My week resembles what is probably typical of your average 30-something working girl in Philly - deadlines, meetings, taking clients to dinner, phone calls, etc. And, mixed in with the business obligations comes another part of being a 30-something in the city…the fun!  So, let's be honest. My week typically ends with a killer "Sunday Funday."  At the end of that day, which probably includes one too many cocktails, a good party, and a cute, fitted Eagles t-shirt, one might think mild depression may set in as I start to get "back to reality" and face the upcoming work week.  But that's truly not the case.  Why does the fun have to end?  So, rather than mourn the end of Sunday Funday, I choose to keep it going and prepare for MONDAY Funday!

So, "How the heck can one celebrate Monday?"  Here's how I do it.  When Sunday night approaches, and I face the reality of not staying up way too late, putting down the alcohol, and getting into work mode, a major adjustment to my Monday mindset kicks in.  No matter how much I dread the work week, I try to remember that some of the best feelings are those final Rockette kicks in Twiggy or finishing what seems to be one million floor explosions in Rock Steady; it all helps me to never miss a Monday.  And, if I can do it, YOU can do it!  It's not always so much the workout for me but the positive mood and frame of mind I take away from it. The energy you get from class, the support you get from other Lithers...there's nothing like it!  It all helps me tackle my day as a better person and one who is simply more positive and pleasant.  And let's be real; when you look better in those jeans, no one's complaining!

We all struggle, to a certain degree, with the extra cold and dark mornings the winter brings. But think about it; where does an extra hour of sleep and skipping a Monday workout get you? You don't feel as good, you don't have the energy you would like to have, you might not make the best decisions when you take an account out for lunch, you probably aren't as fun and witty in group text, and you just feel kind of "blah."  So, my advice? Just don't give in; instead, make the time for YOU.  By just getting to class so many positive benefits follow:  your anxiety or stress of the week will be a little less; you can handle high pressure situations a little more calmly; you will be a more patient friend, partner, and co-worker; and you will simply be more fun to be around. Having a fast-paced hour of nonstop working out doesn't even allow your mind to wander. I look at it like a treat to myself. How lucky am I that I have found something I love and with people I respect?  Lithe is one hour of my life that is all for me.   It's a Monday Funday!

My tips:  Like others have mentioned, I always lay out my outfit, including my matching headband, of course, the night before.  My shoes, jacket, water, and lithe props are all packed, so the second I step out of bed, I'm set. Next, I ALWAYS sign up for a Monday class.  Signing up holds you accountable, and once I hit "book class," there is no turning back. Having a calendar on your refrigerator, where you write in your classes you want to take for the month, is a huge motivator. There is something so wonderful about crossing off Higher Power class...am I right? Also, I know the snooze button is a nice buffer, but kick that habit. 10 extra minutes won't do anything drastic for your level of tiredness. This might make me sound like an annoying morning person, but, when my alarm goes off, I make myself throw the covers off and pop up. Trust me; once you start doing that, every time your alarm goes off, you'll never have the internal battle about whether or not to get up again. Once you're up, you're good to go. 

Lastly, I think it's important to reflect on what makes you happy. What was the best part of your weekend? How much fun did you have? How much did you laugh with friends and family?  For me, I have no plans to change my busy social calendar; it's part of who I am.  So, in order for me to keep the lifestyle of fun --  dinners, drinks, late hours, and spontaneous getaways -- Lithe is my balance. So, when I'm hitting that "book class" for Monday, I think of it, not as a chore, but as a part of Monday Funday. It may not serve up cocktails, but it fills me up with happiness and health. 


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Love this and you! <3

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