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Happy Friday!  It's your last chance to catch Tiffany Nork's bodywork before she goes on maternity leave!  This week we're giving away 1, 60-minute BB; must be used by June 30, 2013.  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling why YOU need one. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person; Thank you, and good luck!

Also, TIf is extending a discount starting tomorrow: $15 off any 60-minute session during the month of June (one per client). 

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Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting my recos from wellness to healthy food here in Philadelphia and beyond.  This week, I'm talking about the people that I trust with my body and mind.  If you're super busy and always on the go, you know that sometimes it takes a village to care for YOU.  I highly recommend the women above; they're true healers, experts in their fields, and I'm lucky (and proud) to call them my friends.  Read about my go-to's for when I want to really feel beautiful inside {clockwise}:

Mother's Helper:  Paige Chapman of Mama's Wellness Joint.  Have you been to the Joint?  Like Paige, it's completely beautiful and serene.  I go for Paige's yoga, raw milk, Salt of the Earth, raw local honey, and her ridiculously amazing selection of essential oils.  What's our history?  Paige was my doula

Eastern Medicine Master:  Julie Schwartz of Julie Heals/Queen Village Acupuncture.  Julie has been my acupuncturist and herbal guru go-to since 2007.  She has shortened the healing time of muscles in spasm,  turned Mars from his breech position at 38.5 weeks with acupuncture/moxibustion, and helps me monthly with stress management.  What's our history?  She married Jordan's best friend, Mark and her daughter Sophie is one of Mars's BFF's.  For those of you who Lithed from 2007-08, you may have experienced our collaborative workout, Lithe EnerChi

The Muscle Mender (who really knows your workout):  Tiffany Nork of Lithe's Body Boosters (she previously owned On The Spot Wellness).  Since 2008, Lithe Instructor and "Lithe Therapist" (Tif's our in-house, certified massage therapist), has been kneading away our chronic sore spots, peeling away super tight connective tissue, and correcting our muscular imbalances with her own two hands and her therapeutic Lithe Melt "mini-balls" since 2007.  What's our history?  Tif began Lithing in 2005 and became an instructor in 2006 (currently, she is my "oldest" instructor).  I see Tif bi-monthly for psoas and piriformis tightness from all the tucking and squeezing that I do, and those crazy, hurt-so-good spinal rolls that only she does.  And, because she performs true bodywork, it really works.  Those of us who swear by her know it's not an ordinary massage. 

Image of Paige Chapman via Paige, Julie Schwartz via Dominic Episcopo and Tif Nork working on Lauren at Lithe Old City via Johanna



Body Boosters

Happy Friday! You're in knead, right?  We're giving away one 60-minute Body Booster Session with Lithe Instructor and certified massage therapist, Tif Nork (valued at $90). Lithe's Body Boosters are specifically designed to accompany the truly unique workout that Lithe is so your muscles can recover more quickly and you can get the most out of your time in the studio. 

Loving your Body Boosters?  Book a weekday session with Tif during the month of March and receive 20% off!

For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then tell us why you need to win this at the post.  The winners will be chosen at random tomorrow and will be announced on Monday! Good luck!


Body Boosters
Does the stress of the holidays already have your back in knots? Finding yourself rubbing your neck or holding on to your lower back? It's time for a Body Booster, and this holiday season if you buy one, you get one half-off to gift to a friend (or yourself)! Lithe instructor, Tif Nork, knows your workout and most importantly really knows the body. You will leave her care feeling stretched, loose and unwound.

The first appointment must be booked in December 2012, and the second must be redeemed before March 1, 2013. Want to know more, read Sayeh's Body Boosters review here


Body Boosters

If you've been reading my column lately, you know that I've been feeling the pinch of stress from some major life changes. And it hasn't taken long for that pinch to become a literal one. My neck has been feeling incredibly stiff and I find myself sitting at my desk with my shoulders creeping up to my ears. So when Tif emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask me if I would be willing to come in for a Bodyboosters session with her--to potentially review it for the blog--I was shocked and elated and felt like someone out there knew I was in desperate need of a massage. Something I was putting off for a number of reasons. So, I promptly agreed.

But, after the initial excitement, and perhaps hasty decision to accept, I started getting a little concerned. First of all, it's Tif. She is arguably the most intimidating instructor on the Lithe roster--in my opinion. I wasn't exactly sure how her no-nonsense attitude in the studio would transfer into the tranquil space of a massage room. And not only that, what if I hated it? (I've had a lot of massages in my day, and am actually pretty picky about them.) And now I had agreed to write a review one! How would I explain that I didn't feel comfortable writing about it, if it was actually terrible? I was starting to get anxiety about a massage--something that was supposed to relieve the effects of anxiety. Oh the irony (and oh, my ability to get anxious about just about anything).

I decided to be upfront with Tif and let her know about my reservations. She didn't bat an eyelash and told me that I wouldn't have to write the review if I didn't enjoy it or find it helpful--while adding she highly doubted that would be the case.  And obviously--since you are reading my review--she was right. 

If you've ever taken a class with Tif--particularly Melt--one of my favorites--and one of the reasons I should've known my reservations about the massage would be proven wrong--you know that she knows the body. She doesn't just say to put the small yellow ball on your upper back, she tells you to roll it up and down the cervical spine, or to place it directly under your C3 or C4 vertebrae. She refers to your trapezius and where your muscles "insert and attach." She knows how the body is put together and how all the muscles work, and this translates into her work on the massage table. 

