The #1 fitness rule is to never miss a Monday workout. Mondays are the real answer to long term success, and research shows that people who get back on track with their fitness regimens at the beginning of the week are happier, healthier and better able to maintain progress over time. The expectations and pace of December can make it difficult to stay fit, sane, and balanced. We asked a few of our own fit, hip, healthy community to share their tips on navigating the chaos staying on track to never miss a Monday! Here's what Lithe staffer Sarah has to say:

I have an embarrassing secret: I love Mondays! I know, so weird… but let me explain!

After recently leaving my long time bartending job, “Mondays” are a bit of a new concept to me. An even newer concept to me is waking up, rather than going to bed, at 5am. I never thought I would say this, but I love it! Being on a normalized circadian sleep schedule has helped me to get quality sleep; eat healthy meals at normal times; and makes it much easier to make time for myself.

With all of that praise being sung, my first few Mondays at Lithe kicked my butt. The day would start at 4:30am with at least one snooze button, followed by fast pacing between the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, finished with a fast dog walk and chasing down a (surprisingly fast) 12-year-old diabetic cat for his subcutaneous insulin injection. I was unorganized, hungry, dehydrated, barely on time, and eventually in desperate need of a mid day nap before heading to night classes in nursing at CCP. After 2 or 3 of these bumpy Mondays, I evaluated and tried to identify my weak spots. I then set a goal for the next week, and I made a plan on how to achieve that goal.

My plan wasn’t some groundbreaking stroke of genius; it was as basic as it gets –

No More Snooze Button

Those nine minutes are extremely valuable when going from the bed to an uber in 25 minutes.

Sunday Prep

For me, this starts as early as Sunday morning. I know if I want to get a good night sleep I need to be mentally and physically tired, which means I can’t nap the day away. Before bed, its time to shower, I choose my clothes for the next day and pack my lunch. All of this Sunday prep helped my shave time off my Monday morning routine, but also made me feel excited for Mondays – I always wear my favorite leggings and pack a breakfast/lunch that I’m excited to eat because it’s nutritious and saves money and time.

Monday Lithe

A Monday Lithe workout is exactly the energy push I need to make it through an extra long day of work, dog walks, and two long, rather boring, lecture heavy, night classes. I started to notice that the Mondays that I was struggling to stay awake were the Mondays that I didn’t take a class, and that a 12:15 with Kalika was better at spiking my energy than a second or third cup of coffee! In addition, I am realizing that I am able to do more push ups than I could last week and am able to make it through all of Rock Steady’s cardio with no breaks. It’s pretty amazing! These gains each week also help me to look forward to the next week, as well as have a positive attitude toward this week.

My original goal was to have a better week by starting off the week with better Mondays. Each week can be difficult in it’s own way, and I never know what this week or next week is going to throw at me. So for me, the best defense has been to prepare for Monday in such a way that I set myself up for success, on the first day of the week.

See you in the studio!


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