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We know that exercise does wonders for your body, but do you know that Lithing can have a positive effect on your beauty, as well?  Here are 8 reasons how fitness improves your appearance...

  1. fit.hip.healthy Healthy people are beautiful. According to a great article on Livestrong, “moderate exercise contributes to a youthful appearance.” So, get Lithe, ladies!
  2. Sweat it out! The next time you Lithe on your lunch break, don't be afraid to get sweaty!  Sweating is great for your skin and your hair.  Since sweat is released through your pores, it cleans out the dirt and oils trapped inside. Perspiration also contains a “natural antibiotic” that helps fight acne—however, it's important to rinse off post-workout or you'll just clog your pores. 
  3. Increased Immunity & Detoxification!  Exercise boosts the immune system by prodding the body into producing more white blood cells, including neutrophils and natural killer cells. More white blood cells mean fewer bacteria and viruses sneak past the gate. Overall effect: You don’t get that horrible sick look that comes from feeling under the weather, and small blemishes and wounds of all kinds heal with the quickness.
  4. Increased circulation = improved skin tone & hair! Improved circulation “floods our skin with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood cells.” This results in a prettier, clearer complexion and increased blood circulation to your scalp promotes hair growth.. In layman’s terms, it’s like a post-Lithe glow.
  5. Reduced bloat and puffiness.  Lithe gets your lymphatic system flowing, which “can help to reduce water retention in our bodies and improve under eye puffiness and dark circles.” Bye-bye, puffy eyes and thighs!
  6. Stronger sex hormones.  Getting fit not only makes you look sexy, it also makes you feel sexy by balancing the body’s sex hormone levels, which in turn can improve the appearance of hair, skin and muscle tone. Although the most studied hormones linked to exercise are endorphins, sex hormones, such as testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH — the same youth-serum substance celebs pay big bucks to be injected with), also get a boost.
  7. Exercise wards off wrinkles. Based on a recent study, “prolonged exercise stimulates collagen and elastin production and improved skin thickness.” Say no more!
  8. Feeling good in your own skin.  Lithe boots your mood and confidence - both of which define beauty and sexiness in our book! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Gina Toscano wearing Nike via Dom


RIGHT NOW... 22 Jul 2014


Things that I'm wearing (and getting major compliments on), lusting over and saving for:  {1.} Essie Truth or Flare is the perfect Lithe blue  {2.} Clare Vivier Kenya Bag is bohemian, chic, holds everything and helps women.  The purchase of each piece directly contributes to building sustainable businesses for women in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  {3.} Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Matte Lip Tar in Kimber is the perfect summer coral  {4.} Black on Black Monterey Black (Exquisite) Birkenstock  {5.}  Grace Lee Designs Lace Ring  6. Yellow/Gray/Cream Scarf by Heather Taylor Home

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You know her as the girl who kicks major butt in the studios, but if you want a glimpse into Lithe Instructor, Meghan Grauzlis's LitheStyle, check out About A Girl on the Free People BLDG25 blog!  When I think of Meg, I think bohemian beauty, flexibility, freedom, fun, Free People, music, and the energy, (and killer playlists) that she brings to Lithe.  Thanks for sharing, Meg! 

Images via Free People.  Meghan is wearing: We The Free Circle In The Sand TeeRuffle Rib Shortie , Greenwich Thigh HiMovement Capri LeggingMovement Crop TopAll In One Tank and the Net Tee



lauren in Michi

When I was kid-free, what was I doing in my string bikini?  Nothing!  I laid out, sipped my drink, took a walk, etc.  You get the picture.  And right now, there's no sitting, sunning, or reading magazines.  My Mars is all over the place, and a day at the beach, or at the pool just SO not what it used to be. 

Swimsuits have an entirely different meaning with an almost three year old in tow.  In order to keep up with the physical demands of a super active kiddo, you need a suit that can withstand everything: running, squatting, pick-me-up, tantrums, building sandcastles, lifting, chasing, falling, being pulled on, and playing catch.  Basically, you need a mom-suit: An iron-clad, no wardrobe-malfunction bathing suit.  I still want to feel chic and sexy, and I still believe that I can wear a bikini, and chase after my boy. 

I like to invest in pieces that truly crossover from studio, to street, to swim.  These days I'm chasing Mars in Lithe's Performance Bra or Michi sports bras (above).  I love this one because it's sexy, but there's not a chance that I'm being exposed regardless of what he does.  What are you Lithe Mama's wearing to the beach?  Are you wearing a two-piece, swim-skirt, tankini, one-piece or swim-dress? 

Selfie of Lauren sitting for a (rare) hot minute via Lauren




Fresh flowers are one of my favorite little luxuries at Lithe and at home.  I truly believe that having them in our spaces is part of being a good host. Sure, flowers can be an extra expense, but they don't have to be expensive.  I often wish that other local businesses (especially restaurants) placed more emphasis on floral design. Flowers not only bring beauty to a space, but they bring us health and evoke a feeling of beauty and grace. 

I leave it up to Sullivan Owen to create amazing floral designs for Lithe, but unless I'm hosting a party, I usually DIY flower arrangements for my home.  Sometimes I pick out flowers based on appearance alone, but recently I've been paying more attention to the meaning behind them. Many cultures throughout history have assigned meaning to flowers. Whether you’re decoding the pink roses your boyfriend sent, or deciding which blooms belong at your wedding, the language of flowers is both interesting and surprisingly useful, too.  

