Here's our #lithespringclean menu for week 1! Just like our Lithe Foods/Lithe Escape food philosophy, you'll notice that our menus are based on lean, local, mostly seasonal and detoxifying, whole foods. Our menus coincide with our lifestyle of hard work and consistency, so Monday through Friday you'll want to follow the rules. Moderation is the key for long-term success, so Saturday and Sunday are yours to eat as you please!   

This menu is exactly what Lauren eats when she preps for a photo shoot or special event. If it feels spartan to you, that's because it is. For the next five days we are creating a caloric deficit, reducing bloat, and burning off the layer of fat that sits on top of our muscles. 

Remember to drink 64 ounces of water every day, and Lithe 5-6 days a week. Good luck. You can do it! 

Download LitheSpringClean Menu

Download LitheSpringClean Recipes


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Yay Lithe fudge is on the plan!

Lithe 5-6 times a week, can you/will you make that possible with a class card special?

For those of us who are training for the Broad Street run (and running in addition to lithe) - should we be eating more than this? Maybe some more snacks? Just want to keep it safe - I'm definitely trying to clean up my eating, but losing weight is not something I'm interested in :-)

Same formula for lunch and dinner every day? sigh.

LOL @ "Lithed Up Salad" ... aka... a salad.

(just playfully poking fun, I'm looking forward to this!)

Courtney, I want to see how creative you can get with this salad! @Jennifer, for week 1, yes. Try to get creative! @Lauren, I wouldn't do this if you are Lithing AND training for Broad St. IF you do, increase your portions, protein, and add in Ezekiel bread and Brown rice.

The question of how those of us who can't get to lithe method 5-6 times a week can be part of this challenge was never answered. Can we still do this or is this just a good menu for general better eating?

Yay - I get to eat more! :-) I agree, 100% - I plan on using these as guidelines to get more nutrient rich stuff into my diet while I train/lithe, but I'm definitely eating a good deal more portion size, and I admit, I've got some work meetings and engagements coming up that will not allow me to stick to this entirely. However, the basics here are definitely helping me keep my eating clean, but I really do need the carbs. I'm just also not a natural kale craver, so this is a challenge in itself for me to eat more of the good stuff! Hope that others who are not trying to lose weight find these principals just as effective as those who are trying to. This is a great challenge!


Might have accidentally Vitamix-ed a date pit. Should I have pitted the date? Can I still drink the smoothie? I could only find medjool dates at Whole Foods, are they OK to use?

PS - the scramble was great!

Thanks so much!

I'm with Cat on this. Picking date pits out of my smoothie is like a treasure hunt. Whoops, total blonde moment.

I wish so much I could keep going with the new challenge... But surgery has me down and out for 2 whole weeks! I am going to try my best to not undo all my progress by eating as well as I can.

Question about the Hemp powder that is mentioned in Lauren's So Green Soup and the Lithe Spring Clean Smoothie. Is this Hemp Protein powder? I have a bag of hemp seeds from the Head Nut. Can I put them in the food processor and turn into a powder? What do you suggest?


Hi All! @Julia, just exercise as much as possible and feel free to access our Lithe at home lineups here on the blog! @Cat & Holly, you'll live! Try to make sure you de-stone them. @Maya, It's just hemp seeds, not protein powder ; ) Yep, you can process them that way or use a mortar and pestle.

Just checked out the recipes for some new ideas/seeing what the Lithers menus are and I came across the lithe dream cream...!!!! Oh my!!! Can't wait to try it!

Also coconut sugar is 4.99$ at trader joes and almost 6$ or more at whole foods!!!

I desperately want to like the Spring Clean Smoothie, but the hemp powder is making me gag. :( Can I use a substitute (or just leave it out)?

Hey Melza, Can you cut back to 1 tablespoon? If you can't stomach it with the reduced amount, just omit it.

Read more about it here:

Thanks, Lauren, I'll try that. I know it's good for me!

Welcome! Also, try the muesli with almond milk or yogurt : )

I *REALLY* need this. I need to get my eating under control! (And portion sizes!)

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