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What is your favorite Lithe workout to teach? Sideline. I'm all about the booty-poppin' cardio! I also love the energy I get from Lithers in this class. Hot Legs comes in at a close second. It is so effective and it brings out my ballet teaching skills. Fabu-legs is on the other end of the spectrum. It is sort of a sleeper class. You spend most of the class on the mat, but leave with shaky legs and super sore glutes. 

Do you have a specific song that can always pump you up? There are so many, but here's some of my favorites: "Smash!" by Ummet Ozcan, "Booty Bounce" by Tujam, "Stand Up" by Dirtcap, just about anything by Outkast, and old-school Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Missy Elliot. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would be a healer. I hate seeing people in physical or emotional pain. Super strength comes in second.

What is your favorite body part? My butt!

What is your nickname? Well, my real name is Kalika. My family and most of my friends have always called me Kaley. My stage name is Ginger Leigh. My brothers used to call me sissy. Many of my burlesque friends call me Ginge or Gingey.

Find Kalika on Instagram at @gingerlika

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Meredith harrison

What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? I started lithing about three years ago when I couldn't commit to the gym. I was sick of spinning and found Barre boring. I heard about Lithe through a friend and was immediately hooked. I couldn't believe how fast my body changed and how good I felt. More importantly, I wanted to go to Lithe! It was the first time that I looked forward to working out. And that's what keeps me motivated. 

It's one hour of the day that's mine and no one else's and I don't ever want to give that up. As a surgery resident in the city, working an average of 80 hours per week, there aren't a lot of hours in the day that are actually mine. I play many roles and my patients always come first. But if I can find the hour, I always go to Lithe.

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? For me, a long day is not just physically exhausting, but mentally exhausting as well. Obviously Lithe Method is on my list of de-stress techniques. Spending time with family and friends who make me laugh and smile is also huge for stress release. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? When I force myself to take a class that I avoided in the past and find out that it wasn't as difficult as it was before. Every class is challenging, which is what's great about Lithe. But forcing myself back to Weightless and Skinny Jeans over the past couple of months has been great. I originally would not have been caught dead in either one of those classes, but now I'm proud that I can get through them and enjoy them. Watching that progress is incredibly rewarding. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Mercy. It's the perfect balance of intensity and fun. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the three products you'd need to survive? An endless supply of sparkling wine, an iPad to binge watch horrible, brainless shows on Netflix (because obviously this island has WiFi), and a hammock. I would turn this deserted island into a vacation spot.



We're burning through mats faster than we can replace them! We want to keep our mats in the best possible condition, so that every Lither has a great experience during their workout. If you wear sneakers, please place the mat aside until you need it for grounded work. If you feel like you need the extra padding while standing, please bring your own mat.  

We believe in barefoot training, but realize that it's not for everyone. Please make sure that you're wearing studio-only shoes (shoes that are never worn outdoors). We want to keep our studios safe, clean, and free of debris for our barefoot clients.

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Dear Lithe, 

This is my second love letter to you. I've wanted to write this for a while but finding the time – well you know what that is like.

I signed up for the Lithe Escape in Nicaragua last summer to focus on lithing, clean eating, and getting daily doses of vitamin D. It was an amazing experience. The setting was serene and my fellow Lithers were inspiring. And my results blew me away. So all in all one would say it was a successful Escape experience. What I did not expect was how the osteoarthritis in my knee would react to the level of activity. I found myself modifying every activity and not looking forward to the next Lithe session. I was in pain (yes, actual pain) but I found a way to fight through.

When we got back from Nicaragua, I thought it was the level of activity that led to the discomfort. Unfortunately that was not the case. I was uncomfortable, unable to sleep properly, and sore all the time. I needed to hold the railings going up and down stairs. I thought I could manage with pain medication and my brace, but that didn't ease my symptoms. Even doubling up my mats in the studio didn't help. I dreaded going to Lithe because I felt like I was at a status quo and that this where I had topped out in terms of my physical health. I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. (I paid a lot of money in late cancels last year.)

I finally made an appointment with my orthopedist. He told me I was looking at possible knee replacement surgery. What? No way! I wasn’t ready for that. I asked him what my other options were. He said I needed to wear sneakers during workouts, which I tried and hated. He decided my last and only option was to fit me for a brace and throw away my generic drugstore brand one.

I received my new knee brace at the end of January. I wore it hoping it would decrease my pain, but I was not so lucky. I still experienced pain and new pain that I definitely did not expect. I used this recovery time to concentrate on form, as I couldn't do reps at the pace that was typical of a class, and to get through the transitions.

I hadn't completed a challenge in two years. Now I am happy to say that I completed the Earned in Winter challenge earlier this month. I took eight classes in the last five days, even three doubles in a row. I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I am more confident and happy. I don’t always get through 30 reps, but I know that my form is in good shape. Now I can even get through 15-20 plyos before I have to modify. I am hoping that by the end of the summer challenges I will be able to complete 30 plyos.

I am grateful beyond words. Lithe is again my happy place.  



