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Baby, it’s cold outside! As the temps cool down outside, we challenge you to heat things up inside ... We mean in the bedroom, of course. Are you up to it? If so, you and your man will be in good company. Did you know that winter is the season to get it on? A 2008 study found that men are most attracted to women’s bodies in the months of December, January, and February. In particular, December is the most popular month for couples to slide between the sheets.

Before you get it on, come get it on with us first! Why? Because working out actually primes your body for sex. Besides the physiology of increased blood flow (everywhere!), the female body is more responsive to pleasure and physical sensations are experienced more intensely. The take home message: Fooling around isn’t so foolish and your big “O” is even bigger.

Need motivation to step straight from mat to bedroom? Think about this: First, you are putting yourself in the position (pun absolutely intended) to enhance your after-burn: keep busy for at least 30 minutes and you can conservatively add an extra 85-100 calories to your total count (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Second, there is no greater time for a gal to feel better about her body than right after she has just killed it in the studio! Women who feel physically fit think more highly of themselves on levels of sexual attractiveness and performance. When we feel good about ourselves, we’re more confident and less inhibited. This paves the way for spontaneity and creativity …

Third, you already look the part! You know that natural flush in your cheeks after a perfectly satisfying sweat session? This peaks male interest and promotes interpersonal closeness. Lastly, your still-warm muscles and joints allow for increased flexibility and generous range-of-motion. Amen.  

Hurry home, though! Your period of increased sensuality only lasts for about 15-20 minutes post-exercise. On that note, don’t bother showering: your natural sheen gives you a dewy complexion, highlights all the right places, and sends pheromones into the atmosphere that will draw your man to you like a moth to a flame.

Lithe Instructor Annette Kaplafka in Target via Dom

RIGHT NOW... 3 Dec 2014


1. New frames! Warby Parker's Ghostly is back! In celebration of Ghostly International’s 15th anniversary, they're reissuing the Curtis — the smooth-lined pair of sunglasses introduced in last year’s collaboration with the endlessly inventive music and art label. This time around they're offering the head-turning frame in three new colors: aubergine fade, moss, and bourbon tortoise. The frame will also be back in their previously sold-out revolver black! 2. I love how Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath warms the skin and relieves post-Lithe achy muscles. 3.  Butter Elixr softens lips and smells delicious (also available at Cap Beauty and Anthropoogie). 4. Lisa Marie Fernandez's sports bra is great off and on the mat. 5. Converse All Star Chuck '70 Oxford sneaks go with everything. 6. Clare V.'s Moor print flat clutch is perfect for the holiday season and beyond.

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The warmth of the Mustard assists in opening the pores of your skin helping you to sweat out impurities.  - See more at: http://www.bigelowchemists.com/dr-singha-s-mustard-bath-8-oz.html#sthash.QM9fRpUd.dpuf
The warmth of the Mustard assists in opening the pores of your skin helping you to sweat out impurities.  - See more at: http://www.bigelowchemists.com/dr-singha-s-mustard-bath-8-oz.html#sthash.QM9fRpUd.dpu3. Butter lip elixr  4. Lisa Hernandez Jasmine microfiber sports bra  5. Converse All Star '70 Oxford Sneaks go with everything  6. Clare V's moor print flat clutch is 


You've been asking for a healthy, grab n' go, Lithe-centric "liquid detox" and we're delivering, post-Thanksgiving!  Lithe Foods are, by design, cleansing & detoxifying, especially our cold-pressed juices, smoothies and our raw, whole food Lithe Bar. Combining them together for a day or two is great for resetting eating patterns.  
I've always said that our workout truly demands more than juice. So, while I don't think that cleanses should be an every day part of healthy, Lithe-friendly eating, I have personally benefited from a day of all (or nearly all) liquids - though, the liquids I choose are more nutritionally varied and dense than just juice. 
Want to give it a try? Purchase on-line (please be patient with link loading!) on Monday 12AM - 11:59PM. Your Liquid Lithe will be available for pickup in-studio on Monday morning, December 8th. We can guarantee product freshness until EOD, Wednesday, December 10th.
Liquid Lithe:
 #1 ("breakfast"): Greenest Smoothie
#2 ("morning boost"): Smile Sparkle Shine
#3 ("lunch"): The Vert
#4 ("afternoon boost"): Lithe Spicy Lemonade + Lithe Bar
#5 ("dinner"): Pom Pom Punch
#6 ("dessert"): Cashew Milk
Baseline Nutrition = 1,480 Calories, 34g Fat, 150g Carbs (28g Fiber), 18g Protein





Q&A with E.T. QA E.T & Destination Maternity

You love her workouts, and you've watched her bounce forward phenomenally. Read all about Lithe Instructor, Elizabeth Tomkins on Destination Maternity's blog, Cravings

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Speaking of Lithe Built body parts. Do you Lithe regularly? If you do, you absolutely have incredibly strong, toned legs! And, some of you have the length that I could only dream of (See Meg, above). If you weren't born with legs for days (myself included), here are a few surprising little fitness and fashion tips that will make your legs next level:

I'm all about comfort, but wearing a heel really elongates your legs. Even just a little lift gives your legs a longer, leaner look. I’m a big fan of kitten and wedge heels. Both are comfortable and make my legs look longer the moment I step into them. Feet hurt?  Slip on a pair of Taryn Rose heels.  I have bunions and wide feet and my feet feel like a dream in them. 

