Holiday tips
The holiday season can be such a stressful time for so many of us. Wondering how you can tackle parties, shopping, traveling, baking—not to mention your work and family obligations during the next three weeks?  Here are my six healthy holiday stress tips that will help keep you present, merry and bright!

Keep it simple
Every year like clockwork, I purge and declutter my house and my brain post-Thanksgiving.  It completely simplifies my life, since I find that with clutter comes chaos.  Disorganization in your home can crowd your mind, and can creep into all aspects of your life. Cleaning out your home of all the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life can be SO liberating. Find you nearest Salvation Army drop off, or check out ThredUp to upcycle your wardrobe!

Loosen the reins
This is so easily said, yet so many of us really struggle with it. It can be frustrating when something doesn’t go as planned, but keep in mind that a past situation has already happened.  Acceptance is the key to letting go and moving forward.  Likewise, try not to waste your time worrying about something that you can’t control.  Try not to fight it.  Everything is as it should be.  They say that what's best about banging your head against a brick wall is just how good it feels when you decide to stop.

Embrace gratitude
There is nothing better than feeling grateful. Take a moment to look at your life, at your health, all that you have, and the awesome people that surround you.  There is always something (or someone) in your life that is your rock.  Try not to engage in fat talk, worry about the purse that you want (but may not get), or that rock that's currently not on your finger. Identifying what you are grateful for is incredibly powerful all year round, but particularly during the holiday season.

Make time for you
We’re all so busy with work, completing our to-do lists, and many of us will be juggling a lot without childcare over holidays.  Take a moment for YOU, every day.  Grab a hot chocolate or glass of wine, meditate, take a hot bath, and just soak in the moment.  Slowing down your pace can really help you enjoy the present. 

Energy out
If you're like me, you may feel really wound up. Maybe you haven't worked out in a week or two?  I always feel better after I exercise.  Try not to skip your regular workouts. Skipping just one can lead to skipping two, three, and so on, bringing guilt later on.  If you can't get to Lithe, lithe at home or lock your bedroom door, turn on some music and Cardio-Cheer-Sculpt your worries away (yelling included) your way.  Having trouble staying mindful in class?  Check out this post by Lithe Instructor Rachel Dore, PSY.D.

Have fun and be present (this ain't no dress rehearsal)
Don’t fret if the family holiday cards don’t go out on time, if you didn't make time to grab that last special something for your kids, or if you couldn't afford that surprise flight to Paris.  Things happen.  Life isn’t perfect.  No one is perfect—and honestly, your idiosyncrasies are why your friends and family love you.  Focus on what does go right during the holidays: you're with the people you love, and damn, those cookies you made are tasty.  Enjoying the moment is fundamental
in learning how to be present.  Sometimes we spend so much time on planning, and use so much energy worrying that something will go wrong that we totally forget to enjoy it.  Try to remember that you can't rewind or play your life out again
, so enjoy it right this moment! 

Lithe Instructor Tirsa Rivas via Dom


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