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Happy Friday, everyone! This week we're giving away a gift package from Wilde Gatherings including a gift basket with an assortment of hair & skincare products, as well as a 90-minute customized Ayurvedic skincare treatment.

About Wilde Gatherings:

Our mission at Wilde Gatherings is to provide a holistic range of products based on Ayurvedic principles. By holistic we mean: products that use natural, raw and organic herbal ingredients; products that are responsive to what your skins needs, as it needs it; and products that are free from fillers, emulsifiers and chemicals that are disruptive to your skin and to the environment. Our system, allows you use natural ingredients that can be mixed, matched, massaged or masked, that respond to what your skin needs—that season, month or even that week. Products that allow you to give your skin what it is asking for, once you learn how to listen.

Our goal is to help your skin reach balance. Wilde Gatherings products are designed to empower you to respond to your skins needs.

Our passion is helping you to learn how to listen to the needs of your skin by sharing the wisdom and formulas of this 5,000 year old practice. Like good health, good skin comes from an awareness of the effects of what we put into it. 

For a chance to win, please let us know in the comments why you need an Ayurvedic skin treatment! One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thanks and good luck!



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I would love an Ayurvedic skin treatment prior to the Fall and Winter season that brings dry and rough skin along with it! Great Friday giveaway!

I would love a treatment right after my medical boards and getting ready for the changing seasons and busy upcoming holidays !

Work stress has my skin all out of whack! A treatment to bring balance to my skin would be great.

These skin treatments would be perfect for hydrating and refreshing my skin prior to the winter months! I love Wilde Gatherings products and use them daily.

I'm preparing for a big move, and with all the unknowns in the future my stress levels are especially extra lately. My skin (and brain) would love a treatment to help calm things down.

Winter and the dry air do terrible things my skin. Would be great to have a product that would keep me moisturized all day without making me look super shiny!

An ayervedic skin treatment would be perfect to bring balance to my skin and spirit in the transition from autumn to winter.

I love trying new skin products especially when the weather starts to change.

I have been trying everything under the sun to get my skin in good shape for my wedding in November! These could be the products that finally make the change I've been hoping to see!

This would be the perfect timing for an awesome Ayurvedic skin treatment to get rid of the dead summer skin and feel refreshed and rejuvenated before winter and all that comes along with it begins!

Would love to try something new and start fresh to help ease the transition into fall/winter season.

Would love to get a skin treatment before the winter :)

I just really need this!

I would love to try all of this - mostly for my 8 year old daughter. Growing up all I had was Noxema and Clearasil, and other chemicals to treat my skin issues. She is 8 and an early bloomer (as was I), and she has acne, but she's 3rd grade could care less. I would love to have a natural skin care routine in place to share with her as I teach her to care for her skin.

I need a new skincare regimen to help clear up my skin

Winter wrecks havoc on my skin! I definitely need this!

I need a good skin care regimen!

I could use a stress reliever in these winter months as I get ready for my wedding in February!

awesome! i'd love to have this to kick off fall beauty

I already DIY skincare. It's is difficult to know what is best for your skin. So, something customized will be great.

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