaigrette 

This bowl is just perfect. A seasonal plant-based, protein-rich triple threat of three gluten-free supergrains. Organic quinoa, millet, and buckwheat are topped with roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, kale and sherry vinaigrette. It's filling, rich in fiber, and aligned with your nutritional goals.

Quinoa is a seed that's higher in protein and iron than other whole grains. It provides complete protein, which means that all nine of the essential amino acids we must obtain through our diet are present. 

Millet has a generous amount of protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and potassium. It's easy to digest and has less phytic acid (which can interfere with mineral absorption) than other whole grains.

Buckwheat is not at all related to wheat. It's actually a seed. Similar to quinoa, buckwheat is a complete protein. Buckwheat raises blood sugar levels slowly because the carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed at a slower rate. This gives you a steady supply of energy and leaves you feeling full longer.

Enjoy hot (sauteed) or cold. 

One serving ($12)  
Available today 


Lithe Foods Veggie Bone Broth


We love Ian Brendle (Green Meadow Farm) and Z Food Farm's produce. So crisp, flavorful, and clean. Each week our soups, bowls, and salads change as we bring you seasonal produce straight from the farm. Here's what's available now:

Organic Veggie Bone Broth Soup
Organic bone broth, organic carrot, organic celery, organic garlic, organic kale & organic potato

This simple superfood soup is comforting and healing. Lithe's bone broth is made from roasted organic grass-fed beef marrow bones, chicken feet, and mirepoix so it's packed with nutrients and protein. The amino acids and other healing compounds released in the simmering process also promote joint health, which makes bone it a smart sip for Lithers. And if you want to feel and look your best this fall, bone broth also helps out in the beauty department. It's rich in collagen, which supports and strengthens the structural matrix of hair, skin, and nails.
1 serving ($10)  
Available today



This week, we get to know Varsity Lither Adrienne Lucas!

Has the Lithe Varsity 250 class requirement served as a motivation to get into the studio when you otherwise may have skipped your workout? Maybe on the margins, but it’s not a primary motivation. I’m more motivated by the great friends that I have made through Lithe, getting the most out of my monthly membership, and not contributing to the $10 late cancel fund. Once I’m in the studio, the ML instructors and DJ Hannah keep me going with their fabulousness and great playlists.
What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? First, I’ve met amazing, strong women through Lithe. That Main Line morning crew is fierce and inspires me on and off the mat. Second, I now wear skinny jeans.
If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Higher Power. I am predictable, but can be fun with a good playlist. I am a little goofy in some transitions, and have a surprisingly good abs section for my age.
When you were in high school, what would you have been "Most Likely to..." in the yearbook? On the superlative pages in both my high school and junior high school yearbooks I was the class brain (aka biggest nerd).



Update: Only 36 days left to book! 


Start off 2016 right by joining Lithe for a long weekend with Lauren Boggi that's designed to inspire confidence, reset eating habits, and transform your body (we're talking visible results). During Lithe WKND at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, Lauren shares her whole life whole body approach to wellness with a multifaceted program complete with sweat, sunshine, and sustenance.


Lithe Method is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS). CCS is our proprietary blend of cardiovascular, cheer-based conditioning and resistance training created by former USC cheerleader and Lithe’s Creator Lauren Boggi. Named one of the nation’s “top core toning workouts” by Self and a “top party-ready workout for dance lovers” by Glamour, Lithe utilizes cheer-based conditioning to sculpt muscles, produce a high cardio burn, and reduce fat zones in 60 minutes.


Our WKND experience incorporates not only your cardio burn and strength training, but also your balanced mindset and lean, seasonal nutrition. In the morning our workout will be grounded with a focus on sculpting your muscular foundation. Our afternoon classes will be high energy and produce a cardio burn. Each WKND workout is 75 minutes and you’ll find the schedule below. 


We can’t wait to spend Lithe WKND with you in Miami! To reserve your spot, email escape@lithemethod.com.


Curious about the food? Download Lido's menus.


Lithe WKND Class Schedule:
Thurs., Jan 21

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Fri., Jan 22

8–9:45AM Lithe Beach with Lauren

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Sat., Jan 23

8:30–9:45AM Lithe H20 with Lauren (this is done bayside by the pool and in the pool) 

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Sun., Jan 24
8:30–9:45AM Lithe Beach with Lauren 

12–1:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
WKND Details:
January 21–24, 2016 details to be booked before December 1, 2015
3 nights single room starting at $2,274 per person
3 nights shared room starting at $1,674 per person
*Room stay in standard medium type room (1 queen size bed)

*Room rates are subject to change as December 1 approaches
Classes with Lauren, 10 percent off spa service treatments (reserve by contacting The Standard Spa), and complimentary welcome Hamam Experience Bar. Airfare, transportation to hotel, room tax, sales tax, and meals are not included. We recommend you pre-schedule spa services as appointments are based on availability. A 20 percent service charge is automatically added.


