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FHF & Honest

Happy Friday Lithers!  Looking for natural products that are really effective (including the sunscreen...it does work.)?  Today we're giving away a few of our favorite products from The Honest Company. The Honest Company, a healthy lifestyle brand founded by Jessica Alba, creates products that are safe, effective, responsible, delightful and accessible.  The Honest Company body care line is hypoallergenic, plant-based and safe for the whole family, and their cleaning products are ultra-versatile, effective, and safe for your family and home and perfect for all of life's unexpected messes. 

Today we're giving away a Honest Essentials Bundle perfect for Lithers: fruit and veggie wash, 4-in-1 laundry packs, dryer cloths, 3-in-1 facial towelettes, natural deodorant, and hand sanitizer sprayFor a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us why you want to try these items!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thank you, and good luck!

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WE WEAR 13 May 2015

We wear 2

If you're a Rittenhouse or Old City Lither (or, if you went on Lithe Escape!) you've met our special projects/PR manager, Jillian Crean. Jill is detail-oriented and awesome at planning ahead. She always looks spectacular, even at 5AM. Over the next few weeks we'll show you how she gears up for Lithe!

Workout: Thinny

Gear: blue Under Armour leggings; blue Calvin Klein sports bra; Lithe Tour Tank; walk to studio w/Snarkitecture Beats by Dre

Oh, Mondays. After a lifetime of the "Sunday Scaries" (Definition: when all of your happy weekend vibes are replaced with a sudden sense of impending dread at about 6 o'clock Sunday evening), Lately, however, I've started looking forward to Mondays because I know there is most likely a Thinny class in my future. Since the beginning of 2015, I've developed a happy Monday routine of turning Pandora to either the Sam Smith or Camera Obscura station, throwing on the airiest top I can find, and heading to Thinny with Lauren, Sophie or Elizabeth. By the time we get to clockwork, I've completely forgotten my Sunday Scaries. And once we're gripping the blue bands and kneeling in a low hover, I'm actually kind of pleased that it's the beginning of the week (and doubly pleased that my pants match the bands)!

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Lithe Spice

Are you an Herbigirl?  Eating clean is about to become super easy and really enjoyable in October!  You'll love our delicious and healthy superfood seasoning mix - All-purpose, antioxidant-rich and perfect for spicing up smoothies, water, veggies, salads, soups, and protein without all the fat and additives.  Also works beautifully on the skin as a mask!  Available on-line and in-studio. 

Image of Lithe mix via Lauren



For me, wellness goes beyond what you put in your body and how you stay fit.  I try (not always successfully I admit) to bring a sense of joy, beauty, and peace to as many facets of my life as possible, including the spaces where I live and work. But, if you’re like me, sprucing up your home tends to fall to the bottom of your to-do list.  It can be expensive, confusing, and sometimes downright overwhelming. 

I recently turned to my friend and go-to interior designer Mona Ross Berman for advice on how to upgrade my home without breaking the bank.  Retired Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotta introduced Mona and I, and I immediately fell in love with her work. For the past ten years Mona has brought her fresh approach to a number of design projects from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, New York City, and Nantucket.  You may have seen her work featured in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, The Wall Street Journal, and Philadelphia Magazine.  And she was just named Best Office Designer in this year’s Best of Philly awards.  Congrats, Mona and team!

Mona explained that just like the right handbag and shoes can spruce up an outfit, the right home accessories can bring an otherwise tired looking room to life.  By introducing a few key accent pieces here and there, freshening up a space is within reach. 

Here are some amazing ideas and even a few “secret sources” from Mona:

1. Do you have bare walls? Try adding a mirror or two. They come in a myriad of price points and styles.  This one has a fun, but slightly traditional look.

2. Get your favorite pictures off of your phone and on to your shelf!  Mona recommends sticking with one type of frame in different styles and putting them in groups around your home.  Nightstands, side tables, and mantels are all great spots.  I love this one from Kate Spade.

