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#LITHETOUR 2014 TANK 29 Jul 2014


Landing in studios (and L.A.) in 2 weeks! 


Lithe Tour LA

Hey LA, get ready to experience Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting with Lithe creator, Lauren Boggi!  Sweat, sip cold-pressed juice, and snag some swag.  August 15th & 16th on the rooftop of the PalihouseReserve here!

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Image of Lauren Boggi via Dom



Happy Friday! This week we're giving away a spot for our August 2nd Lithe Beach (Lithe's Bikini Bottom workout) class in Avalon!  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us why you want to win! A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Class will be automatically added to the winner's account with normal expiration applied. Thank you, and good luck!

Image of Lithe Instructor Gina Toscano wearing Nike via Dom


Watch how Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer recruits a total stranger during our Lithe Hunt.  He's pretty good! 



Lithe Instructor Elizabeth Tomkins always curates on-point playlists that really push you to your limit. Check this one out - you'll hear it this week! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Elizabeth Tomkins wearing Motherhood Maternity via Dom

RIGHT NOW... 22 Jul 2014


Things that I'm wearing (and getting major compliments on), lusting over and saving for:  {1.} Essie Truth or Flare is the perfect Lithe blue  {2.} Clare Vivier Kenya Bag is bohemian, chic, holds everything and helps women.  The purchase of each piece directly contributes to building sustainable businesses for women in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  {3.} Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Matte Lip Tar in Kimber is the perfect summer coral  {4.} Black on Black Monterey Black (Exquisite) Birkenstock  {5.}  Grace Lee Designs Lace Ring  6. Yellow/Gray/Cream Scarf by Heather Taylor Home

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Lauren's Freestyle playlistjpg

I've been jamming out to this playlist all weekend.  If you're Freestyling with me this week, you'll hear it!  Enjoy!  

Image of Lauren Boggi wearing Splits59 & Stella McCartney for Adidas via Dom

25 THINGS! {BY SAYEH} 17 Jul 2014


I have yet to take a class with this week's 25 Things subject (or perhaps I've taken 1), so I'm not able to rave about her teaching style, but I am able to say that I am confident she must be a natural. I ran into Cate Rigolout outside of our Lithe lives, in our mutual world of education (see #3). I was helping at the high school graduation of the school where she works, and we both had a moment where we looked at each other and thought: Wait...do I...do you...are we...ohhh hiiiiiiii! It was then that the connection between her Lithe life and work life became immediately clear to me. Who better to be a Lithe instructor than a teacher? I look forward to taking her classes, and after reading her 25 Things, I hope you will too, if you don't already.

  1. I am originally from Connecticut. I moved with my now husband, Dave, to Philly after college. That was six years ago. Yikes!
  2. Speaking of my husband, we met during our junior year at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. We are now both teachers at the same school. We teach the same students. We used to share a classroom. It is amazing the path that life can take us on.
  3. My other job is a high school special education science teacher in Kensington. It can be extremely challenging, but I love the kids. Being a Lithe instructor is the Superman to my school teacher Clark Kent. I even get to rock a spandex super suit!
  4. I am an only child, but I do have a big, crazy Italian family on my mother’s side.
  5. The matriarch of the Ferrucci family was my grandmother, Rose. She passed away last year at the remarkable age of 105. She was an amazing woman who lived an incredible life. Hopefully I got those longevity genes!
  6. Vermont is like a second home to me. My family has enjoyed a second house in Stratton since I was four. My dad is an extremely talented handy man, and actually built both my childhood house in Connecticut and our second home in Stratton. When my parents retired (they were both high school teachers – the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree), they permanently moved to Vermont. Vermont is also where my husband and I were married last July. We visit whenever possible. 
  7. My parents raised me as a vegetarian, although we did occasionally eat fish.  Aside from fish, I have never eaten meat in my life. Really never!
  8. Dave and I share our home with two dogs, both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Buddy is 10 and Waverly (Avey) is 1. They are our furry children. We got Avey when we returned from our honeymoon last summer, and decided to name her after the street we live on in Philly.  We’re actually moving to a new house next month, and it’s also on Waverly Street. Go figure.
  9. I started figure skating when I was 6, and became a nationally competitive pairs skater when I was 14. I loved the feeling of being lifted and thrown. I stopped skating at the age of 19 so I could pursue a college degree. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. Every once in a while I strap on the skates and go for a spin. I usually surprise myself by how much I still can do. I was lucky enough to get to take forty 12th graders on a field trip to the UPenn rink this past winter. That was a blast!
  10. Because of skating, I took online correspondence courses for my final 3 years of high school. I was training around 5 hours a day and missed many days for competitions. Thankfully, I still got the chance to go to prom and didn't feel like I missed out on anything.
  11. My undergrad major was environmental science. My thesis research focused on insect chemical ecology. I spent a lot of hours in a lab with bugs, specifically caterpillars. If you ever need a bug dealt with, I’m your girl. But I won’t kill it – just transplant it.
  12. I love to travel. Skating competitions took me to places throughout the country when I was younger. My first trip abroad was when I was 15; I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia for a month to train. I have been lucky enough to add many places to my list after I stopped skating. My most recent trip was to Wyoming to visit Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. I now have a goal to visit each of the 58 national parks.  So far I have been to five. I have a lot of work to do.
  13. I love the ocean, but don’t usually spend my time lying on the beach. I’m a certified SCUBA diver and can think of no place I’d rather be than under water exploring.
  14. Even though I love to travel, there really is no place like home. I’m a complete homebody and find few things more enjoyable than spending a night in on the couch with my husband, dogs, and some good TV.
  15. I am incredibly shy and socially awkward, especially around people I just meet. I get less shy the more I get to know someone, although I never really lose the awkwardness.
  16. I’m very clumsy - trip over flat surfaces clumsy.
  17. I love to cook and bake. I especially like to try new recipes. Not to toot my own horn, but they usually turn out delicious. Toot!
  18. I’m known for making homemade pizza. I use my great grandmother’s recipe.  I submitted the whole wheat version to a cookbook and it is now published! 
  19. My husband and I love to hear live music. We go to concerts regularly and especially enjoy music festivals.
  20. Bright lights make me sneeze. Apparently, it’s genetic. Get a group of my mother’s family together and have us walk outside from a dimly lit place. Guaranteed we will all sneeze.  My husband didn’t believe me until he saw it in action.
  21. I don’t drink coffee. In fact, I’ve never had more than a sip. Don’t like the stuff. I’m more of a tea person.
  22. Seltzer is my favorite beverage. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was a Sodastream.
  23. I’m 5’ ½”. That half inch is super important.
  24. Although I often can’t remember what I ate for lunch, I will never be able to forget the lyrics to many late '90s and early 2000s pop and hip-hop songs. Pretty sure I’ll be able to recite Juvenile’s “Back that Thang Up” when I’m 90.
  25. I started Lithe four years ago.  I’m an active person (hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and kayaking) but I hate going to the gym.  Lithe is the only workout that I have ever enjoyed. It has changed my body and my mind. I am so thankful that I found it!