Lauren Boggi via Dom



Not a Lither? Lithing from afar? Traveling during the holidays? On Sunday, November 1, Lithe creator Lauren Boggi hosts her own public Instagram challenge Build a Peach (#buildapeach #builda🍑). This is a great opportunity for Lithers and non-Lithers who will be traveling during the month of November or for those who want to kick their Fall Transformation results up a notch.

Share with friends and follow @laurenboggi on Instagram for all of the details. This challenge is open to the public and is a great chance to team up with friends and get serious on-the-go results during the holidays. It requires little to no equipment and can be done anytime and anywhere! 

Image of  Lauren Boggi via Philadelphia Magazine/Nic D'Amico.



Shade Sunless

TGIF! Your summer glow has faded, right? Shade Sunless Tanning Company in Ardmore is giving away one spray tan, a cleanser and extender lotion, and a teeth whitening session ($206 value). Shade believes that pumpkins belong in your lattes and Halloween decor, but not on your skin. Since summer is long gone, its lighter color bases are officially in rotation. So think healthy glow instead of deep bronze. 

Lithe instructor Rachael Bridgens says, "It's the greatest! Two hours until you rinse. No more getting tanning solution on your sheets at night. It's seriously life-changing. I can never go back to eight-hour." For a chance to win, please tell us in one word why you need this. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thank you and good luck!
Lither Special
Shade Sunless Tanning Company is offering $99 teeth whitening and 10 percent off spray tans to the Lithe community through November 21!


Second Outfit Third Street Lithe Oct 8 2015-9046 copy Laur2 Second Outfit Third Street Lithe Oct 8 2015-8978 copy Earrings Lauren1 IncaLaur in CELauren's Incas

It's fall and we're excited to continue our collaboration with Lauren's favorite Philly boutique Third Street Habit. Our We Wear series is a style diary that maps Lithers's studio-to-street wardrobes throughout the seasons. Over the next few days, weeks, and months we'll feature our go-to looks. To kick off fall, Third Street Habit is offering a 15% discount to all Lithers and FitHipHealthy readers thru 10.21 (today is the last day!). Mention code hiphabit15 in-store or enter it at checkout.  

For my second look, I chose a flannel, plaid dress that I fell for at first sight. You know when you find a piece that seems like it was made for you? I feel comfortable, confident, sexy whenever I wear this Current/Elliott flannel dress. One style rule that I always stick to? Wear what you love. Plaid is one of those classics that I love to wear. It comes from Scottish culture and dates back to around the 1700s. I love a great basic and plaid definitely ranks up there in my ultimate basic style staples. 

Current/Elliott Twist Shirt Dress: I can't get enough of this new twist on the classic shirt dress. It's casual and cool (and sorta 90's grunge) and I love the sexy, fit and slouchy boyfriend-style sleeves that tie around the waist. I bought this one and have worn it with heels and ankle boots and as a tunic with leggings.

BB Dakota Harper Leather Jacket: I would never have picked this jacket for myself, so I'm glad Liz had me try it on. It's simple, versatile, flattering, and so chic. It adds polish to the plaid dress, shows off my waist, and doesn't overwhelm my petite frame. 

Chan Luu Thread-Through Drop Earrings: These are unique, easy to wear, light, and pretty.  Thread through earrings are this season's must-have accessory, so I was excited to see how the swingy length looked on me. This design has a delicate sterling silver chain that anchors a 20 gauge curved post on one end and a luminous blue-ish gem on the other. 

Fortress of Inca Adriana Coco Bootie: Handmade and sustainable with a 3" heel.  I tend to purchase every pair of Inca shoes that I slip on. I love how they dip down in the front which totally elongates the leg.  Classic, comfortable, and totally walkable!  Perfect for fall.

These photos were snapped in collaboration with Third Street Habit for our We Wear series — a style diary that maps Lithers's studio-to-street wardrobes throughout the seasons. 

Images via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Sweet Potato Bowl

Want to upgrade your brekkie game? Looking for a comforting, nutritious breakfast that's less than 300 calories and tastes like sweet potato pie? Trying to stay away from processed carbs? Need a superfood with beauty benefits? Meet our sweet potato bowl. This breakfast of champions is low-cal and brims with vitamin A (retinol) and beta-carotene. It's made with organic sweet potatoes (which rank as the most nutritious veggie) and topped with protein-rich buckwheat groats, walnuts, chia seeds, and maple syrup. In-studio and online.  

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