Nikki Kovitch

What brought you to Lithe in the first place? I started coming to Lithe after participating in Lauren's LB Active #buildapeach challenge. I loved the daily moves Lauren presented and the community of women was amazing, so I thought this can only be better in studio. I took Immersion in December of 2015 and have been Lithing consistently ever since. I loved the whole idea of Cardio Cheer Sculpting as I had done ballet from ages 3-18, and loved some of the dance-y aspects of it and the sculpting at the barre, but oh my god in the beginning I had no idea how I was going to make it through class. It really challenged me in a new way.

What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? Lithing has done wonders for my body and mind and that's what makes it easy for my to stay consistent. It is now just a part of my daily routine. Lithing really helped me through a tough break-up and the hour spent in the studio really allows me to not think about outside stuff, I just focus on nailing the choreography or my form at the barre and try and push myself a little harder each class. That is probably the biggest reason why I go daily. Then, of course there are the amazing results. I love being able to feel confident in a form fitting sheath dress or a pair of skinny jeans and not have to worry about sucking it in.

What do you do to de-stress on the weekends? Lithe is my #1 de-stresser, but I also like to watch mindless TV or have a glass of wine. Going out with friends and trying new restaurants or bars is another way I keep balance in my life and try to keep myself as stress free as possible. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? The most rewarding aspect of Lithe is the amazing community of women I get to see every day. Yes, the classes are amazing and effective, but I enjoy coming to the studio because of the fabulous instructors, front desk staff, and fellow Lithers. It's such a supportive group who encourages and praises each other regularly. Second most rewarding aspect is nailing the CCS sequences! I love when you have a good class where everyone is in sync, it really changes the energy in the studio.

If you were a Lithe move, which would you be and why? If I were a Lithe move, I would be curtsy lunges because on the surface they are not a tricky move, but to do them well you need focus and strength. 

Have you met anyone through Lithe that has become a friend, in or out of the studio? I have met a lot of great people at the studio, and I love seeing the 5:45 Main Line ladies in class every day. I also met my friend Emily Risser through Lithe, we've had a lot of fun going out, or just meeting up in class together. 

Who is your celebrity crush? My longest celebrity crush has been on Leonardo DiCaprio. I'm talking back to 5th grade when I saw Romeo and Juliet - definitely without permission - at my friend's house. Then it just continued from there, especially after seeing Titanic. I think there's a "my heart will go on" joke in here somewhere.


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So nice taking 5:45 classes with you sometimes :) Love your dress!

A true inspiration to have in class 😊

You're just absolutely wonderful! You have been such an asset to #TeamML and it is always a pleasure having you in class.

Also, Titanic 20th anniversary is coming our way....we should definitely have a Friday post class happy hour / viewing party at the studio!

xo RB

Aww thanks so much ladies :)

Rachael-loving this idea!

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