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MELT! 13 Jan 2014

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We've given Melt a bit of a makeover!  The feel-good workout is still all that it was, but with the addition of Thinny bands, you'll take your stretch and ab work to the max.  We hear you guys are loving it!

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Lithe Foods

Lithe Foods celebrated its second birthday on May 1st.  Can't wait to see (and taste) what this year brings!  A big thanks to Katie Cavuto Boyle, MS RD and the Lithe Foods team! 

LITHE IS IN THE AIR... 7 Feb 2013


Go ahead and forward this link to him, her, or them for gift cards and all things Lithe. 



Tweet @lithemethod your #fithiphealthy goal for 2013 for a chance to win one day of Lithe Foods Liquid Lithe (6 cold-pressed juices and smoothies); A $42 value!

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I am a chocoholic.  I cannot (and do not) go a day without my fix.  If you run into me on a Monday, there's a good chance that you'll see me with Lithe's Thinny Mint Shake in hand.  Some of you love it and some of you, well, not so much.  I like to set people's expectations on this one because most people associate chocolate and mint with a Shamrock Shake or a Girlscout cookie.  Not our Thinny!  This lean treat from our detox plan is healthy, light and detoxifying.  Our mint is FRESH and the chocolate is SUBTLE.  Train your taste buds to want the real thing in the beginning of the week, and over time, you'll want less of the processed stuff.  Shake it up!

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  Liquid Lithe

Happy Friday! Wondering how you're going to reset your diet post-holidays? You're in luck! Today we are giving away 1 day of Liquid Lithe (6 drinks=$42 value). It's the perfect way to jump start into a fresh routine of healthful eating in the new year. For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck!


Lithe Foods We're back!  Ready to clean up your act?  Our Lithe Detox plans start again on Tuesday, January 8th and are available every Tuesday. Orders must be placed by 7PM the Wednesday before your desired start date. So, for example, to start your Detox Plan on 1/8, please order by Wednesday 1/2.

You've asked and we're delivering (literally!).  We now have 3 options for Detox Plan pick-up/delivery: (1) Monday night in-studio pick-up, (2) Tuesday early am in-studio pick-up, and (3) Monday night at-home delivery (yes, yes, it's true!).

    ◦    The plans will be available for in-studio pick-up by 5PM on Monday evenings.  You can pick-up as early as 6:00AM (at Rittenhouse & Old City) and at 6:30AM on the Main Line on Tuesday mornings.  There is no extra charge for in-studio pick-up.

    ◦    If you select Monday night at-home delivery, you will be charged an extra delivery fee.  This fee varies depending on the delivery address.  There is no distance cut-off within the Philadelphia area, but prices will of course get higher the farther away the delivery location is from center city.  Please see our pricing by location below:
    ▪    Center City (old city, Rittenhouse, Fairmont, Northern Liberties): $20
    ▪    Gladwyne/Ardmore: $35
    ▪    Villanova/Wayne: $45
    ▪    Cherry Hill, NJ: $35
    ▪    Other locations: pricing upon request

LITHE FOODS IN 2013! 2 Jan 2013

Lithe Foods

Craving that Greenie?  Been missing your Lithe Foods like crazy?  We sure have!  We have moved into our new space and we're back in action!  Here's an update: 

  • We are only producing liquids (juices and smoothies) now through January 14th.
  • We will be back into the swing of full production after the holidays, with your favorite grab-and-go food items back in the fridges beginning January 14.
  • Liquid Lithe is always available in-studio. 
  • Check out our Winter Detox Menu
  • You now have the option of meal plan delivery!
  • Lithe Northern Liberties will be receiving a small assortment of juices and smoothies beginning January 14th!
  • Get ready for some great new items this year! 


Liquid Lithe Week!

It's almost 2013!  Get a fresh start on the new year with our Liquid Lithe.  From December 31st-January 4th, all studios will be stocked with our fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies.  We'll be running a Liquid Lithe Special:  Purchase 6 juices/smoothies for $35!

I've always said that our workouts truly demand more than juice.  So, while I don't think that juice fasts or cleanses should be an every day part of healthy, Lithe-friendly eating, I have personally benefited from a day or two of all (or nearly all) liquids. 

Follow the diagram above, or piece together your own Liquid Lithe.  Here are my three current favorite line-ups that all fall within the 1,200-1,560 calorie range (with an additional kale, or green salad added in) as example:

#1 ("breakfast"):  Lithe Latte
#2 ("morning boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Basic Green Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Horchata + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Lithe Bunny Detox

Or, this:
#1 ("breakfast"):  Chai Tea Latte
#2 ("morning boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Greenest Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Thinny Mint Shake  + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Apple & Ginger (BFF)

Or, this:
#1 ("breakfast"):  Greenest Smoothie
#2 ("morning boost"):  Greenie
#3 ("lunch"):  Basic Green Smoothie
#4 ("afternoon boost"):  Lithe Greenie
#5 ("dinner"):  Lithe Bunny Detox  + Green Salad
#6 ("dessert"):  Apple & Ginger (BFF)

Please keep in mind that our Lithe workouts are intense, and if you are going mostly green, or all liquid (or all juice), you can, and should drink plenty of water and add in additional detox friendly foods like: avocado, fruit, veggies, salad, clear soup and nuts like almonds to your day(s).  There is nothing wrong with supplementing!  Have any questions?  Email us at lithefoods@lithemethod.com


  Liquid Lithe

Happy Friday!  This week we're giving away 1 day of Liquid Lithe!  Perfect for resetting your eating habits post Thanksgiving ($42 value).  For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and announced on Monday!  Good luck!

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