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GET IT...DELIVERED. 24 Nov 2015


Post-Thanksgiving, Dec 1. cleanse orders close today at 3PM. Order on Caviar for delivery or go to our online store > products > choose your pickup studio.




1-2 days  • 1400 calories/day • 100% plant-based and raw

Lighten up post-Thanksgiving with our Lithe Foods Ultra Lithe Cleanse on Tuesday, December 1! Our greenest, Lithest cleanse is low in sugar, rich in fiber and healthy fats, alkaline, and nutrient-dense. If you're looking to go deeper, greener, and 100% liquid, this is the right choice for you.

Ultra Lithe Cleanse Menu

  • Lithe Coco-Rose Water
  • Lauren's Skin Saver
  • Watershed Cocktail
  • Ultra Lithe Green Soup (there's an entire avocado in here!)
  • Spirit Lemonade
  • La Ensalada
  • Ultra Lithe Milk

Go to our online store > products > choose your pickup studio. Orders must be placed by Wednesday, November 25 at 3PM. Payment must be received to reserve a plan. No cancellations or refunds. 

Days One and Two on Tuesday, December 1 from 6AM-8PM. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot guarantee freshness beyond Thursday, December 3. 



Our Lithe Foods Ultra Lithe Cleanse is developed for Lithers and it's filling, farm-fresh, and organic. Enjoy!

1. Coco-Rose Water: Thai coconut meat, rose, alkaline water

2. Lauren's Skin Saver: aloe, kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

3. Watershed Cocktail: pineapple, cucumber, jalapeño 

4. Ultra Lithe Green Soup: cucumber, avocado, spinach, garlic, ginger, dill, cilantro, pink Himalayan sea salt, EVOO

5. Spirit Lemonade: kale, activated charcoal (coconut), lemon, maple syrup, pink Himalayan sea salt

6. La Ensalada: kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, green tomato

7. Ultra Lithe Milk: ashwaghanda, cashew, filtered water, cinnamon, vanilla bean, pink Himalayan sea salt, coconut nectar 


KimChi Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.55.37 AM

Our Skinny Collard Wrap with Korean kimchi is back! It's spicy, organic, fermented, fat-free and good for the belly. Koreans eat so much of this condiment (40 pounds of it per person each year) that they say kimchi instead of cheese when getting their picture taken. The reddish fermented cabbage dish is served at every meal, either alone or mixed with rice or noodles. It's part of a high-fiber, low-fat diet that keeps obesity at bay in Korea.

Kimchi is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, but its biggest benefit may be its healthy bacteria called lactobacilli. It aids digestion and seems to help stop yeast infections. It may also prevent cancer.  

Enjoy cold. 
One serving ($10)  
Available today


Belle Bowl1
  The Perfect Bowl

We love Ian Brendle (Green Meadow Farm) and Z Food Farm's produce. So crisp, flavorful, and clean. Each week our soups, bowls, and salads change as we bring you seasonal produce straight from the farm. Here's what's available now.

Belle Bowl
Organic beluga lentils, organic shaved radish, organic shaved turnip, wilted turnip greens with honey mustard vinaigrette

This bowl is Southern at heart. With tangy-sweet honey mustard dressing, crunchy turnips, wilted bitter turnip greens, and lentils, it's filling, comforting, protein-packed (17.9 g), and aligned with your nutritional goals. Lentils and greens are low in calories and fat and high in iron which helps oxygen flow through your body. Count on this dish to rev up your metabolism and keep you energized and lithe.
One serving ($12)  
Available today  

BONE BROTH 5 Nov 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.49.00 PM
Bone Broth


A fresh batch of bone broth has arrived.  We will only keep 2 quarts at each studio, and the rest will be kept in deep freeze.  Our broth sells out quickly, so please speak to our front desk staff or call 215-545-5144 if you'd like some set aside for you.

