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We'll be opening our 4th PA location on March 1, 2012!  Where are we located?  The Main Line!  Haverford Place...393 W. Lancaster Ave (the old Mellon Bank spot right on the corner next to Home Grown) and Haverford Square! 

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WE ♥ ARDMORE. 31 Mar 2011

  Krista DeNofa

As some of you may know, our Ardy lease was up this March and I made the difficult decision to close our little Ardmore studio at Dr. Bucky's office and not open another Mainline location until after I have my baby.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have too much on my plate right now to open another studio until fall 2011.

We've out-grown our Ardmore home and until we find our forever home on the Mainline (which I promise I will do post-baby), I want to thank everyone who has been involved with Lithe Ardmore over the past two years:  My incredible instructors, the gracious Dr. Bucky and his staff and our faithful, dedicated Lithers. 

Yesterday, the Ardmore morning crew sent me this incredible poem and I had to share it with all of you. It will make you laugh...it made me cry.  I've always known that Lithe is very special, but when I imagine no Lithe in my life, it really hurts.  We empathise with you all!  So, lets welcome all the lovely Mainline Lithers into Lithe's Center City studios and make them feel at home. We love you all!  Thank you for your dedication, hard work and friendship.

A few of us faithful Lithers out here in Ardmore recited a poem in between classes this morning to acknowledge our last day doing Lithe in the 'burbs and the great impact your program and people have had on our lives.  It's a poem of thanks and gratitude, with a little sense of humor thrown in for fun.  While we have loved each and every instructor that has worked with us at the Ardmore Studio, we dedicated this poem to the instructor we have spent most of our mornings with...Krista.

Before Lithe, before Krista
We were nothing
It's sad
But it's true.

We wandered the Main Line
Each and every morning
With not much to do.

Our bottoms were droopy
Our arms wobbled free
Our stamina was low
Our bodies in depressing atrophy.

Until the bright day
When Lithe entered our lives
With Krista's performance
We became committed to exercise.

We've worked on our method abs, our curtsies, and sumos
Liberties in stiletto, even splits, and dreaded plyos
To call it tough--well that's an understatement
Though there was sweat and some tears, to Lithe we always went.

Our bodies were sore,
In a good way, not bad
We could see quite a difference
This Lithe Method had made.

We have loved coming to Lithe
A tight Ardy crew we've become
Making friends, fitness committed
Working out, each day craving some.

Oh, Krista, we will miss you
We thank you so much
For teaching us moves
And whipping our butts.

Please come back to the Main Line real soon
Because without Lithe in our lives
We're scared we'll balloon.
We are committed to Lithe
And CANNOT live without
Missing Skinny Jeans and Short Shorts
Will make us all pout.

The idea of no more Lithe
Is too sad to consider
We've become an odd family
And Krista, you're like a sister.

Headed to Rehab
Lithe Withdrawal--it might be quite serious
There's talk of TRX, ballet, and boot camp
To be honest, it all sounds scary and mysterious.

Can't wait for the new studio
A beauty it's sure to be
We Lithers, we'll reunite
And be as happy as can be!

Three cheers for our Krista
Fit, hip and healthy--all three
Our model, our teacher
Our Lithe guru she'll always be!

Thanks so much for making exercise a fun, challenging, and enjoyable part of our everyday lives.  We will miss you terribly!
Ardmore Lithe 
Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dom.

BELLY SHOTS. 2 Aug 2010


Check out Ardmore Lithe Mama, Jen Sundstrom at 30-something weeks (She's due mid to late August).  I had to take a few pictures of her after my High Mini in Ardmore on Friday. Yes, she still takes High Mini...and Thigh High...and Sleeveless!  Jen, you are such an inspiration and pure proof that you CAN Lithe til' the very end!



Lithe Ardmore has been open for one year...Happy Birthday!  The studio is growing and the Lithe ladies are becoming ultra-fit.  Here are some shots of my Skinny Mini class in action. 

LULU IN WAYNE! 12 Mar 2010


WANNA LITHE? 13 Nov 2009

Roll ups!


Get Lithe!  We have another Immersion course starting at our center city Philadelphia location next Tuesday!

Center City: 

Tuesday and Thursday series begins on November 17th at 8:15pm (no class on Thanksgiving, Nov 26th-Last class will be held on December 8th).

If the Immersion classes don't work for you, you can chose to take Lithe 101 or a private session at your convenience.  You can sign up online or call 215-545-5144 to register. 

Image of Lithe Method instructor Carrie Gero doing roll ups at the barre.

HOT, HOT, HOT! 4 Nov 2009


Wowzers, look at how steamed up those mirrors are!  Krista sent these images to me via her phone after a hot and steamy High Mini class on Monday morning in Ardmore.  Great job to the hard working ladies out at Lithe Ardmore!



These will take us through the heat of summer.  Look out for fab and fresh fall schedule updates & changes sometime around mid-month!
  August on-line classes/reservation system will be current and updated by the end of the day.

Download LibertiesWalkAugust

Download RittenhouseAugust

Download ArdmoreAugust

Illustration via Rik Lee



Ugh, here I go again.  Let me preface this by saying that I'm not posting about anyone in particular and I'm not writing about Lithe beginners who have taken our Immersion course.

We're officially installing a new policy as of today and all of you regular Lithers will be oh so happy, every "green," rookie Lither will thank me in the end and our oh so "patient" instructors will all be walking on air. 

Our previously "mostly mandatory" Immersion is now absolutely 100% mandatory and a pre-requisite for all of Lithe Method regular level classes at EVERY LOCATION. 

We don't care how fit, friendly, fun and fabulous that you may be and we don't want to hear the but, "I've taken yoga, Pilates and/or another fitness method that uses a ballet bar"--It's not Lithe Method and it's always a  hot mess when beginners with no Immersion are in our regular level classes. 

Ya know, I'm not sure if people think that we're blowing smoke up their bums when we tell them that Lithe is best learned, taught and programmed the way that we've created it.  We are not a drop in studio! 

Bottom line is, if you want to Lithe, you're going to come through the program correctly, commit to taking the Immersion (or at least most of it) or two private cram courses so that our regular classes are not anything but what they should be and you get the results and attention that you want and deserve. 

Teen Creeps Illustration by the awesome, Rik Lee

BUT, WHY? 22 Jul 2009


Why everybody must take the Immersion:

You need to take the Immersion for yourself--Let go of that ego people...Lithe is not Bar Method, Physique 57, or Pilates and it's even further from Yoga. We give you six classes to get your strength and stamina up, build your core strength and knowledge so that your neck, low back and knees don't take the workload.

More importantly, the Immersion also teaches you how to Lithe, our modifications, our cryptic-like-cueing (it's really a language that non-Immersion people never "get" unless it is explained) and how to use our band system.

The Immersion is not easy! Good Form & Lithe Immersion knowledge=RESULTS.  If you're doing things incorrectly, you will not see results. Period. You will never get the Immersion info in regular level classes.  I've seen clients go months without knowing the correct way to do things.  They stick out like a sore thumb forever.  We never get to know their strengths and weaknesses, either.

People who do not take the immersion are quite a distraction in regular level classes and they often have bad experiences at Lithe because they leave confused, overworked, out of the loop and frustrated.

Thanks to all of you who come through the program correctly, you make our day and we love you!  Please remember that we also love your friends and referrals but PLEASE refer your newbie friends to our Immersion program. 

We are currently updating our policies on our website and Mindbody system.  All beginners who show up or "drop in" to regular level classes with no Immersion experience will be turned away and we really don't like to do that!

Illustration by barbara McGregor

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