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Lauren and the ladies of Lithe,

How do I say this? Where do I start? You ladies are incredible.

I got my Lithe Anniversary email when I was in the hospital, just after delivering my daughter in early August. (It's funny to think I took a class with Lauren on July 11th and I thought I was delivering then! Ha!)  I remember thinking there’s no way I would feel this amazing postpartum without something like Lithe.  I was anxious to get back to the studio but had to wait for my clearance from the doctor.  That came just before the start of the Fall Challenge so I had a chance to ease back into Lithe after 7 (long) weeks away. 

I told my husband about the Fall Challenge and we (yes, we) decided to do it.  Why did I say we when my husband clearly wasn’t coming to Hot Legs?  Because this challenge was going to take effort – and not just from me and my drive.  It was going to be about him coming home to help with our 3-month old and occasionally using his flex hours to work from home if I couldn’t do the night class.  It was about my infant daughter that is still nursing staying on schedule so I could adhere to the class schedule.  It took coordination.  I’m so proud to say I was able to do 16 days in a row.  Yes, 16 days in a row.  I wish I could finish the challenge because I know I can but a family emergency has brought me home to Dallas.  This situation means I won’t be crossing that finish line in the Fall Challenge but that’s not stopping me from setting a new line.  I’ve shown myself what is possible.  I’m strong. I’m driven. I’m lithe.  When I come back to Philadelphia, I will work to complete those 14 additional classes.  I know there is no discount for my new finish line but in this case, as a new mom, the reward is in showing I can do it.  I’m bouncing forward and I’m loving the results.  

Can't wait to get back into the studio!
-Alli Sirchio



It's day two of our annual Fall Challenge!  Get #lithein35 and #bandtogether!  This week, we want to see pictures of Lithers getting Lithe together!  Share anything #fithiphealthy or fall challenge related @lithemethod on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #lithein35 to inspire us all. 

Images of Lauren Boggi and Lithe Instructors via Dom

#LITHEIN35 DAY 1 14 Oct 2013


Some inspiration from day 1 of our Fall Challenge!  One down, 29 to go! 

2013 LITHE FALL CHALLENGE! 25 Sep 2013


It's Fall Challenge time!  Get motivated and get #lithein35!  Just as the going gets tough, we challenge you to focus on you pre-holidays. 

How?  Complete 30 classes in 35 days from October 13th through November 16th and receive a promo code for 20% off of a monthly membership. 

Ultra Lithe Bonus:  A grand prize (one monthly membership) will also be rewarded via social media participation using our #lithein35 hashtag.  Lets inspire each other!  Show off your progress, inspiration, results, and anything #lithein35 related on FB, Instagram, and Twitter! 

Are you in? Sign up right here!  Sign-up is required by October 11 @5PM to qualify for the challenge discount & grand prize.

Image of Lithe Instructor (retired) Nicole Sewall via Dom



Happy Friday!  It's your last chance to catch Tiffany Nork's bodywork before she goes on maternity leave!  This week we're giving away 1, 60-minute BB; must be used by June 30, 2013.  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling why YOU need one. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person; Thank you, and good luck!

Also, TIf is extending a discount starting tomorrow: $15 off any 60-minute session during the month of June (one per client). 

Image of Tif working on Lauren via Johanna


READY, SET, GO! 18 Jun 2012


Today is officially the first day of our Summer Challenge and Lithe "10".  There are over 70 Lithers signed up.  You can do it!  I wish you all health, perseverance and hope that you have fun and make some memories along the way.  I'll be right with you guys...I'm teaching/doing our Lithe "10" I'm eating Lithe Foods all month. 

Are you wait-listed at Nolibs & Rittenhouse?  Walk a few blocks (and burn some extra calories) to Lithe Old City  and take advantage of TWO mat-rooms and more peak class times!  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall in Thigh High via Dominic Episcopo.  



Remember our Fall and Spring Challenges?  This year, we're bringing you a Summertime Challenge!  We know everyone is busy with vacations, weddings and the fourth of July, so we've made it accessible to everyone by making it 6 weeks! And you have two options:


- Five classes per week, for six weeks (total: 30 classes).  At least 3 of those must be an outdoor class.



- 36 classes total, at least three of which must be an outdoor class

Instead of trying to get in one outdoor class per week, we're only requiring you to take a minimum of three Hot-stepper or Walk-Star classes throughout the challenge (FYI: We'll be adding a few more outdoor classes to the schedules this week).  Good Luck everyone!

Are you in?  Please email info@lithemethod.com by 6/15 and let us know if you are participating and which option you'd like to attempt.

**Correction to the above image:  The dates of the Challenge are 6/18 to 7/29 (six weeks).

Images of Lithe Instructors, Kelly Wong, Shannon Graham, Brooke Holloway & Kim Sauer wearing Lithe Wear via Dom



love letters

I decided to do the Fall Challenge to challenge myself.  I've been a Lither for less than a year.  When I registered for Immersion, I took a couple 101 classes before because I figured it would help me know what I was in for. It was hard but invigorating, more than I had expected from hearing about it.  I have friends who swore Lithe was amazing (Bela Shehu and Danielle Rossi).  Well, they looked amazing so I figured, why not? I've done gyms for years, Yoga, some Pilates, martial arts (Tae Kwon Do), I cycle and hike - I've basically been a fit woman . . . but, I have ALWAYS hated my legs. Actually the feeling is beyond hate, I am ashamed of my legs.  I have not worn a pair of shorts since I was 13 years old, swimsuits were the same. I went through my adult life hating summer because I hated my body. I never had experiences sharing a summer house with people because it would have meant I could not hide behind clothes. I would actually feel envy seeing women in shorts or short skirts because I could not imagine how it must be to have the freedom to do that.  Not just the "perfect-bodied" girls, I would even be jealous of the girls with all their rolls hanging out in glory in clothes far too small and giving us way too much to see.  I wished I could feel so free.

