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It's a full day of women's health and wellness!  The Be Well Philly Boot Camp event is this Saturday, June 8th!  Lithe Instructor Carrie Gero will be teaching at 10AM, and Lithe Instructor Melissa Weinberg will be teaching at 2PM (the listings are in this month's issue of Philly Mag if you haven't seen them).  Check out the full schedule
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Be Well Philly is holding an awesome event this Saturday, June 9th at Drexel just for the ladies of Philadelphia!  We're not a part of it this year (we'll be there in spirit!) but I hope that all of our Lithers take advantage of the full day of fitness, wellness and healthy food!  Register and read all about it!

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Spring is a time for caterpillars to transform into beautiful creatures that flirt with gravity. A little butterfly lives inside of us. Specifically, inside your neck: your thyroid. This little butterfly-shaped organ needs a cocoon nourished by nutritional, environmental and lifestyle comfort.

When this butterfly is wounded, flying and Lithing are difficult.

Thyroid disorders, including cancer, are among the fastest growing health concerns for women today. Fatigue, depression, and joint pain are some common symptoms of thyroid disorders that can accelerate a vicious cycle as exercise and self-care become increasingly taxing. But, a little bit of spring-cleaning can brighten up your cocoon.

Through diet, an environmental detox, and a major lifestyle change, I was able to reverse my July 2010 hypothyroid diagnosis and restore my thyroid. Here are the three food groups I used during this time and will support your thyroid, even if you are already on medication.

  1. Iodine: Sea vegetable like nori (found in sushi), wakame (found in miso soup) and kelp (great salt replacer)
  2. Zinc: pumpkin and sesame seeds
  3. Selenium: Brazilian nuts

With these cozy additions to your cocoon, you’ll be on pace with the Lithe butterfly.

Ali Shapiro is an author, regular NBC 10! Show contributor and health counselor. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here.

Image of Ali Shapiro via Ali and Lither, Jaclyn Obeso wearing Lithe's Ultra Support Performance Bra & Lace Insert Leggings via Dom

IL MADRE. 12 Dec 2011


So many of you who are expecting and have asked me about my birth doula.  Meet Paige Chapman.  Doula, Yoga/Pre-natal Yoga teacher, Lither and just simply one of my favorite people.  Paige was my birth doula.  She helped me get through some serious moments during labor, helped me move through my contractions with yoga (and some Lithe), eased my pain and kept me calm  with her signature stress management essential oil blends (which I still use) when the doctors uttered the 'C' word.

She had such a calming effect on me that I'm heading down to one of my favorite places in the world to go on retreat with her.  I'm lucky to be privy to some 'in the know' information and all I can say is that Paige has some amazing things in store for all of us Philadelphia moms and mom-to-be!  Get ready Philly!

Images of Paige Chapman with Lauren Boggi Goldenberg & Mars, Paige doing Yoga and Paige at WMF's One Night Only



Philly's Alexis Siemons: Lither, writer, blogger of Teaspoons & Petals and tea consultant shares her White Chai Tea Smoothie recipe with us.  Want to learn more about tea?  Alexis's list of favorite Philly tea shops was featured in Philly Mag this month and there are a few spots left in her Nov 19th tea class at COOK.
White Chai Tea Smoothie
  •      2 cups water
  •      3 tablespoons White Chai Tea (Bai Mu Dan white tea blended with lemongrass, cardamom, cinnamon and   ginger available at Tbar on 12th and Sansom Street)
  •      1 cup Greek yogurt
  •      1 frozen banana
  •      A pinch of cinnamon  

Heat 2 cups of water to 180 degrees (bring to a boil and cool for about two minutes). Infuse 3 tablespoons of White Chai Tea and steep for 3 minutes (note: since we want a concentrated cube, we’ve added more tea than what a simple steep would call for). Stir in 2 teaspoons of honey. Pour brewed tea into ice cube trays and freeze.Remove the ice cube tray and let the tea cubes defrost for 1 minute. Place 5 ice cubes in blender, add 1 cup Green Yogurt, 1 banana and blend until smooth. Top with a pinch of cinnamon. For a stylish twist, serve the smoothie and a sip of the white chai tea in vintage teacups.

quick tip: if you find yourself with extra white chai iced cubes and you've had your fill of smoothies, add them to a glass of water to spice up the simple sip.

