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FIT. HIP & HEALTHY. 11 Nov 2014


Did you attend Lithe Tour Philly? Last Saturday was fantastic. After teaching two killer classes, hanging out and chatting it up with many of you, I realized that over the past ten years I truly have fulfilled my mission.

My mission through Lithe is to inspire people to be fit, hip and healthy. This is the core of our company and what drives me every day. I live and breathe the concept through our philosophy which is my secret to having a healthy, happy, and inspired life.

My goal has never been to be just fit and healthy, but to also lead a hip and happy life, full of fun and purpose. And I want to inspire all of you to to live your best life, as well. I believe that many of you are! For me, Fit, Hip & Healthy is the driving force of everything that I do and it's a mantra that many of you have adopted in your own life.  Over the past six years (can you believe that the FHH blog is 6 years old!?) many people have asked me what it means to be Fit, Hip & Healthy. 

It starts with Fit. Being fit is the core of Lithe. I move my body every day. 

Next comes Hip. Hip means in the know. Hip does not refer to one specific quality, and what's considered hip is constantly changing.

And finally, Healthy. Being healthy through the food you eat, a positive mindset, and a healthy relationship with yourself is so important. 

All people who Lithe are part of an amazing community that embraces a healthy lifestyle and want to influence others to think the same way. Today my goal is to continue to inspire all of you and spread our message far and wide. I hope that Lithe can become synonymous with active living on a global scale, so that all people can achieve and be their best selves. 

I'm constantly searching for ways that I can do better and feel that it's my responsibility to ensure that Lithe lives up to your expectations. Every workout, food product, and piece of clothing is made to inspire you all to be fit, hip and healthy. At the end of the day, I too am a Lither; I create and design what motivates me to be fit, hip, and healthy and I love inspiring you to do the same! 

Lithe Tour images via Lauren & Katie Kempf

LITHE IN NYC 10 Nov 2014


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I can't believe it, but today is my FIFTH wedding anniversary and this morning Jordan gave me this sweet photo (above) of Mars in a frame. Right before I left for Lithe Escape, the two of them went to Love Park and took this picture. I can't believe that they planned it and that Mars kept it a secret! I love all that it stands for.  

Five years has seriously flown by and I've never been happier and more grounded. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about commitment in all areas of my life: the level of commitment that it takes to sustain a partnership, a business, a healthy body and mind, being a good mom to my son, eating well, and staying fit. To me, commitment isn't about giving up anything – it all boils down to homing in on what you're going to gain in the long run.

Commitment totally goes hand-in-hand with health and fitness and I believe that you need to be committed in nearly every other aspect of your life to be truly committed to your health. We all know that fitness and healthy living (being fit.hip.healthy) takes time and motivation. I'm motivated by knowing that I am doing everything in my power (most days) to stay committed to being healthy. I think that we can all agree that when you love and look forward to your workout, you really don't require the motivation to stay committed.  

If you make your food and fitness fun, it becomes a part of who you are and it will be something that you actually look forward to! For example, my co-workers and I make healthy lunches for each other during the week, so that we stay on track. Since August, I've committed to walking first thing in the morning or during lunch with a friend, so that I can catch up (sexier in six!) with her and cross-train.

One thing that I love to do that translates right down to how we program our schedules at Lithe is map out my own workout and eating schedule for the entire week ahead of time every Sunday. Having a plan keeps me committed and gives me a sense of accomplishment and control. 

What do you guys do to stay committed? 


The crew

It's no secret that I absolutely love Lithe Escape. I've said many times that it's my retirement plan. This trip to Mexico was rushed, but I'd rather throw a small trip together in a month's time than not go at all.

In just four short days, seven strangers completed 15 hours of Lithe Escape fitness, cleaned up their diets (without going hungry), lost more than a total of 40 inches, pushed each other to their physical limits, supported each other, and became fast friends.

Lithe Escape is a heck of a lot of work, but it's some of the most gratifying work that I get to do. Why? It all boils down to the power of positive, authentic people which is truly what Lithe is all about.  Sure, Lithe is a workout at its core, but more so, it's a network of great people who embrace fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Lithe is all about inspiring and empowering people, lifting their spirits, and cheering them on to achieve their goals. Sure, we've always been all about the pack mentality, but we're also about believing in ourselves, and working hard to achieve our goals individually.  

