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Dear Lithe (love letters)

Hello! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your acquaintance yet, but I spent the past week at Lithe and just wanted to write a quick thank you.

I played soccer for the greater part of my life.  I graduated high school and played semi-professionally instead of going to college. I dabbled in volleyball and softball growing up, but stuck with soccer above anything else.  In all sports, I never had to try – I seemed to be a natural and relied on that.  When I turned 23, I decided not to resign with my team and to enjoy a social aspect of life. However, something has really, really been missing. I've reorganized my priorities in life and goals and to obtain the things I want for myself, I have to lose some serious inches in my legs and hips (4-6 inches on my upper thighs, 1-2 inches on my hips, and a total loss of 9-14 pounds), so I turned to Lithe on top of my new clean eating and kickboxing regiment.  
After the first day I was hooked and after the first week and six classes, not only am I sore and so far outside of my comfort zone, I am happy. I absolutely have some learning to do in the cardio classes as far as the routines go, but your instructors are understanding, which makes it really comforting for someone who is used to being a natural at most athletic things. I am really excited for this journey (I've booked classes until October 14 at this point and plan on buying the calorie trashers in a few weeks!) and want to thank you and your instructors SO much for sharing your gifts and patience with me!

Thank you,
Briana Tyson



Dear Lauren,

When I was little, I thought that one day you woke up, and your body would just be where you wanted it to be.  So as I ate macaroni and cheese and ice cream all through college, I assumed it would work itself out someday, that I would end up how I wanted to look.  But I didn't.  I gained weight from bad habits and lost it by happenstance, never doing anything sustainable or long-term.  I was the girl who went to the gym once a semester and used it as justification for weeks of unhealthy eating.  I had some dance experience and had jogged around a little, but would not call myself "athletic."
I was what Louis CK calls "cosmetically overweight."  Nothing was "wrong," I was within normal range, especially because I was really good at hiding my size.  I was careful with what I wore to make sure that no one could really see me.  Last summer, after several half-baked attempts to get into shape, I needed a change.  I saw women leaving Lithe in the Rittenhouse building where I have supervision and saw that they were all in phenomenal shape, and figured there must be something to it.  Most of all, they seemed so confident.  I signed up for 101 and hoped for the best.
On a Saturday last August, I went to Old City and had my Lithe 101 - it was just me and Jaime.  She walked me through everything slowly, correcting me as I went, and I remember being out of breath as we did the cardio from Pom, and barely making it through ten of each move at the barre (I thought, "Thirty of each? Are these people insane?!").  After the class, while I downed a coconut water, I asked her if it ever got any easier.  "It will never be easy," she said, "but you are always able to find a new way to challenge yourself within Lithe."  I knew that if even the stretches were hard, that this was the right place to be.
Within a couple of months, I could see the difference in my muscle tone, and I could gradually add more classes per week without feeling exhausted.  I used to chase sculpting classes because I felt like I lacked the stamina for cardio, and after a few months I found I didn't need to do that, either.  I was getting stronger.  I was changing.
I never set a pound goal at Lithe, or inches, or even a clothing size.  I wanted something tangible, measurable, but I didn't know what it would be.  In January, I counted the number of classes left and the number of days before the end of August to see if I could reach Varsity. There was just the right amount, if I committed every day to coming. I knew that if I committed to achieving 250 classes, then the rest of my desired results would follow, and asked myself, "if not now, when?"  I crossed off a day on a calendar on my wall every day, inching closer to that 250.  I changed my eating during the series of spring challenges, and felt my metabolism and body change in the ways I intended.  It was happening.
There were days when I was absolutely decimated from work, feeling drained, when the desk staff, instructors, and community perked me right up and cheered me on, as did accomplishing a new part of a class.  I vividly remember my first set of 30 at the barre, or 10 full see-saws, or making it through all of the jumping jacks without stalling.  If you had told me a year ago that I would voluntarily wake up at 5 am to go work out, I would have told you that you were crazy.  Something had changed - I loved it and always found a way to squeeze it in, every single day.
So today, as I sit here, having taken my 250th class today, all I can do is tell you how grateful I am.  Lithe has changed my life.  It has taken me from being someone who hides to someone who embraces herself.  I don't hide behind ambiguously shaped clothing.  A chronic hair straightener, I have even found myself embracing my hair's natural curly texture.  I am more confident, I am a more dedicated person, than I was when I found you a year ago.  
I have met amazing, capable, hilarious women through classes and challenges, and have come to adore this community of supportive instructors who want to see us shine, of other tough ladies, and most of all, you for dreaming this whole thing up.  This group of ladies (and a gent or two) has been there for me and supported me in a way I could have never imagined in this last year, from supporting me on my lowest, most stressful days, to challenging me in the studio to push through just one more rep because I can do it.  
I didn't wake up one day feeling this way, I earned it.  And I have to say, the result was well worth the journey.  I cannot thank you enough for the last year, and I'm looking forward to many, many more. 
Rebecca Newman