Tea image via Alexis Siemons



I'm really into tea right now (I'm obsessed with black tea, roobios and the TBar's coconut tea latte with Soy).  I recently caught up with Philly's Alexis Siemons:  Lither, writer, blogger of Teaspoons & Petals and tea consultant:

1.  How did you become so interested in tea?

I can still recall the moment that I watched the green jasmine pearls unfurl in my teacup over 3 years ago. Inspired by the aromatic sips and wondrous leaves, I created my tea blog (teaspoons & petals) to document my journey with the steep. This simple quest of curiosity quickly blossomed into a hobby, then a passion, and now a passionate career. From blogging, crafting custom blends, teaching classes to writing articles that feature my tea-infused recipes, I can’t seem to get enough of the simply beautiful steeps.

2.  Do you have any teas that you prefer to drink before/after Lithing?  Anything super beneficial for pre/post exercise? 

While my tea steeps change every moment, I often steep a green tea (normally pi lo chun) before lithing for a hydrating sip and small burst of caffeine. During lithe, I like to sip an herb infused water (lavender & mint or  thyme with a squeeze of lemon and dab of honey) that wake up my taste buds and body when I need a reviving sip mid class. Considering that I leave lithe on an energy high, I steep something a bit more delicate, like a Chinese white tea. Although if I opt for an evening class, I’ll steep a hot cup of Rooibos (made from south African red bush plant) that has a rich, earthy flavor without any caffeine.

3.  What tea should we be drinking this fall?

Masala chai is a wonderful fall tea thanks to its traditional warming spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, fennel seeds, peppercorn, cloves, etc) anchored by hearty black tea that warms the soul. Although, if you prefer a chai sip with less caffeine, you should try a White Chai or Rooibos Chai. I also love roasted teas, like hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea great when served with ginger honey), Tung Ting oolong or Gen Mai Chai green tea. The steamy sips, toasty aromas and flavors pair perfectly with crisp fall weather.

4.  Anything that you can teach us about tea?

My best piece of advice is  to find a few teas that you love and learn how to steep them properly. I often advise friends in Philly to visit local tea shops where you can sit and sip and buy in bulk to-go (Tbar on 12th & Sansom). Meet up with friends and treat yourself to a few pots to find a favorite tea. Ask the tea expert behind the counter for the proper steep time and temperature and you’re set to make a lovely cup at home.

Keep in mind that every tea requires a different water temperature and steep time. For example, most black teas require boiling water steeped for3-5 minutes, while Green tea only should be steeped in 180 degree water for 2-3 minutes, and White tea at 175 degrees for 3-4 minutes, etc. Most teas have steeping directions on the packaging, but you can always google it just to be sure. Or tweet me :) 

Image of Alexis via Courtney Apple




We're hitting the studio and the streets to meet local, healthy living-well trendsetters.  Lithe Instructor Anne Falasco is our first! We spotted the Lithe Instructor and expert canner checking out the different vendors at a local farmers market here in Philadelphia.  We asked:

Why do you can?  I get to enjoy local and organic fruits and veggies all year long.  Face it – non-Jersey tomatoes are lackluster but what else can you purchase in those winter months!  Now I just go down to my basement and grab a jar of crushed tomatoes or salsa that I made with all local produce when they were at their peak – may be even grab some sour cherry jam to mix with yogurt as a dessert!  You can make a basic fruit and sugar jam, and add what suits you – peaches and lime, peaches and vanilla, peaches and brandy!  I gave jam as gifts this Christmas and people couldn’t stop taking about it!

Who are your favorite vendors at Farmers Markets:  Last summer I struck up a conversation with Three Springs Orchards last summer and was able to buy peaches, pears, apples and tomatoes at bulk.  This summer Beechwood at Rittenhouse offered me some great deals on cherries and blueberries.  I also learned a secret – ask about ‘seconds’ – typically produce that is almost past its peak or bruised – perfect for immediate canning – at a fraction of the price!

Get in the groove (music that you can to?):  I throw on my apron and put all my Moby albums on shuffle and spend a nice day in my kitchen – chopping, peeling, tasting testing – it’s therapeutic!!

What's your favorite post-recovery Lithe drink?   I love Lauren’s black and blue smoothie after a 6am class – I need the extra protein from the avocado gets me through a long morning and curbs post-workout cravings.  On the weekends – I love a mango/lime/coconut water/ cayenne smoothie.

How can we start canning?  Check out Food In Jars– a local expert offers classes during the summer months when the common fruits and veggies to can are at their peak.  I just took a peach jam class and ran into a fellow Lither there! 

Images of Lithe Instructor Anne Falasco via Dom & Anne Falasco

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