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My Lithe love story starts like many others... I was frustrated with a 15 pound weight gain that crept up on me during graduate school (quite a lot on my petite 5'2 frame!). I would run 2 miles or do the elliptical at the gym and call that my workout. But with the guidance of a nutritionist and increasing my mileage, I was able to healthily loose all that weight. I enjoyed long-distance running -- beating my PRs in each subsequent half marathon and completing my first full marathon in the fall of 2012. But I was totally beat after! The training was a huge time commitment and my body often hurt without enough time to recover my aching muscles each week.


A few weeks after the marathon, I got engaged! And I was ready for a new workout challenge... ENTER LITHE! While I had reached my weight goal, I wanted tone and definition, something I had never achieved with long-distance running. I immediately noticed more definition in my back; and after a few more weeks of Lithing, my butt was transforming and was more tight and perky (my fiancé didn't complain!). I reflected on how truly ineffective my past workout regiment had been back in graduate school. I started realizing the benefits of Lithe, and how it simultaneously enhanced my running performance.


Then came the fall challenge #lithein35 which literally lead me up until my wedding day. Of course I had to do the challenge -- it was a great final month of motivation, stress-relief, and healthy living! The fall challenge is when I witnessed my real results! My stomach was more slender and cinched; and my arms, finally my arms, achieved that tone and definition I had desired! I completed my 31st class in the #lithein35 challenge just the day before my wedding. Let's just say, I am now hooked on Lithe! Thank you Lithe for helping me feel strong, healthy, and beautiful on my wedding day!


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Here's a little love letter/segue to Judy's #earnedinwinter feature coming soon!
Hola Lithe Sisters,
Formerly a size 22/24, I've lost close to 100lbs and am currently a size 14.  Let's just say it's taken me a long time to love this body. Loose skin and stretch marks included.  I've been Lithing about 18 months.  I started at 1-2 times per week and now I'm averaging 3-4 but shooting for 5X.  I work in marketing for Arm & Hammer which is cool, but it means I travel a lot and won't ever get to Lithe Varsity Status. I've appointed myself JV Squad Captain.  Before I found Lithe, I wanted to be skinny - now I value being strong. Thanks for that! 


Love Letter

Dear Lithe,

I noticed this morning that it was not snowing, icing, or sleeting, and that it was even light out on my way to my 7 am Rittenhouse class. It was this wonderful and unfamiliar experience that inspired me to write you this Lithe love letter.
Over what has been a rough winter for all of us, Lithe has been my lifeline to warding off SAD, keeping active, and not letting the endless cold and gray get me too blue. There have been snow days where my only meaningful human contact out of my house was at Lithe where, in spite of whatever was going on outside, everyone was always cheery, happy and grateful just to be there. Lithe provided a small bit of normalcy and routine in what has been a trying few weeks; it was the inspiration to do something good for myself when it seemed like everyone else in the world was giving up, working from home, and filling up on junk food rations. (To those who couldn't make it out, who were trapped at home with no power, for whom Lithing during these wintry bouts just wasn't an option -- I feel for you. It puts in perspective just how lucky I've been through it all.)
For resiliently staying open the vast majority of the time when the rest of the city was shutting down, just so we could get our Lithe on - thank you. Thank you to the instructors for bringing it on cold snowy mornings and working our butts off. Thank you to my fellow Lithers for being as dedicated/crazy as me so that there was justifiable reason for the studio to even be open many of these days, and for your camaraderie through it all. And an EPIC thank you to the morning Lithe staff for miraculously always making it to the studio and especially for standing in that cold, dark lobby to open the door to the freezing blasts for us, but always with a smile.
Lastly, thank you for the Earned in Winter challenge and inspiring us from the depths of these winter doldrums to get motivated for summer!
With love and gratitude,


Annette's Lithe Results
Hi Lithe,
My agent recently sent an email asking for me to submit a body shot for a petite modeling gig.  I'm an actor, definitely not a model, but knowing it was just a local catalogue/commercial project, not fashion, and feeling confident about my new Lithe physique, I figured why not snap a few quick pics to go with my head shots for the client.
I was not bummed, but flattered, when she got back to say I looked great, but after seeing my measurements, they needed someone a size LARGER! ;)  I guess if I am going to lose a job, being fit, hip and healthy is the reason to do so!  (Also, I have to say kudos to the client for wanting to have a woman with an off the rack size as opposed to the 16year old, double zero gazelles we see walking the runway today!!)
My Lithe background:  I was introduced to Lithe in January 2012 for a week.  I began coming sporadically in November 2012 for a few months until I fell off the wagon in April, 2013.  I recommitted in October 2013, Lithing at least 3x a week, and just recently I really upped my game in January, 2014.  When I got back from vacay over the holidays, I made some fitness goals for 2015, and decided I might as well get moving on them now. Since then, my body has really been starting to show results.
Annette K.



Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to thank you and all your lithe instructors. (As you probably know) I started Lithing around this time last year. I was coming off an injury caused by martial arts and wasn't allowed to train for a minimum 2 months. Lithe gave me a complete workout without compromising my recovery. The core work was incredible- I had never experienced anything like it! Overnight I fell head over heels for everything Lithe. I appreciated the attention you put into all edges of the brand, and it shows. I never took a class I hated, ate something I thought was "bad" or "mediocre", or wore clothing that was uncomfortable. Most of all, I loved being around women who felt the same. I loved the energy of the classes. The dance routines made me feel sexy and strong, something rarely acquired in this society. I smiled at myself in the mirrors instead of having a stare down. I continued Lithe months after my injury had been deemed healed. Lithe put me in touch with myself, the modern day everything woman, and I liked what I found. I bring that new female confidence with me to my current training every day.

I am now back into my mixed martial arts training or "beast mode" as the boys call it. It's quite a shift from Lithe. I train will all very athletic as well as accomplished men, (my coach is a marine), often multiple times a day. They call me "hellcat". I never hesitate to bring them a daily dose of girl power- Thanks to Lithe for reviving the sexy strong woman in me! Just because I'm tough, doesn't mean I can't smile or shake my booty when I train. After all, this is supposed to be fun right?

I hope all is well- I still keep up to date on Facebook and love everything I see! I attached some photos from my fights. I'll be back for Hot Legs and Rock Steady soon :)

Emmy Shea


Love Letters

Dear Lauren and Team,

Thank you so much for Lithe!  I had been debating trying it out for a few years and I am so glad that I finally did.  I had been nervous that I would find a competitive, exclusive, cold environment, but it turns out Lithe is anything but.  Everyone has been warm, welcoming, and supportive as I stumble my way into Lithe!

Fitness has always been part of my life.  I was an athlete growing up, and as an adult I'm always looking to make my workouts more challenging.  Even though I work out regularly (a balance of weight and suspension training, pilates reformer, yoga, and cardio) I knew Lithe would be a unique and humbling challenge (let's just say I'm not too stellar when it comes to fast-paced choreography and I've never been a huge fan of group fitness).  I was relieved to find that instead of judgment and impatience, I encountered nothing but encouragement from the instructors and other Lithers (bonus: my first non-101 class was Endvy with you- what a workout).  I have yet to be on the receiving end of side-eye in the mirror when I mess up and I've come to realize that in this environment it is unlikely that I ever will.

You really have created a culture of respect where everyone appreciates each other's talents and acknowledges that each of us are on our own individual journey to improve our fitness (I WILL conquer CCS choreography!) and love our bodies.  Instead of feeling competitive with the other women, I feel nothing but admiration for the way they challenge themselves (we all find different parts of each workout difficult, but we push through it together) and it inspires me to work harder.

Thank you for creating not just innovative and challenging workouts, but for cultivating a positive, uplifting community.  If you ever need someone to write about what its like to go from a hopeful skeptic to an enthusiastic supporter, I'm happy to do it.  Thanks again!

Best wishes,

Vicki Ricart

BEST OF FHH 2013! 27 Dec 2013


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Dear Lithe

Dear Lithe,

I did it! I can't believe I actually did it! Considering my crazy work schedule and being away six out of the 35 days, I think I did the 30 classes in 26 days. There were a few days I doubled up and another few days I did three classes (yes crazy I know)  but after purchasing a monthly unlimited and signing up for the challenge I was determined!

Just wanted to thank Lauren and the Lithe Method, for there has never been another workout that got my butt up out of bed at 5 am, 4-5 days a week, and made me want to workout more than once a day, consistently! I feel so strong and my body is looking pretty good too-- My husband is loving my butt!! I'm so glad I started Lithe in March, it is now my favorite workout and I now dread the mundane workouts at the gym.  I'm determined to stick with Lithe through the long, cold winter (I hate the cold) and for once in my life, NOT gain ten pounds like I do every winter.

Thanks for constantly motivating us and challenging us, I love reading the blog and learning about the different instructors, and seeing new recipes from Lauren. Also thank you to the girls at the front desk for bring so helpful and cheerful!  

You have a new member for life! I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next challenge, bring it on!