Images via Cate and Dom



You know her as the girl who kicks major butt in the studios, but if you want a glimpse into Lithe Instructor, Meghan Grauzlis's LitheStyle, check out About A Girl on the Free People BLDG25 blog!  When I think of Meg, I think bohemian beauty, flexibility, freedom, fun, Free People, music, and the energy, (and killer playlists) that she brings to Lithe.  Thanks for sharing, Meg! 

Images via Free People.  Meghan is wearing: We The Free Circle In The Sand TeeRuffle Rib Shortie , Greenwich Thigh HiMovement Capri LeggingMovement Crop TopAll In One Tank and the Net Tee


MAMA SAYS 16 Jul 2014


Being a Lither takes commitment. But being a mom and a Lither calls for serious dedication. Between early wakeup calls (5 AM? Again?) and rushing to pick the kids up at preschool, it's not always so easy to squeeze in a class. In our new column, we'll shine a little light on the mamas that make it happen.

First up is Nicole Andreola, the South Philly mother of two.  

Kids: Nicholas, 2 and Rocco, 11 months
Tell us your Lithe story:  After having Nicholas, I needed someone to kick my butt. I heard about Lithe from my friend Colleen McNally - who is now an instructor - and decided to check it out when he was almost 1. Since then, I've been going strong for more than 2 years. I Lithed 5-6 times a week up until my second son's due date (with a 9 pound baby in my belly, no less).  I took a short break when he was born and was back in class about 5 weeks later. I watched my body snap into shape much more quickly after that pregnancy and attribute it to consistently Litheing. I was also much more accepting of my post-pregnancy shape this time around. 
How do you fit it into your schedule? The 7 and 8 PM classes are most convenient because my husband can take over after he gets home from work. When I first became a mom, I felt guilty about leaving my baby in order to exercise. Nowadays, I figure that my family has my attention 23 hours out of the day and Lithe is that one hour I have just to myself.  
Which Lithe workout has given you the stamina to run after two little boys all day? Well, it's probably a combination of all of them, but if I can get through Hipster after being on the go since 6 AM, I'm pretty proud of myself. 
How do you fit it into the budget? Though we're a one income family - I'm a stay-at-home mom - we figure out a way to make it work. Luckily, my husband realizes that I'm happiest when Lithe is in my life. And I always make the most out of my monthly pass. 
Clearly, you have a healthy diet, but which of your kids' foods can you not resist? I have a major sweet tooth, so the cupcakes and graham crackers are always tempting. Also, the cookie bar at Whole Foods is hard to pass up.
Lithe is where you go to blow off steam. Can you share any local spots where your children love to play? Herron Park sprayground, Seger Park, and the Please Touch Museum
Image of Nicole and family via Nicole

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