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This week, we're hearing from Varsity Lither Megan Mooney!

Has the Lithe Varsity 250 class requirement served as a motivation to get into the studio when you otherwise may have skipped your workout? The 250 class requirement definitely motivates me to make it into the studio even after a long workday or a late night. What really motivates me though is coming into class knowing I will see some my fellow 6AMers (and Lithe besties) who make it into the studio as well.

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? I enjoy coming home, relaxing, and having a nice meal on my balcony while watching the sunset.

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? The most rewarding aspect of Lithe to me has been that I have never given up.  I have never stuck to any workout, let alone one where I wake up at 5:30AM even in the winter and give it my all.

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Peeled. Despite being a sculpting class, there is some serious cardio aka there is more than meets the eye. And I am always up for fun, but know when to be serious.  

When you were in high school, what would you have been "Most Likely to..." in the yearbook superlatives? As a joke, I was voted teacher's favorite because I was the class clown and extremely sarcastic.  

What was the first concert you went to? In high school, I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert at the First Union Center (now the Wachovia Center). I was kind of disappointed because our seats were behind the stage, except that he spent half the concert facing us, so we essentially had front row seats.



Join Liz & Jess this weekend in Avalon and Margate!  All are welcome, so bring your friends! 

Our highly-touted beach workout based on Lithe Escape's highly effective fitness is available at the Jersey Shore ALL SUMMER LONG! Join instructors and Lithe creator Lauren Boggi for Lithe Beach

When: Saturday, August 1 from 8:30-9:45AM in Avalon.  Sunday, August 2 from 8:30-9:45AM in Margate.

Where: Avalon: 61 St. Margate: Exeter Ave. 

With: Lithe Instructors Liz Galbally and Jess Ender

Wear: A supportive bathing suit and sunscreen. 

What's it like?: Surprising, challenging, empowering, rock-your-world amazing, and fun!

Bring: Water, yoga mat (or towel), and a towel for drying off.

We supply: Enthusiasm, inspiration, and a$$-kicking moves.

Cost: Single class ($27); five class card ($125).

Sign up: Lithe Beach classes are available to purchase. When purchasing on Mindbody, select "Lithe Beach" instead of classes, and then book your class on the Rittenhouse scheduler.

Please note: No public facilities are available before 10AM. Please use the restroom before class.

Current Schedule:

June 20:  Margate, Lauren
June 27:  Longport, Danielle
June 28:  Ocean City, Meghan
July 3:  Avalon, Liz 
July 5:  Margate, Danielle 
July 11:  Margate, Lauren
July 18:  Avalon, Liz
July 25:  Margate, Lauren 
August 1:  Avalon, Liz
August 2:  Margate, Jess
August 8:  Margate, Lauren
August 15:  Margate, Danielle
August 18:  Avalon, Meg
August 22:  Margate, Jess
August 29:  Margate, Jess

3 DAYS TO FLAT ABS (RE-POST)! 22 Jul 2015

Flat Abs

We're smack in the middle of summer and the best accessory to go along with a bikini are toned, flat abs. Today I share eight tips for slimming your middle in three days, flat. If you're already active and eating Lithe, incorporate these tips into your life and you’ll be confident in that bathing suit in no time. 