Liza Bello




Dear Lauren and everyone who is part of the Lithe Method community,


I am writing you this letter as my Three Year Litheversary approaches and just two days after I finished the Lithe in 35 Challenge. I think this is the perfect time to thank you for creating Lithe Method. The emotions I want to express are complex and deeply rooted. As a young girl I was always the last picked in gym class. I attempted to play softball for several years and even though I could knock them out of the park, I was constantly mocked for being a slow runner. I decided when I was about 13 that fitness and athletics were not for me and I had no business even trying. Cue the next 16 years of my life. My twenties were plagued with bad diet and long hours at work. I was 60 lbs overweight and decided I needed to do something about it. In 2008 I lost 50 lbs and gained a new perspective on my potential. Despite this weight loss I was still convinced that fitness wasn’t for me. I would never be strong enough so why bother? A friend who worked in the same industry also lost lots of weight in 2008 and made Lithe Method the most integral part of her journey. I noticed but it wasn’t until October 2010 when I dove in. I purchased a Living Social deal for 3 101s with two friends. Our first class was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t sit down for three days. They gave up but I decided to give it another shot, that’s when I was hooked.


If you asked me three years ago if I was the kind of woman who could make fitness a part of her weekly routine, I would say “no.” If you asked me after that first class if I would ever be able to complete eight classes in just six days, I would have answered “hell no” but I just did. Lithe Method got me through the final eight months of a relationship with emotionally abusive man and was one of the reasons, along with counseling, I had the strength to leave him. I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day after our break up with Lithe Method, Melissa and about twenty other awesome women who decided to love themselves that day. Lithe Method has gotten me through two more break ups and most recently through a period of unemployment. There have been times when I had to take a break because my schedule/body/pocketbook won’t allow it but Lithe Method always welcomes me back with open arms. Three years later the woman who was in a bad relationship, who was insecure with her body, wakes up everyday feeling like the strongest, sexiest, most beautiful woman alive. I am the person I am today because of the community that you’ve created and I couldn’t be more thankful.


So Lauren, thank you for creating something so amazing that I am choked up thinking about it. Thank you for showing me that you don’t have to have the long, thin body to be healthy, fit and gorgeous. That curves are powerful and so is my body. I also want to thank my amazing instructors I’ve had throughout the years. To Melissa for her amazing grace and spirit, getting a shout out for my kicks last year from you was the ultimate compliment. To Liz for being so down to earth despite being drop dead gorgeous, I love when you say “three” when counting down reps. To Krista for smiling throughout class and giving the most positive motivation possible. To Tif who is a total badass and scared the pants of off me in the beginning, you are so approachable and give the best feedback. To Bari for showing me that short women with real hourglass curves can be insanely fit and sexy. To Danielle for being the fellow client I admired who became my favorite little drill instructor. To Cori for her energy, nothing will get you going like watching her sprint. To Kim for her strength, you are an inspiration to working mothers everywhere. To Tirsa and Rachel for their energy and challenging new workouts. To two more women I admired as clients, Ashton and Cat you are continual inspirations! To Sophie who makes me giggle everytime she says “boobs and butt.” To all the new instructors I’ve yet to know, the former instructors that have been by my side during my journey and for the amazing support staff who are always there with a smile, thank you so very much. This is my first milestone and I know you’ll be there for me every step of the day when one day I become Lithe Bride and a Lithe Mama! Thank you Lithe Method for being here!


Julia Ramsey


Lauren and the ladies of Lithe,

How do I say this? Where do I start? You ladies are incredible.

I got my Lithe Anniversary email when I was in the hospital, just after delivering my daughter in early August. (It's funny to think I took a class with Lauren on July 11th and I thought I was delivering then! Ha!)  I remember thinking there’s no way I would feel this amazing postpartum without something like Lithe.  I was anxious to get back to the studio but had to wait for my clearance from the doctor.  That came just before the start of the Fall Challenge so I had a chance to ease back into Lithe after 7 (long) weeks away. 

I told my husband about the Fall Challenge and we (yes, we) decided to do it.  Why did I say we when my husband clearly wasn’t coming to Hot Legs?  Because this challenge was going to take effort – and not just from me and my drive.  It was going to be about him coming home to help with our 3-month old and occasionally using his flex hours to work from home if I couldn’t do the night class.  It was about my infant daughter that is still nursing staying on schedule so I could adhere to the class schedule.  It took coordination.  I’m so proud to say I was able to do 16 days in a row.  Yes, 16 days in a row.  I wish I could finish the challenge because I know I can but a family emergency has brought me home to Dallas.  This situation means I won’t be crossing that finish line in the Fall Challenge but that’s not stopping me from setting a new line.  I’ve shown myself what is possible.  I’m strong. I’m driven. I’m lithe.  When I come back to Philadelphia, I will work to complete those 14 additional classes.  I know there is no discount for my new finish line but in this case, as a new mom, the reward is in showing I can do it.  I’m bouncing forward and I’m loving the results.  

Can't wait to get back into the studio!
-Alli Sirchio

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