When I first arrived, she asked me to tell her a bit about what was bothering me. I explained about my stress and anxiety, how I thought I had maybe pulled a muscle in my leg in Thigh High the week before, and where I was feeling the most tense and tight. She was unbelievably warm, attentive and asked me some pointed questions to really understand what exactly I needed. Something I really appreciated. 

The room was really nice (and obviously super convenient since it's at the Old City studio). It was spacious, dimly lit and was playing the requisite relaxing music. Tif made me feel super comfortable, left the room and let me get situated. I hung up my clothes on some hooks on the wall and got on the table. When she came back in, she spent the first few minutes doing something I hadn't had before in a massage. She starting pulling my muscles apart--for lack of the appropriate terminology. She put her hands on either side of my spine, and just gently began pulling the muscles in opposite directions. She did this around my shoulder blades, my hips, and around my neck. Everywhere. And it was heavenly. She hadn't even really started, and already I felt an enormous release and relief in my back. 

Then she got to work. Finding tense, knotted muscles and firmly, but kindly working them out. I just kept thinking...this woman knows what she's doing. Because let's face it, unless you're totally inept, it's tough to give a bad massage. It always feels good when someone is rubbing you down. BUT, I've definitely had massages where I've felt like the person was only doing just that...rubbing me. That there was no attention being paid to tightness or problem areas. And I suppose that works for people that want a purely relaxing experience, but I like my massage to actually be a therapeutic experience that not only relaxes me, but also helps me repair and rebuild the muscles I work so hard in life. 

Clearly, I had come to the right place. Tif checked in with me periodically to make sure I was ok, which I also appreciated. When it was time to turn over on my back, she impressed me even more when she started massaging my right leg and asked me if that was the one I had pulled (I hadn't specified). She said she could feel it, and could tell it was inflamed. She gave me some advice on how to care for it, and it truly felt worlds better the next day.

I will say that Tif's services are not the same as a massage at your favorite high end spa in town (although she's worked at those places too from what she told me). You're not going to get a fluffy robe, or a menthol steam before you lay on a table strewn with orchids. BUT, you will get body work (and a hot steaming towel across your entire back to begin) and some serious therapy from a highly trained massage therapist that knows the body in and out and knows your work out...and one who CARES. At one point, during the massage, she remarked that she could already see a difference between one side of my back--which she had been working on--and the other that she hadn't worked on yet--and then said, more to herself, than to me: "I love my job." And I smiled to myself because I knew it was true. You can tell that she really enjoys giving massage and watching the transformation she helps make happen in her clients bodies. She even followed up with me the next day to see how I was feeling.  

I left her room feeling really limber, loose, and compelled to go back...and soon. So if you are feeling like I've been feeling and think you could really benefit from some body work, I think Tif is your gal. (She's really nice, I promise!)

See you in class!

BODY BOOSTERS! 26 Jul 2012

Body Boosters

You can now reserve for Body Boosters (Lithe's unique massage/bodywork) with Lithe Instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist,  Tiffany Nork at Lithe Old City!

There's nothing like bodywork from someone who really knows your workout.  Have you been Lithing 3-7 times a week?  Can't slide your shoulders down?  Recently, a particularly oh-so-stressed Lither was so knotted up that her shoulders were literally up to her ears (even at the barre).  After two, half hour BB sessions with Tif, she not only looked and felt 100% better, she had sore abs post-class!  If your body is housing unnecessary tension in one area (shoulders, low back, neck, deep core muscles, feet, hamstrings, hip flexors, lumbar or psoas) those tight areas will actually compensate for the areas that we should be working.

Our Body Boosters are so much more than a massage, and the results last for weeks. Tiffany will manually stretch and loosen your fascia (the membranes that surround muscles) Translation: She'll bull doze knots, tight spots and toxic soreness in your overlooked connective tissue so that your muscles can contract without grinding against each other. 

What's a Body Booster?: Lithe-focused massage/bodywork sessions with Lithe Instructor, Tiffany Nork

Tiffany’s background: Tiffany Nork is a veteran Lithe Instructor and Massage Therapist. Tif graduated from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia with an NCTMB Certification.  She has worked for Lithe, Lithe Escape, at a local Spa, and for her own business (On the Spot Wellness), and is now bringing her amazing massage and bodywork expertise to Lithe Old City.

Where: In our beautiful new office space (we have a separate bodywork room) at the Old City Studio (219 Cuthbert St, 4th Fl)

When:  Saturday 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 12pm-5pm, Thursday 3pm-8pm

Who can schedule an appointment: Anyone!  

How can you schedule: Via phone (or in person) at any of the studios.  At least for the time being, on-line scheduling is not available.

Package options:

One 30 Minute Body Booster: $50 (3 month expiration)

One 60 Minute Body Booster: $90 (3 month expiration)

One 90 Minute Body Booster: $130 (3 month expiration)

5-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $400 (6 month expiration)

10-Pack of 60 Minute Body Boosters: $750 (1 year expiration)

Payment must be made at time of reservation

Cancellation Policy:  We request 24 hrs; You will be charged if appointment is cancelled less than 6 hours prior to appointment. 

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