  • Do planks, crunches, and standing ab-work 
    Lithe is core-based, total-body, and all ab work. All. The. Time. Why is it so effective? Our Higher Power band system brings resistance to your core, while our CCS technique burns the fat off the muscle. While you're Lithing it up, th
    ere are a few things to remember about toning those muscles. Crunches define your abdominal muscles and planks and standing abs flatten them. Stay tuned for Lithe's upcoming workout High Top (I promise that you've never felt anything like it)! As with all things Lithe, mix it up. Alternate between regular crunches, oblique work, standing abs, and planks to keep your stomach toned and flat.
  • Ditch the processed, refined carbs
    Everything is okay in moderation (remember the 80/20 rule), but try to steer clear of white bread, Goldfish crackers, and other foods that have bleached flour. I try to avoid anything that is packaged. A recent study showed that people who incorporate whole grain foods into their diet slimmed their middle much faster than those who ate refined, processed carbs. Substitute quinoa, oatmeal, and brown rice for the white stuff. 
  • Be Picky
    Choosing the right foods can really fuel short-term weight loss. When I prep for a photo shoot or event, I strip my diet of all things unhealthy (except for dark chocolate) and eat very clean. My coffee is black, my water has lemon, and my smoothies are green. I load up on on cold-pressed juices, dark leafy greens, and lean proteins like fish. 
  • Sautee those greens
    Remember how everyone was eating during our Earned in Winter Challenge? Our menus included so many servings of sauteed kale. Kale is a natural anti-inflammatory. It reduces bloat and revs the metabolism because it is a flavonoid. Also, cooking them in olive oil or lightly steaming them makes them easier to digest. 
  • Say yes to bananas, watermelon, avocado, lemon, grapefruit, papaya and pineapple  
    Potassium banishes bloating by balancing body fluids.To de-bloat, eat potassium-rich foods like bananas, avocados, watermelon, and pineapple. Bonus: Eating these foods replaces the potassium and nutrients you lost while sweating it out at Lithe. 
  • Make it a LitheStyle
    You can do endless crunches and still not get the results you want if you’re not living a healthy, active lifestyle. Cardio and weight training increase lean muscle and burn calories, which is important if you’re trying to make those muscles visible. Our sculpting workouts build your muscles and create that Lithe body and muscular structure, while cardio and a clean diet help show them off by burning the fat off the muscle. 
  • Sub still water for bubbles
    Believe it or not, both soda and sparkling water can bloat you. Drinking a sufficient amount of still water each day keeps you from retaining water. Since water removes waste from the body, staying hydrated is key in beating the bloat. Add a lemon to jazz it up a bit. 
  • Start your day with Lithe Spring Clean tea 
    It's our little secret and it works. Find it on our menus. 

Lithe instructor Elizabeth Tomkins wearing Motherhood Maternity and Lululemon via Dom



We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...  And guys, we really try (hard) to get a full, balanced meal to start off our day, but somehow, alarms don't go off in time for us to shower, dry our hair, and throw on our gear with coffee in hand - without breaking the Lithe 5 minute late rule. 

Many people ask me what they should eat in the morning, pre-Lithe. My quick answer is carbs. They're a great source of energy and are easy to digest. When you have time, you'll want to eat a mini meal like a half of a banana and a cup of cold-pressed juice, or half a cup of oats with half a cup of berries or yogurt, or a smoothie to get you through Lithe.  The trick is that you want to eat at least 20 minutes prior to your workout. This will give your blood enough time to flow away from your stomach and back to your muscle tissue.  Problem is that we don't always have 20 minutes to spare.

So, in an attempt to actually eat something good for us before our lunch break (coffee can only take us so far), I've timed and tried two super quick (and satisfying) breakfast options for those mornings when things don’t really go the way we planned. Or, you know, just so we can squeeze in some extra sleep, pre-Lithe.  

Lithe Overnight Oats


1/3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup Lithe Foods cashew milk
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
Pinch of sea salt
Top with: Shredded coconut, chia seeds, toasted almond slices


Place oats, cashew milk (or any non-dairy option), yogurt and other ingredients into a glass jar, stir and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, add your favorite toppings just as you’re walking out the door.


Lithed-Up Avocado Toast 


1 slice of Ezekiel toast
1 avocado
1 hard-boiled egg
pinch of chilli flakes


This one is a classic and great for when you're going straight to work from Lithe and have to be sharp for that presentation.  This is brain food.  Lightly toast a slice of Ezikiel bread (do this only if you happen to have more than a minute to spare). Mash the avocado with a fork and spread on the bread. I make a batch of hard-boiled eggs every Sunday.  Slice one up the night before and then place on top of toast.  Sprinkle with chilli flakes and a pinch of sea salt.

Rachael Bridgens via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Rain 6AM OC 1 6AM OC 2 6AM 5 6AM OC OC7 OC8

Most of you have heard stories over the years about the 6AMers at our Old City studio. The group above is one of the toughest, most dedicated group of Lithers across all three studios. They're in the studio every day regardless of what life (or Mother Nature) throws at them. Celia dropped by on a rainy Wednesday Sculpt workout to snap a few shots of this badass crew with master Lithe instructor Bari Rosenthal.  

Images via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Lauren Podcast

If you're in the fitness space or growing a business and want to hear how Lithe founder Lauren Boggi built Lithe (and landed the cover of Philly Mag), check out her podcast with Finch Brands president Bill Gullan! Real World Branding is live on iTunes.