Love letter

Dear Lauren and the Lithe Community,

This summer, I wanted to embark on an introspective journey towards self-care. Chronicling my journey through the hashtag, #sexysalubrioussummer, my goal initially was to reclaim a sense of worth. My friend cajoled me to join Lithe after I regaled her with stories about my struggles with vulnerability and courage. Experiencing searing emotional pain from the effects of love and loss, I also wanted to exert and expend my energy into something new. Lithing has not only become a physical exercise, but an exercise that has helped me to embrace vulnerability. My goading anxiety about being the only male in classes most times has slowly diminished because of the inspiring inclusive community. I am realizing how much strength I actually have, and for the first time in years, I can look in the mirror, like what I see and affirm that I have inherent worth. The empowering ethos that is Lithe is incredibly palpable. I always look forward to the conversations with staff, instructors, and Lithe sisters/brother (hi Jonathan!). Lithers exude such grace.

Liz and Marisa, it is always an absolute pleasure to be in your classes. As much as I want to scream expletives because of the burn, your careful guidance and reassurance makes it all worth it. After only about a month of classes, I am noticing my physique is more toned. I am eating healthier, feeling more energetic, and appreciating all that is me.

While I will be moving to Minneapolis this fall to pursue my doctorate, I will still be frequenting Lithe when I can. I am always deterred by the angry personas of fitness that get reverberated by the media. Exercise does not need to be a hyper-aggressive or competitive endeavor. At Lithe, we all attune to the common goal of reaching our optimal selves. Lauren, I can't thank you enough for developing such a graceful and beautiful outlet for me, as Dr. Brene Brown says, to dare greatly.

With so much love and care,





Love letters

Dear Lauren & Lithe,

I feel compelled to write saying thank you!  I have been lithe-ing for about 2 1/2 months and I am seeing results faster than any other work out routine I've tried.  I am getting married in October, but regardless of that I was sick of feeling floppy, weak and tired.  
Since I've been taking classes my booty is about 3 inches higher and I feel so much stronger and energized in general.  After my first 101 class I was so sore I couldn't walk for about 3 days, but I was absolutely hooked and kept coming back; each time I felt a little stronger and a little more sure of myself.  I love the variety of classes so I'm never bored and the instructors are so great and encouraging.  I love love love Lithe, and I love my "new" butt and the way I feel.



Hi Lauren,

I didn't want to post these on my personal accounts but I've seen great results from Lithe Spring Clean to the end of T-30. I've lost around 5 inches from the 5 points I measured in the beginning; Two inches from my waist and 1 inch from each thigh.  More than the inches lost, I feel more energetic and fit.  I really enjoy the challenge concept; Having fitness goals is really motivating.

Rachel B.



love letters

Dear Lithe,
This past January depression set it. Single, cold, and overweight. I came back from a family vacation and was the heaviest I had ever been and felt like I couldn't even walk a mile. I have been taking Lithe classes on and off since 2011 but as of January hadn't gone in a year and figured Id give it another shot. Since then my whole life as completely turned around and I owe it all to you.

For starters I love my lithe friends. From morning til night we text about what classes were taking and remind eachother what each class entails. I love walking into class and seeing so many familiar faces smiling and waving. Keeps me motivated and excited to workout everyday!

Next, I love the staff. From Lauren to Danielle to Jonathan and everyone in between, everyone at Lithe makes me feel great! Always there to answer questions and listen to me talk about nonsense ( even if they dont care!) Everyone is so passionate and knowledgeable  and they all do their best to make Lithe a welcoming environment.

Finally, I love me. I have never felt more alive and good about myself than I do right now.  I was Lithing 4-5 times a week and since the challenges started I have upped it to 5-6 ( I hit 7 once!) I would have never thought I would actually look forward to my workout but I do every single day. I get stressed if I have to miss a day and try my best to change plans to work around lithe, I have even cancelled dates! There is no better feeling in the world than completing a class especially a barre focused class. Anyone who knows me knows how terrified I was of the barre in the beginning, now I get excited because I know how good it feels when Im done!

I would love to end this with telling you that I have now have a six pack and have lost 20 lbs since January but I cant. I can tell you that I have realized that being happy with my  body is NOT about the number on the scale but about the smile  I give my reflection every single morning. I am so proud of the woman I have become both physically and mentally and I owe it to Lithe. Thank you for being a great boyfriend, an awesome best friend, and a second family. I love you Lithe!

xoxo Jill Horn xoxo




My Lithe love story starts like many others... I was frustrated with a 15 pound weight gain that crept up on me during graduate school (quite a lot on my petite 5'2 frame!). I would run 2 miles or do the elliptical at the gym and call that my workout. But with the guidance of a nutritionist and increasing my mileage, I was able to healthily loose all that weight. I enjoyed long-distance running -- beating my PRs in each subsequent half marathon and completing my first full marathon in the fall of 2012. But I was totally beat after! The training was a huge time commitment and my body often hurt without enough time to recover my aching muscles each week.