With 69 calories, 4g fat, 6g protein, and 0 carbs per cup, this simple superfood is the equivalent of liquid gold. Lithe's bone broth is made from organic grass-fed beef marrow bones, chicken feet, and mirepoix so that it's packed with nutrients. Lauren starts each day with a cup of bone broth and says it plays a major role in keeping her and her family healthy. The amino acids and other healing compounds released in the simmering process also promote joint health, which makes bone broth a smart sip for Lithers. And if you want to feel and look your best this fall, bone broth also helps out in the beauty department. It's rich in collagen, which supports and strengthens the structural matrix of hair, skin, and nails.

32 oz. has four 8 oz. servings or enough to make one large batch of soup ($16). We recommend keeping your bone broth frozen!  Divide batch into 4 servings, and freeze, or freeze 2 and keep 1 or 2 servings in the fridge. Bone broth has a fridge life of 4-5 days but will keep indefinitely in the freezer.  

Key nutrients in Lithe bone broth and their benefits:

Cartilage: Used as a supplement for treating joint pain and eases inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bone marrow: Helps increase blood cell production and strengthens the immune system.

Amino acid:  Key in the production of glucose and enhances gastric secretion of soft tissue and wound healing.

Collagen and gelatin:  Aid in the formation and repair of cartilage, help bone healing, and facilitate digestion and assimilation of proteins. 

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium: Help sustain healthy bones and muscles; facilitate proper nerve transmission and gland function; generate energy in the body.







You know when you're in a class and you're moving, and I mean really getting into that CCS – sweaty, messy, and uninhibited – you really evolve. Whatever is inside you has to move. Through CCS you clear out and connect to your body. It's the most potent healer that I know. Here's a few tips to get the most out of it.  

Find The Beat
A great one can transport you to another world. 

Feet First
Your soles meet the floor and from that connection you become aware of the rest of your body, from the ground up. 

Shake It
Let go and move your shoulders, hips, thighs and knees and feel those endorphins flowing! Endorphins are small, protein molecules produced by cells in your nervous system and other parts of your body. An important role of endorphins is to work with sedative receptors that are known to relieve common pain. These analgesia-producing receptors are located in your brain, spinal cord, and other nerve endings. Endorphins actually come in several forms and can be anywhere from 18 to 500 times as powerful as any man-made analgesic. And they are non-addictive.

Find Your Feelings  
Moving shakes things up. Notice if you feel great, or scared or unsafe. Trauma is stored in the body and moving can sometimes stir up emotions. 

Just Breathe
It's not a true practice unless you're breathing. Your breath connects your mind and body and facilitates energy, so don't get stuck. Work that breath pattern.

Master Lithe Instructor, Bari Rosenthal via Dom



You're not alone. We all find excuses to not exercise. Life gets in everyone's way, but you CAN reach your goals and achieve the results you want. Here are ten tips for when youcan't seem to get your rear in gear, get out of your own head, or stay motivated. 

1. Prioritize. No time because you spend hours on your smart phone? Turn that time into active time. In the long run, you'll be glad that you put your health first. Your body will thank you, too. 

2. Make a date with YOU. Schedule your workout just like you schedule doctor's appointments and dinner with friends and honor that commitment. It's just as important. 

3. Write it down. Tracking your progress and setbacks is eye-opening and effective. Record how long you worked out, what class you took, how you felt after. I always remind myself that I'm only one hour away from a good mood and that always motivates me to just do it on days when I need a boost. 

4. Stay positive. Your body hears everything your mind thinks!

5. Imagine it. Visualize your results! Think about how you will look and feel after one month, six weeks, three months, six months, and one year. Results are the best motivational tool, so be sure to keep up with your own measurements and photos. 

6. Make yourself accountable. Going public with your story keeps you committed. 

7. Don't get discouraged. It's important to make a long-term commitment, even if it means going without noticable results for a week. Remember that you can't go wrong by eating Lithe and working out regularly (especially when it's fun!). 

8. Find a few besties. Spend time with friends who also value a healthy lifestyle. You will benefit from sharing your stories about how fantastic you look, how strong you're becoming, how great you feel, and funny things that happen in the studio.

