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Lithe Spice

Are you an Herbigirl?  Eating clean is about to become super easy and really enjoyable in October!  You'll love our delicious and healthy superfood seasoning mix - All-purpose, antioxidant-rich and perfect for spicing up smoothies, water, veggies, salads, soups, and protein without all the fat and additives.  Available on-line and in-studio. 

Image of Lithe mix via Lauren

LITHE WKND! 14 Aug 2014

Lithe WKND

Need a re-boot right before Labor Day?  Join us next weekend for three days of Lithe with Lauren specially designed to inspire confidence, reset eating habits, and transform your body (we're talking visible results!).

What's Included:

*Six hours of unique (new choreography!) Lithe with Lauren: 2 two-hour classes at Lithe Rittenhouse and 1 two-hour Lithe Escape workout on Saturday, August 23rd at 8AM at Lithe Beach (location will be announced):
    Friday, August 22nd:  RH Studio from 6-8PM
    Saturday, August 23rd: Lithe Beach in Avalon, NJ from 8-10AM
    Sunday, August 24th:  RH Studio from 3-5:30PM 

*Lithe Foods Detox Plan: 3 days of lean, local and seasonal meals & fresh, cold-pressed juice and smoothies.
*1 WKND Spirit Circle meeting on Sunday, August 24th at 5-5:30PM
*Lithe WKND Swag Bag with goodies from our sponsors

Pricing: $425 with Lithe Foods Meal Plan or $200 a la carte fitness only.  Detox orders must be in by Tuesday, August 19th.

Reservations & Payment: Call 215-545-5144 to reserve your spot. 

Transportation: Transportation is not included; Lithers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Avalon (we recommend carpooling!).

Out-of-Towners:  We recommend staying at Hotel Monaco or The Palomar

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis wearing FP Movement via Dom and food images via Lauren



Hey LA, get ready to experience Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting with Lithe creator, Lauren Boggi!  Sweat, sip cold-pressed juice, and snag some swag.  August 15th & 16th on the rooftop of the PalihouseReserve here!

For media inquiries, please contact Jill at pr@lithemethod.com

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Jordan and I have spent a lot of time cooking lately; I love that he's been trying to eat healthier.  Here's some Eating Lithe inspiration for you: fresh lavender and basil from my friend Jess's urban garden wakes up my water, late summer seasonal fruit instead of chocolate, grilled scallops with leek puree, and my favorite - Dijon salmon with a light herb rub and grilled tomatoes. 

Images via Lauren

LITHE POPS 12 Aug 2014

Mars eating a Greenie Pop

My Mars is really into lollipops.  Like, his love affair rivals my love for chocolate.  Lollipops totally make his day but giving him sugar-laden treats everyday gives me anxiety.  He's inspired me to create a better, healthier lollipop - Lithe Pops!  Our natural, healthy lollipops are delish, made from our Lithe Foods cold-pressed juices, are free of HFCS, contain no artificial coloring, and are less than 75 calories per pop.  Great for Lithers, kids, and anyone with a sweet tooth.  Available in-studios and on-line in September.  

Image of Mars enjoying a Greenie Lithe Pop via Lauren


Lauren's website


 Essentials-1Organic Girl's Five Happiness blend is delicious, more nutritious than spinach, and perfect for your Lithed Up Salad.  Michi's Splice bra/bikini top is racer-back, comfortable, supportive, and moonlights as a regular bra/bikini top. I bought mine at the Bandier trunk show and got to meet the super sweet designer Michelle Watson.  Haven't taken it off since.  You don't have to choose just one fragrance with Le Labo Discovery Set. Santal 33 and Rose 31 are always in my purse.  Miracle Skin Transformer is amazing. I shot for Prevention with just this product on my face (thank you, Dawn)!  I'm living in this minimalist, yet big impact Kartell So K sandal.  It elongates the leg without a heel and adapts well from shorts to dresses. 

Images via brand websites & Net-A-Porter.com


Sweat Series Lithe x Athleta

Super excited for this weekend in NYC!  Come check us out on August 10th!


Lithe women

You're almost finished the Endless Summer Challenge and I hope that you guys are feeling as good as you all look!  Last weekend I spent time in the Hamptons with Jordan who is working on a special art project with the very talented, Frederic Pinet.  These four beautiful women inspired me while I was creating what you're all working for - Our new workout, High Top.  Like all things Lithe, it's super unique, extremely effective, and so much fun. 

I know that most of you don't want the Summer to end, but I'm feeling excited and inspired for the Fall, and this new workout.  I think that you guys are really going to love it.  I know that you're all working hard to complete the challenge this week, and we can't wait to deliver your prize (your own personal High Tops!) and pick our social media winners!  Good luck on your last week, Lithers!

Image of Shirley Mallmann, Clara Alonso, Ana Mihajlovic & Kate Bock via Lauren


Lauren Boggi

This is me after pulling an 80+ hour work week, a stressful mom week, and a photo-shoot.  Do you ever feel the way that I look in the above photo?  Nobody ever wants to appear out-of-focus and sleep deprived—and you don't have to!  There are many effective services, and inexpensive products wake you up, and plenty of look-alive secrets that are 100% free.  Check out my 12 tips for when you're feeling less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:

Wear a Ponytail: When I need an uplift, I pull my hair into a high ponytail for an instant refresh. 

Caffeinate Your Eyes:  Cotton pads dipped in brewed espresso eliminates puffy eyes and circles.  Its diuretic effect helps reduce swelling, and caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so it shrinks blood vessels and minimizes dark circles.

Get Moving: I stretch as soon as I wake up to bring a flush to my face. 

Take a Cold (and Hot) Shower: Taking a hot and cold shower does the trick for 12+ hour work days. The temperature change revs circulation and brings back color—it totally wakes up the skin. 

Glow: When I'm wiped I lose all the color in my face.  A spray tan gives you instant glow, hides skin imperfections, makes teeth and eyes appear whiter and makes you feel pretty and refreshed.  I visit Amber Bucci at Skin Palette twice a month, but when I'm in a pinch Tarte Brazilliance bronzer does the trick (you'll need an extra set of hands for the back of the body).

Val Daily:  Val Daily and the aesthetician team at Dr. Bucky's can take you from zombie to hottie in no time flat.  Every fall I treat myself to IPL to bring my skin back to its pre-summer tone and smoothness. 

Make your favorite color bright: After late nights or early AM's, I’ll slip on a simple tank dress and heels to throw off coworkers.  Bright colors like yellow and pink warm up skin; I get kudos even on bad days!

Coral Lips: I draw attention away from my eyes with a bright coral lip.  The shade screams I'm awake. 

Blue Mascara: Two coats of Eyeko midnight blue up on the upper lashes only makes the whites of my eyes whiter. 

Wear Pearls: 6AM workouts aren't pretty, but TheraPearl cold compresses help cure morning face. 5-20 minutes over the eyes and sinuses does the trick. 

Highlighter:  My good friend and makeup artist Dawn Episcopo taught me to dab a little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone to brighten up the whole area.

Bling: I pair jewelery with my active-wear during the day - A little sparkle makes you look alive!

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