Calf pumps (AKA Cheer Preps) are our signature cardio move that you simply cannot do enough of! Calf Pumps balance the legs muscularly and work every part of the leg, especially around the knee, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

Nude shoes are timeless and versatile. Not only do they transition seamlessly from day to night, but also from season to season. Wear them with shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. I always travel with a pair. Shoes that are the same color as your skintone create the illusion of longer legs because there is no visual break. In order to achieve this super streamlined effect, the pump should blend perfectly with your skintone. Think about nude pumps the same way you would about foundation – find one that works for you and matches your skintone.

Jeans that sit at your natural waist (right at the belly button) automatically give the illusion of longer looking legs. If you're petite and curvy stay away from the super high waisted trend, which tends to make you look wider and squat. 

Black is the magic word. I often live in head-to-toe black because it makes my legs look longer.

Endvy & Skinny Jeans/Sculpt workouts really elongate the legs and build your foundation. 

Glow: If your legs are bronze they immediately look longer. I get spray tanned once a month but you can also DIY at home. My favorite product for glowing legs is Tarte's Brazilliance. Apply it with the mitt provided before you head out and you’ll get a sleek, Summery glow that makes your legs look beautiful! 

Spanks work wonders to smooth out saddlebags and lengthen your legs.  

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis wearing Free People via Dom


Lauren Boggi on Refinery29

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I have super-sensitive skin and rosacea, so while spa facials sometimes play a part in my skincare routine, I usually save face at home with natural ingredients.  In between visits to my aesthetician, I love to experiment with at-home masks and scrubs.

Is your skin changing with the cooler weather? Enter this DIY fall mask. Just like my Killer Scrub, this face mask uses only three ingredients – and you probably already have them in your kitchen! It really ups your glow factor and only costs a few pennies per treatment. Check it out:


  • 1 tablespoon of local, raw honey (antibacterial and hydrating)
  • 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal (soothing)
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (PH balancing)

If you're using Irish oats, break them down into a fine powder with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle.  Then, mix, apply to face and decollete, leave on for 10-15 minutes, and rinse off with cool water. 




Some Lithe Escape essentials brought to you by many of the things that I'm currently lusting over:  1. Ancient Greek Ikaria Wing jelly sandles  2. Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge sports bra for high cardio classes in the pavilion, bike rides, and jungle Hot-stepper 3. New Balance 711 sneakers for jungle treks and climbing the ruins  4. Lisa Marie Fernandez Jasmine supportive neoprene bikini for beach workouts.  5. Lucas Hugh League sports bra for sculpting workouts and walks to town  6. Yoga mat  7. Coola mineral sunscreen 8. Fabletics Everyday tote  9. J.Crew tie-dye suit for sun and fun.

Images of Amansala Chica & Tulum, Mexico via brand websites

RIGHT NOW... 26 Sep 2014


 1. Ban.do canvas totes are bright and durable.  2. New Balance 711 Mesh Trainer is so comfortable and great for Lithe with its super flexible forefoot. 3. RMS beauty oil keeps my skin glowy and protected as the weather turns cooler.  4. Lithe's kale & cashew wholefoods Lithe Bar is perfect post-workout (coming soon from Napa, CA). The Beacon by Beacon & Lively is awesome - Pink means that my sitter is texting. Love being smart without being a smart-phone zombie. 

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*Today is the last day to reserve your spot on our Fall Weekend Lithe Escape! Payment is due in full on Wednesday, 10.8.14.  

Ready to get ultra-Lithe in paradise?  From October 30-November 3, 2014, we're heading to the original eco-chic resort, Amansala on Mexico's Carribean coast. For four nights and five days we'll take over Amansala Chica, the all new 20-room, all suite outpost (complete with a beachfront juice bar and rooftop spa) that's organic, sustainable, hip – and right on the ocean's edge. 

What is Lithe Escape?  Getting back to basics. Eating fresh and simply, falling asleep to the sound of the sea, rustic, bohemian luxury, salt, sun, sand, sweat, spa, Lithe magic, new friends, and exploring.

Imagine one week to focus on yourself ... A better body, confidence, lessons learned, fabulous food and fitness, inches and pounds lost (without going hungry), unparalleled results, and an entire support system of like-minded women.  Get excited for girl time and downtime, a healthier body and mind, unbelievably delicious food and a week that's all about YOU

Want to learn more?  Download Lithe Escape Amansala

Ready to book your spot?  Email escape@lithemethod.com.  Our awesome Lithe Escape concierge, Meghan Lechette is ready to assist you beginning on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 @ 10AM with flight information and roommate details. 

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