Image of Lauren via Free People

A TASTE OF RAH! 14 Jul 2015


Set your Pep Talk to empowerment, join the Spirit Circle for beat-box and sassy, vocal cheer motivation, and Lithe towards transformation and healing. Rah is a great combination of cardio and sculpting with our Twiggy bands and proprietary Double Banded Sculpting with our blue bands.  This workout is a cult classic, and includes vocals (like Rock Steady) and along with fun, high impact CCS: cheer-based, high cardio hitch kicks, herkies, and booty shaking choreography.  

Rah was born out of the following paradigms of influence: somatic psychology (the process of using the body to heal), neuropsychology, self-hypnotism, and movement therapy via Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting.

Don't be rah-shy!  This class should be a cathartic release that transforms your emotional state to promote health and psychological growth. Not to mention you are getting a crazy good work-out. And guess what? Yelling while you Lithe not only increases your core strength, makes the work-out more intense, but it will, with time, improve your lung capacity.  Rock your body, hottie.

  • Born: February 2014 
  • You'll need: Sweat bands on wrists and gloves for double banded sculpting
  • Coordination level: Three
  • Modifiy: Omit vocals to reduce cardiac output, remain grounded during high impact cardio and jumps, omit blue bands during double banded sculpting. If you're new to Rah or Lithe, focus on form and march or jog in place until you master the choreography.  
  • Challenge: Don't be shy! Increase vocal strength and yell from the diaphragm, really get into it (with great form and sharp motions) and work low from the hips/core throughout the CCS Cardio to increase resistance. Try doing the push-up sequence on your toes and maintain a full breathing pattern, scapular stabilization, pelvic/spine & head/neck placement throughout the Double Banded Sculpting. 



Dear Lithe community,

As many of you know, I leave Philadelphia this week to move to North Carolina. My fiancé Ben will be completing a fellowship in sports medicine at Duke University, so we (and our puppy Fergus) are heading to Durham for the next year! I'm excited for the adventure, but will miss Lithe very much.
Lithe has been an incredible part of my time in Philly and has completely changed my relationship to health and fitness. I'm stronger, pain-free, and balanced in my body. And more importantly, I have never felt more empowered with the tools to lead a healthy, active, and balanced life. 
Thanks to Lauren and the entire Lithe team for being so fabulous to work with and to all of you for being a continual inspiration every time I'm in the studio. It has been my pleasure to be on the mat next to you, to teach you from the platform, and to get to know so many of you. A special cheer for the early morning Rittenhouse ladies who have motivated me to wake up so bright and early. 
Happily, I will continue to be involved in Lithe's instructor training program and I will be back to visit soon! Wishing you all a wonderful, fit-hip-&-healthy rest of the summer. 

LITHE BEACH! 11 Jul 2015


Aqua Wellness


It’s that time of the year again! Our October 1-6, 2015 Lithe Escape, we head to Aqua Wellness which is on the warm, rustic, and rugged Pacific coast of Nicaragua! Aqua is nestled in a dramatic setting, with stunning treetop villas that literally put you in the center of the action of a tropical rainforest (nothing like a resident sloth to teach you how to kick back)! Villas have outdoor patios and plunge pools with lava rock paths that lead to a private white sand crescent-shaped beach. The resort is located on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, 12 km north of San Juan del Sur, with uninterrupted sunset views of the Pacific Ocean. Aqua is remote, raw, natural, sustainable, local, rustic, and fabulous. Stay in a treetop villa, eat organic detoxifying cuisine, and Lithe twice a day — once on land and once on the beach. 

Details & Rates: Download Aqua Escape

A few of our favorite things: Breathing pure Pacific air, ocean waves, dinner at La Bromelia, the beach, San Juan del Sur, monkeys, Aqua’s adobe oven pizza, turtles, chilling with the girls, private plunge pools, reading by the sea, humidor hunting, yoga at Aqua, the local farm tour, Nacatamales, riding the chicken bus, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, post-workout massages, the Masaya market, dinner and drinks at Mukul Resort, hanging on the deck, the local surf town Gigante, horseback riding, whale watching, taking day trips to Granada, and enjoying sunset cocktails.

Want to learn more? Check out this video and another one from Prana!

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