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What brought you to Lithe in the first place and what was your first impression of Cardio Cheer Sculpting? I started Lithe after buying a Gilt 5 class card, and at the time Lithe Old City was a short walk from my apartment so I decided to try it out. I had heard from coworkers who had tried it that it was “like cheerleading.” I was skeptical. I had cheered on nationally ranked high school and collegiate teams and wasn’t sure how an exercise class could possibly measure up, but after the first class I was hooked. It was equally as challenging as it was fun!

What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? Lithe is the only thing I have control over during the week. With a hectic school schedule and spending most of my time at the hospital, showing up for Lithe helps me stay accountable for my physical and mental health.

What do you do to de-stress on the weekends? I try to make it to Lithe, especially on the weekends since I know I’ll be able to get to class. But other than that I try to see my family and spend quality time with my husband. We really enjoy trying new foods and restaurants together. Currently our favorite is the ramen restaurant in Wynnewood. Also, one of my guilty pleasures is watching YouTube beauty gurus and trying to replicate their makeup looks on myself. I’ll spend hours playing with makeup when I have some time to myself. (Also, Dr. Pimple Popper… not for those with a weak stomach!!)

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Seeing my mind and body transform. I used to be really self-conscious of my athletic build. When I was younger all my friends were fit but slim. I always had bigger legs and a wide upper body. My uncles always used to say that if I were a boy I’d be a great linebacker (way to build up a young girl’s body image!!). I used to try to cover my arms up as much as I could. Joining Lithe has really helped me to be more accepting of myself. I can actually say that I am proud that I have a strong upper body and that I can do push-ups in full plank. I even like catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror during sculpting and seeing ho defined my muscles can look.

If you were a Lithe move, which would you be and why? Chair squat in stiletto. It’s one of those signature sequences that really makes or breaks you. You’re forced to work through the burn and stare straight in the mirror right into your Lithe soul; it’s mind over matter and on the other side of it you’re not only physically stronger but also mentally tougher.

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? I’ve had the opportunity for my sister and my husband to join me in the studio and I’ve actually taught an entire Twiggy class at home to my mom. They all think its super challenging and are always impressed with me when I call and say, “I’m on my way home from class.” My husband’s always interested to know if I took Skinny Mini or Thinny that day and if Rachael or Elizabeth taught class.

What is the first concert you went to? I think the first concert I went to was O-Town at the Sussex County Fair. I grew up listening to all the boy bands, but was a true BSB fan – Brian was my favorite!


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Omg, "staring into your Lithe soul" haha that is perfect! Love seeing you in class and am always so impressed with your strength!

From one BSB fan to another, I love this! I am constantly impressed by your strength and perfect form!

Love "staring into your lithe soul" that chair squat series still wins every time with me. I'll beat it one of these days!

Simply the best! (and hubby is a decent Lither as well!) xo

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