9. Reward yourself! I'm not talking about junk food. Each week that you accomplish your goals (maybe it's a going to a certain number of classes, taking a particular class with an instructor that you used to avoid like the plague, or becoming a consistent 6AMer or 5:30PMer.

Treat yourself to something that inspires you to stick with it, like a new pair of workout pants or a piece of jewelry. I recommend creating a point system. When you meet your goals, give yourself a point and record it. When you hit a certain amount of points, treat yourself to an activity that makes you feel great, such as a mani/pedi with friends or a massage.   

10. Travel Lithe. If you've Escaped with us, you know that Lithe travels well! Get outside, have fun, and utilize your surroundings. Just make sure to send a Lithe on Location shot to us! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis in FP Movement via Dom


Lithe Foods Veggie Bone Broth


We love Ian Brendle (Green Meadow Farm) and Z Food Farm's produce. So crisp, flavorful, and clean. Each week our soups, bowls, and salads change as we bring you seasonal produce straight from the farm. Here's what's available now:

Organic Veggie Bone Broth Soup
Organic bone broth, organic carrot, organic celery, organic garlic, organic kale & organic potato

This simple superfood soup is comforting and healing. Lithe's bone broth is made from roasted organic grass-fed beef marrow bones, chicken feet, and mirepoix so it's packed with nutrients and protein. The amino acids and other healing compounds released in the simmering process also promote joint health, which makes bone it a smart sip for Lithers. And if you want to feel and look your best this fall, bone broth also helps out in the beauty department. It's rich in collagen, which supports and strengthens the structural matrix of hair, skin, and nails.
1 serving ($10)  
Available today



Update: Only 36 days left to book! 


Start off 2016 right by joining Lithe for a long weekend with Lauren Boggi that's designed to inspire confidence, reset eating habits, and transform your body (we're talking visible results). During Lithe WKND at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, Lauren shares her whole life whole body approach to wellness with a multifaceted program complete with sweat, sunshine, and sustenance.


Lithe Method is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS). CCS is our proprietary blend of cardiovascular, cheer-based conditioning and resistance training created by former USC cheerleader and Lithe’s Creator Lauren Boggi. Named one of the nation’s “top core toning workouts” by Self and a “top party-ready workout for dance lovers” by Glamour, Lithe utilizes cheer-based conditioning to sculpt muscles, produce a high cardio burn, and reduce fat zones in 60 minutes.


Our WKND experience incorporates not only your cardio burn and strength training, but also your balanced mindset and lean, seasonal nutrition. In the morning our workout will be grounded with a focus on sculpting your muscular foundation. Our afternoon classes will be high energy and produce a cardio burn. Each WKND workout is 75 minutes and you’ll find the schedule below. 


We can’t wait to spend Lithe WKND with you in Miami! To reserve your spot, email escape@lithemethod.com.


Curious about the food? Download Lido's menus.


Lithe WKND Class Schedule:
Thurs., Jan 21

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Fri., Jan 22

8–9:45AM Lithe Beach with Lauren

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Sat., Jan 23

8:30–9:45AM Lithe H20 with Lauren (this is done bayside by the pool and in the pool) 

4–5:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
Sun., Jan 24
8:30–9:45AM Lithe Beach with Lauren 

12–1:15PM Lithe Studio with Lauren
WKND Details:
January 21–24, 2016 details to be booked before December 1, 2015
3 nights single room starting at $2,274 per person
3 nights shared room starting at $1,674 per person
*Room stay in standard medium type room (1 queen size bed)

*Room rates are subject to change as December 1 approaches
Classes with Lauren, 10 percent off spa service treatments (reserve by contacting The Standard Spa), and complimentary welcome Hamam Experience Bar. Airfare, transportation to hotel, room tax, sales tax, and meals are not included. We recommend you pre-schedule spa services as appointments are based on availability. A 20 percent service charge is automatically added.


Lauren Boggi via Dom

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