  Friday Giveaway

TGIF! This week we're giving away two tickets to a preview performance of the play He Who Gets Slapped at the Broad Street Ministry starring our very own bullwhip-wielding Lithe instructor Annette Kaplafka! The two tickets, each generally $25, can be used for either preview performance next Wednesday, March 30th or Thursday, March 31 at 8PM.

The Philadelphia Artists' Collective will be presenting this show by Leonid Andreyev, adapted by Walter Wykes, and directed by Damon Bonetti from March 30 thru April 16. In a flea-bitten French circus, a cast of clowns, trapeze artists, lion-tamers and ringmasters perform their routines under a striped awning and glowing lights. When a new clown arrives, his cheerful makeup conceals a dark secret from his past. In this partnership with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, the Broad Street Ministry will transform into the underbelly of the Big Top, where no one is laughing harder than the saddest clown of them all. 

For a chance to win, please leave a comment about your dream job in the circus! One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thank you and good luck!



We're getting up close with manager of instructors & master instructor Krista DeNofa!

What is your favorite Lithe workout to teach? I always love a good High Mini. Nothing beats the combination of high energy cardio and intense barre work. My other favorite is Freestyle, which I'm sure is no surprise. Freestyle Lithers always work their butts off and the energy is spot-on. The class definitely requires 'homework' on my end, but it's so worth it. 

Did you ever go through an awkward phase? This is an easy one. With my fifth grade perm, I looked like a Cocker Spaniel. I believe I was also rocking braces with rubber bands at the time and French cuffing my jeans. What a sight. 

Do you have a song that always pumps you up? I don't have a specific one, but Madonna songs usually do the trick. Same goes for songs from the Beastie Boys, Nelly, one-hit wonders, and random dance and electronica songs that I hear in the studio. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would love to be able to fly. It would make my commute to Lithe much more manageable.

What is your favorite body part? My back. Please refer to Tif's answer on this because I feel the exact same way! She sums it up perfectly.

What is your nickname? Kiki. Please never call me Krissy! 

You can follow Krista on Instagram @kdenofa

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Molly U

What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? I started Lithing when I got pregnant because I had to take a break from running and spinning, but wanted to stay in shape and active. I booked 6AM classes since it was the only time slot that fit into my work schedule and I soon got hooked on Lithe’s changing lineup. I was forced to take classes I would have avoided before and was able to mix up my workout routine. Instead of doing the same cardio everyday, I was sculpting my arms, doing barre work, and trying to master crazy CCS sequences that I never imagined I would learn (or like doing!). After my son was born, going to Lithe got me out of the house and moving again. It felt nice when others Lithers welcomed me back. I felt like I had become part of a early morning community. Now I’m envious of and motivated by the girls sporting Lithe Varsity tanks!

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? We’re pretty boring in our house and really love nothing more than hanging ou together. The best de-stresser is coming home to my husband and son and cuddling on the couch with tea and mindless TV. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? My arms have never been my strong point and I was intimidated by Peeled the first time that I took it with Jaime (her arms are amazing!). It was rewarding the first time that I got through the sculpting work, although it doesn’t happen every time. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? I’d probably be Skinny Jeans — I’m classic, consistent, and love routine.

Have you met anyone through Lithe that has become a friend, in or out of the studio? I met Erin at Lithe because I asked her advice when she was pregnant with her son. It was comforting to talk to someone going through the same experience that I was. 

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? No one really knows, but my husband is very confused by the names of the classes at Lithe. He knows that Twiggy is my favorite.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you need to survive? Bananas because they’re my favorite food, Essie nail polish in Ballet Slippers because I’m compulsive about having my nails painted and not chipped, and Lululemon black leggings because they are the only pants that I wear outside of work.

MORNING OATS 20 Mar 2016



The latest version of our raw oatmeal may be the best yet. Perfection = organic steel-cut oats, homemade almond milk with local maple syrup, and homemade granola made with pepitas, cashews, almonds, coconut, coconut oil on the side ($6). 




Our Asian-inspired Harajuku Bowl has protein-rich quinoa and edamame, crisp shredded Napa cabbage, grilled scallions, and burnt ginger vinaigrette that rivals your favorite sesame ginger dressing ($12). 

BONE BROTH PHO 20 Mar 2016


Lithe Pho

Our bone broth is part of the official Lithe team diet, and we love this nourishing and flavorful Vietnamese pho version. It's simple, low-cal (120 calories) nutrient-rich, and keeps you full with high protein (13g) gluten-free buckwheat soba noodles.

Homemade organic grass-fed *bone broth, ginger, organic soba (buckwheat) noodles, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, clove, and onion ($10).

*Lithe's bone broth is made from organic grass-fed beef marrow bones, chicken feet, and mirepoix, so that it's packed with nutrients. Lauren Boggi starts each day with a cup of bone broth and says it plays a major role in keeping her and her family healthy. The amino acids and other healing compounds released in the simmering process also promote joint health, which makes bone broth a smart sip for Lithers. And if you want to feel and look your best, bone broth also helps out in the beauty department. It's rich in collagen, which supports and strengthens the structural matrix of hair, skin, and nails. 

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