A few weeks after the marathon, I got engaged! And I was ready for a new workout challenge... ENTER LITHE! While I had reached my weight goal, I wanted tone and definition, something I had never achieved with long-distance running. I immediately noticed more definition in my back; and after a few more weeks of Lithing, my butt was transforming and was more tight and perky (my fiancé didn't complain!). I reflected on how truly ineffective my past workout regiment had been back in graduate school. I started realizing the benefits of Lithe, and how it simultaneously enhanced my running performance.


Then came the fall challenge #lithein35 which literally lead me up until my wedding day. Of course I had to do the challenge -- it was a great final month of motivation, stress-relief, and healthy living! The fall challenge is when I witnessed my real results! My stomach was more slender and cinched; and my arms, finally my arms, achieved that tone and definition I had desired! I completed my 31st class in the #lithein35 challenge just the day before my wedding. Let's just say, I am now hooked on Lithe! Thank you Lithe for helping me feel strong, healthy, and beautiful on my wedding day!


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Here's a little love letter/segue to Judy's #earnedinwinter feature coming soon!
Hola Lithe Sisters,
Formerly a size 22/24, I've lost close to 100lbs and am currently a size 14.  Let's just say it's taken me a long time to love this body. Loose skin and stretch marks included.  I've been Lithing about 18 months.  I started at 1-2 times per week and now I'm averaging 3-4 but shooting for 5X.  I work in marketing for Arm & Hammer which is cool, but it means I travel a lot and won't ever get to Lithe Varsity Status. I've appointed myself JV Squad Captain.  Before I found Lithe, I wanted to be skinny - now I value being strong. Thanks for that! 


Love Letter

Dear Lithe,

I noticed this morning that it was not snowing, icing, or sleeting, and that it was even light out on my way to my 7 am Rittenhouse class. It was this wonderful and unfamiliar experience that inspired me to write you this Lithe love letter.
Over what has been a rough winter for all of us, Lithe has been my lifeline to warding off SAD, keeping active, and not letting the endless cold and gray get me too blue. There have been snow days where my only meaningful human contact out of my house was at Lithe where, in spite of whatever was going on outside, everyone was always cheery, happy and grateful just to be there. Lithe provided a small bit of normalcy and routine in what has been a trying few weeks; it was the inspiration to do something good for myself when it seemed like everyone else in the world was giving up, working from home, and filling up on junk food rations. (To those who couldn't make it out, who were trapped at home with no power, for whom Lithing during these wintry bouts just wasn't an option -- I feel for you. It puts in perspective just how lucky I've been through it all.)
For resiliently staying open the vast majority of the time when the rest of the city was shutting down, just so we could get our Lithe on - thank you. Thank you to the instructors for bringing it on cold snowy mornings and working our butts off. Thank you to my fellow Lithers for being as dedicated/crazy as me so that there was justifiable reason for the studio to even be open many of these days, and for your camaraderie through it all. And an EPIC thank you to the morning Lithe staff for miraculously always making it to the studio and especially for standing in that cold, dark lobby to open the door to the freezing blasts for us, but always with a smile.
Lastly, thank you for the Earned in Winter challenge and inspiring us from the depths of these winter doldrums to get motivated for summer!
With love and gratitude,


Annette's Lithe Results
Hi Lithe,
My agent recently sent an email asking for me to submit a body shot for a petite modeling gig.  I'm an actor, definitely not a model, but knowing it was just a local catalogue/commercial project, not fashion, and feeling confident about my new Lithe physique, I figured why not snap a few quick pics to go with my head shots for the client.
I was not bummed, but flattered, when she got back to say I looked great, but after seeing my measurements, they needed someone a size LARGER! ;)  I guess if I am going to lose a job, being fit, hip and healthy is the reason to do so!  (Also, I have to say kudos to the client for wanting to have a woman with an off the rack size as opposed to the 16year old, double zero gazelles we see walking the runway today!!)
My Lithe background:  I was introduced to Lithe in January 2012 for a week.  I began coming sporadically in November 2012 for a few months until I fell off the wagon in April, 2013.  I recommitted in October 2013, Lithing at least 3x a week, and just recently I really upped my game in January, 2014.  When I got back from vacay over the holidays, I made some fitness goals for 2015, and decided I might as well get moving on them now. Since then, my body has really been starting to show results.
Annette K.

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