Right now Sullivan is featuring Peonies in our studios.  Peonies have a delicious scent and are so incredibly beautiful. The peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love, and the symbol of the peony is often considered a metaphor for female beauty and prosperity.  I had a Caribbean wedding and utilized local flowers like the Bird of Paradise which symbolizes joyfulness, magnificence and also is used to indicate an exciting and wonderful anticipation.  If I had a wedding in the states I would have most definitely incorporated the Peony. Do you have a favorite flower?  

Check out some of our favorite flowers and their meaning:

  • Anemone – unfading love; anticipation
  • Camellia – perfect loveliness
  • Chrysanthemum – joy; optimism
  • Daffodil - chivalry; respect and new beginnings
  • Dahlia – elegance; dignity
  • Forget-Me- Not - remember me forever
  • Gardenia – joy
  • Ginger - proud
  • Lavender – luck
  • Marigold - desire for riches
  • Lily (white) –innocence; purity
  • Orange Blossom - fertility
  • Orchid – rare beauty; luxury
  • Protea (king) - change and transformation
  • Ranunculus - radient charm
  • Rose (pink) –gratitude; admiration and friendship
  • Rose (yellow) – friendship
  • Stargazer - ambition

Image via Pinterest

RIGHT NOW... 24 Jun 2014


It's Summer in the city and I'm carrying, using, eating, and cooling off with: {1.} Little Baby's Ice Cream (dairy & non-dairy) Chocolate Salt Malt sorta rivals Barbuzzo's Budino {2.} And So It Goes black net bag is perfect for trips to the market, Lithe WKND, or the beach {3.} Beach waves are made easy with the T3 Single Pass Whirl {4.} Mabelline's Baby Lips in Pink Punch {5.} My Monday's Chicken (recipe coming soon!)

Images via Lauren and brand websites


Monday's Breakfast

Good Morning!  Looking for something hearty and filling that will re-set and power you through your Monday?  This is my go-to dish pre-photoshoot or bikini.  Protein-packed and nutrient-rich, Lauren's Beauty Breakfast is a nod to our Lithe Escape breakfast (subbing a kale variety for Caribbean callaloo):  1 egg, 2 egg whites, and two hand fulls of fresh-picked kale sauteed in olive oil and Braggs Liquid Aminos.   

Image via Lauren

LITHE WKND! 13 Jun 2014


Just in time for the beginning of Summer!  From June 27th-June 29th, join us for three days of Lithe with Lauren specially designed to inspire confidence, reset eating habits, and transform your body (we're talking visible results!)

What's Included:

*Six hours of unique (all new choreography!) Lithe with Lauren: two, two-hour classes at  Lithe Rittenhouse and one, two-hour Lithe Escape workout on Saturday, June 28th at 8AM at Lithe Beach in Avalon, NJ:
    Friday, June 27th:  Rittenhouse Studio from 6-8pm
    Saturday, June 28th: Lithe Beach in Avalon, NJ from 8-10am
    Sunday, June 29th:  Rittenhouse Studio from 3-5:30pm

*Lithe Foods Detox Plan: three days of lean, local and seasonal meals & fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies.
*1 WKND Spirit Circle meeting on Sunday, June 29th at 5-5:30PM
*Lithe WKND Swag Bag with goodies from our sponsors

Pricing:  $425 with Lithe Foods Meal Plan or $200 a la carte fitness only

Reservations & Payment:  Reservations will open on Friday, June 13th at 4PM by calling 215-545-5144

Transportation: Transportation is not included; Lithers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Avalon (we recommend carpooling!).

Full Disclosure: WKND attendance is limited to 26 people.  A camera will be present twice shooting footage for Lithe TV.

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis wearing FP Movement via Dom and food images via Lauren


RIGHT NOW... 12 Jun 2014


Right now I'm waiting for, using, party planning with, and wearing: {1.} Philly start-up (I'm proud to say that my hubby is a part of this company, and their kickstarter campaign just went live today!) Beacon & Lively's cuff which keeps you beautifully connected via Bluetooth LE to your smart-phone through subtle, ethereal light notification and vibration.  I'm so over "wearing" my iPhone 24/7. {2.} Eyeko Black Magic mascara in midnight blue gives a pop of color, added length, and doesn't run post-Lithe. {3.} Theory's Korene Z Pant in Tierra is comfy and great for outings with Mars, brunch or dinner. {4.} Oh Joy for Target is perfect for Mars's upcoming third birthday party at the farm. {5.} My girl, Joy & Taza's Pippit app is keeping everything social media-related together for me in the best way possible.  

Images via brand websites

I'M HAPPY... 11 Mar 2014


A few things that are making me happy:  Lithe Foods reformulated and very refreshing Bunny Detox: Orange, Carrot, Celery & Lime (de-bloating & anti-aging) is in-studios this Wednesday & Friday!  Floral designs by Sullivan Owen, Recyled Imports Overnighter bag, Pierre Berge's A Moroccan Passion, Post-Lithe steam showers at Rittenhouse do wonders for my mood and my skin, and the perfectly sheer La Dolce Vita by Nars.

Images via brand websites. Crazy steam room selfie and juice image via Lauren

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