No matter how driven and confident you are, it's near impossible to achieve your goals if you surround yourself with negative people who make you doubt yourself when the seas get rough. Are there people in your life that attempt to cripple or sabotage your goals? Sometimes it may not even be obvious - you have to look closely - they may completely support your interests while making you doubt yourself at the same time.

All relationships should be built on a real desire to see each other healthy, happy and successful, and if someone important in your life tries to persuade you to give up on your dreams (even if they think they are acting in your best interest), be true to you. It can take some serious self-confidence and determination to ignore their opinions, but it's so important to keep your eye on the prize and release them from your life, and onto their greater destiny.   

In my late twenties I was dating a man that I was very much in love with.  I was teaching at a studio in North Jersey where the owner was a real mentor to me – she let me rent space to train my clients and teach my "Pilates-Evolved" workouts, as I called them at the time. 

After a year of teaching at said studio, I built a real following and I realized that I had started to create something really special. My boyfriend and I moved to Philadelphia to be closer to our families, and I decided to open up Lithe: A Pilates-Evolved Studio right in the middle of the brownfields of Northern Liberties in 2005.  I knew that it was time to turn my passion into a real business and I was dead set on digging my heels in to achieve my dream. 

When I initially told my boyfriend my plans of opening up my own studio, he tried to persuade me not to do it. He thought that my idea was way too risky. He thought that I would make more money (and have far less stress) if I worked for someone else. He gave me all sorts of reasons why I couldn't and shouldn't do my own thing. He would say, "Who is going to trust you teaching this new method?  Why would you want to open a studio in a new city in really sketchy area without ONE customer? "It's too much. What are you thinking?  Why not just work for someone else?"

I was hell bent, of course, and looking back now, I think that he was drawing from his own life, because at the time his company was going through rough times. Even though his doubts were coming from a good (and valid) place, I don't think that he realized that he was absolutely killing my self-esteem.

Thankfully, our relationship didn't work out and about three years ago he messaged me to tell me that he was proud of me, admitted he was wrong, and also apologized for trying to discourage me back in the day. I was happy that he recognized how through my work, I had been trying to inspire others to become the best they can be – and it really has been worth taking many risks.

Fast-forward a few years and now I find myself preaching to everyone to follow their dreams and never give up regardless of what's standing in their way. It's my best friend, business partner (and husband) Jordan that lifts me up and always reminds me to never give up, to never listen to the negative people who doubt me, or don't want to see me succeed. Having an awesome support system from him is what keeps me going, and inspires me to never give up on what's important.  And honestly, it's his incredible positivity that has propelled me forward and allows me to have this amazing, successful brand and wonderful community that I (we) enjoy today.

Surround yourself with authentic, positive people that push you towards greatness and stand by you through thick and thin.  Water always seeks it's own level, you know what I mean? Spend your time with those who inspire you to be your best version of yourself and are willing to tread through rough seas with you.  Don't except anything less. 

Speaking of treading through rough seas together, Lithe Escape always reminds me of the roots of the culture that we've created at Lithe and over the past few days, I've witnessed seven women lift each other up and become the best versions of themselves, and honestly it's SO contagious. I hope you run into a few of them this week. If you do, make sure you soak up some of their radiant positivity!

Image of a few Lithe Escapees, pre-workout at Amansala via Lauren

EATING LITHE L.A. 29 Oct 2014


Whenever I go to the West Coast, I tend to eat my way through the day. There are so many fresh, healthy options! Some of my favorites: Malibu Seafood's fresh fish, Lemonade Venice's casual fast food, L&E's oysters, Moon Juice's cold-pressed juice and nut milk, Alimento's Cali-Italian, Gjelina, anything from True Food Kitchen (the crudites are to die for), and Sugarfish's sushi. 

Do any of you have L.A. favorites? Please share! 



Speaking of Lithe Built body parts. Do you Lithe regularly? If you do, you absolutely have incredibly strong, toned legs! And, some of you have the length that I could only dream of (See Meg, above). If you weren't born with legs for days (myself included), here are a few surprising little fitness and fashion tips that will make your legs next level:

I'm all about comfort, but wearing a heel really elongates your legs. Even just a little lift gives your legs a longer, leaner look. I’m a big fan of kitten and wedge heels. Both are comfortable and make my legs look longer the moment I step into them. Feet hurt?  Slip on a pair of Taryn Rose heels.  I have bunions and wide feet and my feet feel like a dream in them. 