So 30 Days.  It was butt-busting. I will admit that at least 2 out of the 5 days a week that  I needed to Lithe to meet the challenge I felt, I can't do it today. Or I don't want to do it. Or I'm too tired.  Or who cares?  I will still have the same ugly legs. But I told my husband, my family and my friends I would complete this.  I got HUGE encouragement. With my rescue inhaler always at my side to save me from an acute asthma attack, I did it. I showed up.  The funny thing is I loved every minute of it, even the minutes I hated when my body felt pushed too far.  Thank doG for the voices of all the instructors who chimed in, as if divine intervention, to say, "You are almost there, last set". And I would realize I was there, the last set.  And I would feel shocked and amazed and so damn proud.

My husband has been a great supporter.  In the beginning of my Lithe experience, he would say, "Oh, you look 10% Lither"! I was so excited I'd try to explain Skinny Jeans or Thinny. He didn't totally get it but he listened to me. Then he saw me change.  Not just my body, but my entire attitude.  When we went away for 6 weeks during the summer, I was trying to do Lithe exercises on my own (believe me, it is NOT the same!). But I was holding stiletto in 2nd on a floating dock on a river in St. John's, New Brunswick Canada.  That's when I realized I am a member of the "Cult of Lithe". Since our return in September, I went to a class the day after our trip and haven't stopped.  After completing the challenge, my husband said, "Babe, you are 24.8% Lither"!

I have muscles and cuts in my body I am so proud of.  I almost feel like I should name each new cut after Lithe instructors.

What is truly amazing is that I have two extruding discs in the top of my C-Spine from a traumatic cycling accident that have caused relentless pain for years.  Since I have Lithed, I no longer have to seek acupuncture and therapeutic massage treatment for this injury. I also have chronic asthma and my lungs have become stronger. Hot Stepper was probably the hardest class for me because of the breathing. I've never been at the front of the pack but I make it. This challenge has been a benefit to my health in more ways than I can explain.

I entertained a huge house full of people for Thanksgiving. I still had to finish my challenge. The night before Thanksgiving, a shelf collapsed on the door of my fridge sending glass shattering, I was barefoot. A vein on my foot was punctured and would not stop bleeding. I was up until 4 a.m. getting the wound to stop. The last two days of the challenge I did it with foot injuries (also got embedded glass on the bottom of one foot). Yep, I kept my socks on and Hot Stepper was grueling for me.

The best part of Thanksgiving is that I wore a short skirt as I hosted. No, not hooch short, but above the knees which is a freedom for me that is hard to describe. I wore a black pleated skirt with tights, heels and a great blouse.  My husband loved it. All through the day and night, I remembered to relax my shoulders, tuck, stay in my stilettos and breathe. I felt beautiful.  I loved my legs that night and the way they worked (bleeding toe and all) to deliver food, happiness and love to my family and friends.  There wasn't a point that I wanted to hide my body - I actually did not think about it.  I felt confident. That spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Yes, I was cheerleading that!

So, I am thankful for the Fall Challenge. The part that will make you all laugh is my husband said, "When does Winter Challenge start?"! He saw how much it changed me.

So, can 30 days change a person? Yes. Yesterday I purchased a black sequined short skirt (even shorter!) for New Year's Eve. I'll still wear it with tights but it is progress and I will wear it with a new-found freedom and you better believe, I will look LITHE!

Thank You Lauren - you have touched so many women's lives.

Hugs to you all - I made it!

Heather Steiner



Dear Lithe,

It has been two years for me living Lithe but this was my first fall challenge. It was so much fun and gave me a lot of strength for my daily life. I didn't lose a lot of weight but I definitely gained a lot of muscles. My eight year old son Lucas tells me all the time, "Mommy, you're ripped!" Now, when I go grocery shopping with my 28 pound two year old son Gio I can hold him with one arm and two grocery bags with the other without help.

The other thing I found out during fall challenge is that I can run. At this challenge I probably ran the most in my life. I don't think I've ever even noticed the fall air smells so good until our outdoor runs during this challenge. The best thing was, after the challenge runs, I was inspired to go running with my son Lucas together for the first time. We both loved it so much and plan to keep up our mom and son runs.

Finally, and to me most importantly, I am a pretty shy person but I always felt supported by everyone at Lithe, staff and students alike. Lithe has always been such a warm and welcoming place for me. Thanks so much! Love you, Lithe!!!

Nari Kim

FALL CHALLENGE 2011! 13 Oct 2011


It's Fall Challenge time again!  Last year's challenge was a huge success. It's a wonderful way to make friends, challenge yourself and recommit to your Lithe practice.  Sign up by calling us, emailing or stop by the studio desk! 

Images of Lithe Instructors Tiffany Nork, Krista DeNofa & Melissa Weinberg via Dom

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