3. Table lamps are not only functional – they warm up a room with added light, make everyday tasks easier, and can even add a punch of color.  Here are twin ceramic lamps from Overstock.comThese come in lots of colors though, so choose your favorite and go for it.

4. Oomph sells the most adorable tables in tons of colors.  While its bigger pieces can get pricey, these little tables are more affordable and can help you easily add interest to a living room.

5. Window treatments can be such a drag to figure out.  The Shade Store takes out a lot of the guess work and has a nice selection of fabrics and ideas.  Simple Roman shades like the ones pictured here are classic and never go out of style.

6. A great trick is to find a cool Massimo Vitali-esque photograph from somewhere like Etsy or 20x200, and then have it blown way up like in this image.  It’s instant cool.  Etsy really is an excellent resource for artwork.  You can buy real art made by real people for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.  It takes some hunting and searching, but whether you like abstract oil paintings or black-and-white photography of sailboats there will be something for you.

7. If you are a lover of all things geometric and glam like me, then adding an area rug with patterns like the ones pictured above can be a great way to bring fun into a room.  These two are from a great resource called Shades of Light. The site has what feels like a zillion options, many at reasonable price points.  

8. We all end up doing some work from home these days. But where to store all that paper and office-y stuff?  Poppin is an amazing site for colorful, yet simple pieces that can really spruce up your work area.  I love this yellow file cabinet and these pink desk accessories.

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RIGHT NOW... 22 Jul 2014


Things that I'm wearing (and getting major compliments on), lusting over and saving for:  {1.} Essie Truth or Flare is the perfect Lithe blue  {2.} Clare Vivier Kenya Bag is bohemian, chic, holds everything and helps women.  The purchase of each piece directly contributes to building sustainable businesses for women in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  {3.} Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Matte Lip Tar in Kimber is the perfect summer coral  {4.} Black on Black Monterey Black (Exquisite) Birkenstock  {5.}  Grace Lee Designs Lace Ring  6. Yellow/Gray/Cream Scarf by Heather Taylor Home

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Fresh flowers are one of my favorite little luxuries at Lithe and at home.  I truly believe that having them in our spaces is part of being a good host. Sure, flowers can be an extra expense, but they don't have to be expensive.  I often wish that other local businesses (especially restaurants) placed more emphasis on floral design. Flowers not only bring beauty to a space, but they bring us health and evoke a feeling of beauty and grace. 

I leave it up to Sullivan Owen to create amazing floral designs for Lithe, but unless I'm hosting a party, I usually DIY flower arrangements for my home.  Sometimes I pick out flowers based on appearance alone, but recently I've been paying more attention to the meaning behind them. Many cultures throughout history have assigned meaning to flowers. Whether you’re decoding the pink roses your boyfriend sent, or deciding which blooms belong at your wedding, the language of flowers is both interesting and surprisingly useful, too.  

Right now Sullivan is featuring Peonies in our studios.  Peonies have a delicious scent and are so incredibly beautiful. The peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love, and the symbol of the peony is often considered a metaphor for female beauty and prosperity.  I had a Caribbean wedding and utilized local flowers like the Bird of Paradise which symbolizes joyfulness, magnificence and also is used to indicate an exciting and wonderful anticipation.  If I had a wedding in the states I would have most definitely incorporated the Peony. Do you have a favorite flower?  

Check out some of our favorite flowers and their meaning:

  • Anemone – unfading love; anticipation
  • Camellia – perfect loveliness
  • Chrysanthemum – joy; optimism
  • Daffodil - chivalry; respect and new beginnings
  • Dahlia – elegance; dignity
  • Forget-Me- Not - remember me forever
  • Gardenia – joy
  • Ginger - proud
  • Lavender – luck
  • Marigold - desire for riches
  • Lily (white) –innocence; purity
  • Orange Blossom - fertility
  • Orchid – rare beauty; luxury
  • Protea (king) - change and transformation
  • Ranunculus - radient charm
  • Rose (pink) –gratitude; admiration and friendship
  • Rose (yellow) – friendship
  • Stargazer - ambition

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