Calf pumps (AKA Cheer Preps) are our signature cardio move that you simply cannot do enough of! Calf Pumps balance the legs muscularly and work every part of the leg, especially around the knee, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

Nude shoes are timeless and versatile. Not only do they transition seamlessly from day to night, but also from season to season. Wear them with shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. I always travel with a pair. Shoes that are the same color as your skintone create the illusion of longer legs because there is no visual break. In order to achieve this super streamlined effect, the pump should blend perfectly with your skintone. Think about nude pumps the same way you would about foundation – find one that works for you and matches your skintone.

Jeans that sit at your natural waist (right at the belly button) automatically give the illusion of longer looking legs. If you're petite and curvy stay away from the super high waisted trend, which tends to make you look wider and squat. 

Black is the magic word. I often live in head-to-toe black because it makes my legs look longer.

Endvy & Skinny Jeans/Sculpt workouts really elongate the legs and build your foundation. 

Glow: If your legs are bronze they immediately look longer. I get spray tanned once a month but you can also DIY at home. My favorite product for glowing legs is Tarte's Brazilliance. Apply it with the mitt provided before you head out and you’ll get a sleek, Summery glow that makes your legs look beautiful! 

Spanks work wonders to smooth out saddlebags and lengthen your legs.  

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis wearing Free People via Dom



Lauren Boggi in Vanity Fair Italia Lauren Boggi in Vanity Fair Italia

Lauren Boggi Vanity Fair Italia

Five reasons not to skip the gym! 


Lauren & Mars

Today I'm rapping about body love and words of wisdom from a toddler...

I think my three year old son Mars is soo cute. Like, I could just eat him up. When I ask him why he's so cute, he responds, "Because I'm perfect!" (!!!!?????!!). Now, I've never told him that he's perfect, but he truly believes that he is. And, as his mom, I really feel like I'm doing something right, which is not always the case. You can imagine my reaction when I heard that for the first time. I mean, how fantastic is that? And, he inspires me – my little boy has not one ounce of negativity in his head.  He really loves himself and thinks he's just perfect. We all should have that high level of self-love, right?

Many of us are finishing up our Fall Transformation (myself included), and some of us are just getting back into the studio, post-summer. Recently, there's been a lot of talk about our Stop Bitch moments, body image, what other Lithers do, do too much of, or don't do enough of, and what it means to be healthy and empowered. But behind all of this talk about being Lithe lies the heart of what it means to be healthy: Loving the skin you’re in, treating yourself right, and feeling empowered to question, challenge, and redefine your own self-view of beauty and wellness.  Loving the body you have, and working to improve your health and head is so important. In fact, many of you are already super-confident and intuitive. Here are a few emails that I've received over the past few weeks: 

Being healthy shouldn’t be about appearance, it should be about health.  

I'm all about improving myself and becoming healthy and fit.  Almost everyone I know should spend more time working out, and making lifestyle changes.  It's everything! 

Once I let go of trying to be thin and focused on the idea of loving my body, I became healthier.

This Fall Transformation has taught me so much about myself and my level of commitment.  I've never felt so great about myself.  I feel like me again.  I'm unstoppable!

Here’s what I think about loving your body. As women, we all struggle with self-confidence. There are always those little things we wish we could change about our bodies. Whether it’s wishing we had a six-pack, more defined arms,  or thinner thighs.  My approach has always been accept it, or act to change it. Because of this, I have always used my "imperfections" as motivation to work harder. Over the years I've learned to love and respect my body for what it is because it has been so good to me. It's gotten me through almost ten injury-free years of Lithe and allows me to burn the candle at both ends and work hard when I need to. It has given me my Mars, it takes me on walks every day, helps me sail a 50-foot catamaran every summer, and feels so strong invincible when I Lithe. 

And, in exchange, I treat my body the very best that I can. I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by staying active and eating well. I let it rest at night, take Epsom baths and stretch to keep it flexible. On the weekends I have fun, give in to my cravings and just let go. 

So, this fall, as you're working towards your best you, remember that it does not mean that you're working to fit into a particular mold. Not a certain weight, size, or shape: YOU are perfect. Make that your mantra! You're working towards building that confidence muscle – which is the best possible way to learn to love the skin you’re in.

Image via Lauren & Mars via Jordan 


Lauren Boggi on Refinery29

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