We're excited to partner with LashBee again and offer a chance to win a BeeLifted, their newest service!

Ready to ditch the curler? BeeLifted adds incredible lift and curl to natural eyelashes. BeeLifted is the treatment of choice for LashBee lovers who work out frequently. You can use any product around the lashes and still maintain your gorgeous curl. Works for lashes of many lengths that are just too straight, plus it lasts eight weeks. 

This service is a wonderful alternative to eyelash extensions (especially for those with sensitive eyes or those who use oil-based products). Lash lift can also be used with extensions for those who want to keep curl between fill times or retain curlier extensions.

Please leave a comment telling us about your #mascarastruggles for a chance to win. LashBee is also offering $30 off BeeLifted or full lash extension sets throughout June with code LitheLashBee. To learn more about its services or book an appointment, go to lashbee.com


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I'm so fair-haired that without mascara I look like I have no lashes at all. The worst day was last week when my eyelash curler broke in the morning and I had to go to work with my stick-straight lashes. I kept trying to push them up with my finger to no avail. I ran to Sephora on my lunch break so fast!

I'd love to have my eyes pop... I have very little lashes but thanks to contact and allergies I'm afraid of extensions.

The struggle is real. I have tried twice to have eyelash extensions put on but to no avail. My eyes watered too much and I was deemed "too sensitive"! This sounds like the magic answer! #mascarastruggles #thestruggleisreal

LashBee sounds like the perfect solution to my #mascarastruggles! I have uncontrollable oily skin, so I barely wear any makeup including mascara because otherwise it gets all over my face or wears off somehow. I work in an outpatient rehabilitation center and my environment makes the greasiness worse. I would love an extra lift to my eyelashes because I feel they are the best feature that I have (aside from my dimples!) that I would love to accentuate but can't because of the oils in my skin and around my eyelids. Winning this giveaway would be a dream come true!

I always need to wear mascara ! My eyelahses are so sparse that mascara makes such a difference. I can go from looking tired and haggard to wide away! #thestruggleisreal #mascarastruggles

Because I'm too lazy to even put it on #mascaratroubles

No one likes wearing mascara on the beach! #mascaratroubles

I had extensions and loved how they made my eyes look bigger and brighter. I'm the worst with mascara too. #mascaratroubles

This sounds amazing! I've shied away from lash extensions because I have sensitive eyes, but I'm obsessed with all things lashes. Lash curling & mascara (and the occasional lash tint - also amazing) is the extent of my makeup routine, but I refuse to leave home without it! This lift + tint would make my morning prep so much faster! #mascarastruggles

I've always had short, stubby n very straight lashes that are difficult to curl. So, for years I've been in search of either the best heated lash curler and the perfect mascara to aid with my lash issues. I'd love to have fierce and fabulous lashes for the first time.

Diagnosed thyroid prob made a lot of lashes shed... Now back on track this would be great while they are regrowing!!!!!!

I've tried extensions and am always looking to try new trends - would love to see how this compares to extensions! Plus it would be so much less to worry about.

I'm so sick of having mascara circles under my eyes after a work out! Would love to try some lashes out

I was just researching mascara/eyelash curlers this week!! My Asian lashes are pin-straight and regular lash curlers don't work for me (both in the curvature of the curler and crimp-style). I always end up with a weird crimped-curl that looks super unnatural. And then there's the mascara that weighs and clumps my lashes. The result is always a weird crimped, spider lash-look. Not cute. #mascarastruggles I've been meaning to try something natural for lashes but wasn't sure which credible place to check out. Thanks for this!


Mascara and an eyelash curler never really do the trick

Runny smeared mascara in humid Philadelphia summer #mascaratroubles

I loved having extensions, but I don't have the time to keep up with them now that I have three kids. My eyelashes are so sparse and short, I'll do anything to give them a boost. #mascarastruggles

My lashes are small, but my dreams are big. #mascarastruggles

Congrats, Tabitha! You're the winner of a BeeLifted!

xo, Lithe

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