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BEST OF FHH 2014! 29 Dec 2014


What a great year! Thank YOU for all of your hard work and dedication: We completed 3 challenges, 2 Lithe Escapes, traveled on tour to Seoul, NYC & LA, celebrated a decade in Philly, Welcomed 11 fantastic new instructors (Meredith, Cate, Jen L., Maggie, Jenn B., Annette, Liz S., Kalika, Jonathan, Alicia, Katie B), 3 veteran instructors became Masters, debuted 7 new workouts (Rah, Lithe Beach, Hi-Top, All That, Sideline, Mercy & Lithe Lab), 2 WKND's and have seen the most killer camaraderie and results than ever before!  Here's to 2015!  Check out some of our favorite posts...

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BEST OF FHH 2013! 27 Dec 2013


What a great year!  Some standouts: Busting workout myths for the Huffington Post, Sayeh and food, Lithe in The New York Times, Sayeh tries the 9 Days of Lithe, Lauren for Fitness, Lither gratitude (before & after), CCS at its best: Rock Steady, Loving your athletic body, my favorite skinny heathen, Bouncing Forward for Huffington Post, Emerald Mary, Me on taking risks, love letters like this, Lithe in Philly Mag, Summer lovin', Positive studio-esteem tips, lithers lithin' all over the world, Tips on trimming the fat talk, my apple, Lithe on the Kris Jenner Show, prepping, the bomb, major transformation, Lithe ink, Lithe's first Varsity team, Old City 6AM'ers on Halloween, my favorite smoothie of 2013, the love letter that pumped us all up, turning 36, Thinkfest, Sayeh's wedding & Forbes!


Sayeh's Living Lithe

Hey guys, remember that time that I lithed 9 days in a row and was feeling all fit and fab and big uppping myself? Fast forward a week--5 of those days spent in Texas--and I'm feeling like a walking sour cream chicken enchilada. 5 bowls of chips and queso and tons of glasses of champagne later (I said yes to the dress while there. Woop! Woop!), I am a shadow of my former 9 day lithe self. So much so that I was pulling some classic Lithe Stalling today in Barlesque with Danielle. Go straight from 30 sumos to 30 curtsies without stopping? Nah, I'm going to take a really close look at my skin in the mirror instead. Butterfly kicks while in stiletto? Nope, there are a couple of unsightly hairs sprouting from my chin that I'd rather examine.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lithe stalling, I have pulled a classic from my Lithe Diving days (4 weeks where I only ate Lithe Foods during the week and went to class 5 times/wk) to accompany the classic technique. Are you guys still Lithe Stalling too?

This blog entry is meant to be read while jamming out to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” 
(Ignore the sexual overtones; it really is relevant. Also, let’s say the heavy breathing in the song represents the Lithe breath.) 

Dear Fellow Lithers,

The first week is over, and there’s so much to report! The food, the workouts--where do I begin?

This week...wait! Hang on a sec. Let me readjust my ponytail. Typing can get a bit vigorous, and I can’t have hair just falling willy-nilly into my face. 

Okay, we’re good. So this week I took High Mini, Walk Star, Skinny Jeans, Thinny and tomorrow I’m taking...oh, hold on. Let me just take a quick sip of water. 

Ahhhh. Refreshing. Tomorrow, I’m taking Cinch.

The classes have been rigorous, and the food has been incredible. Blissful Breakfast Quinoa is exactly what its name suggests, and...oh you know what? I should fill up my water bottle real quick in case I get thirsty again while I write this. Blogging makes me really parched. 

OK, I apologize for all the interruptions. I know you’re patiently waiting to hear how delicious the Moroccan Body Stew tastes. How the sweet potatoes and carrots have subtly taken on the flavor of the tender apricots and floral ginger, and I’m over here Lithe Stalling. 

What’s Lithe Stalling? 

You know when you’re taking a class and you want to double over and clutch your chest after just 30 seconds of sprinting in High Mini? You look around in a panic, hoping to lock eyes with someone equally distressed, and are only met with serene faces seamlessly transitioning into the next series?  Well this is when my ponytail, my water bottle, and something on my left big toe all of a sudden captivate and require my immediate attention. A quick readjustment of some kind gives me that split second to catch my breath without looking like a complete wuss. 

Lithe Stalling. I’m a pro, but before I began this week, I told myself: no Lithe Stalling. It’s time to push it! No ponytails, no paper towels for sweat dabbing, no stopping to wipe all the spit my forceful breathing has projectiled onto the mirrors. Nothin. Just non-stop Lithe action.

How’d that work out for me? How do you think.

I took High Mini with Liz on Monday, and after 30 Burpies, all bets were off. I took so many sips of water in an effort to get a tiny break, that by the end my stomach was sloshing like the inside of a Slurpee machine.  In Walk Star, I didn’t want to be bringing up the rear of the group, but my stubby legs (I’m 5’2” after an adjustment at the chiropractor) wouldn’t cooperate with me. Everyone was crossing the street while I was stuck at a red light huffing and puffing. I felt like a wiener dog struggling to keep up with her owner. Or maybe a Corgi. Corgis are the ones with short legs and big butts right?

To be clear, I’m not trying to cheat. Tif always tells us, You came all the way here. You might as well do the work. Don’t cheat yourself. And she’s absolutely right. I mean, she’s Tif. Even if she wasn’t, I would say she was because I’m scared of her.

The truth is, I’ve always been flummoxed by this idea of pushing myself. I look at marathon runners and Lithers that buy the Lithe Premium Monthly Unlimited pass* in awe. I wish I could be as motivated. I tell myself: Sayeh, you will get through this ENTIRE lunge series in stiletto. You know how often that pep talk works? I’ve done it exactly one time, on one leg. When it came time to do the other side, I was so tired that I had to keep my foot flat the entire time. If I kept that up, I’d be walking around the world with one super calf and the other one looking like I just got a cast removed. 

*I must say I’m not sure Premium Monthly Unlimited Pass people exist. Clamoring to take two classes in a row on the same day? If that’s you, please say hi if you see me in the studio. Because right now, as far as I’m concerned, you’re like unicorns. I want to believe you exist, but also feel like you just really look like someone who takes a class right after you. 

When I sat down to write this blog though, something happened. What should have been a simple movement--sitting--instead took five minutes and made my face contort in such pain, that I’m sure passersby thought I was in desperate need of Preparation H. Turns out, I am pushing myself. It wouldn’t hurt to move my pinkie over to the shift button if I wasn’t pushing myself. 

So maybe I’m not like the girl in Thinny who didn’t Lithe Stall once. And maybe I’ll never be able to fold myself in half like Melissa, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pushing myself. Week 1 has made me realize that I need to stop looking around the room, and start listening to my own body. What I’ve accomplished this week is definitely pushing it, and if I need to adjust my ponytail or curse under my breath after a particularly grueling series, I’m going to give myself that room. I hope you will too. 

See you in class,



Thinny Glute Seq.

If there is one thing I’ve come to accept about myself is that I’m obsessive. And not obsessive in the way that people say they are in job interviews i.e., “I’m super obsessed over details and making sure everything is done perfectly and on time.” No. I become obsessed over things like crushed black pepper. One day, I will wake up and have a fantastic egg which happens to have a little crushed black pepper sprinkled on top. I will then be convinced that the pepper is the thing that made my egg so fantastic, which inturn makes me want to recreate that fantastic egg experience with every other food item I come in contact with for the next 6-8 weeks. I want crushed black pepper on everything. I even purchase a mortar and pestle to crush my own black peppercorns because you know...that is what you do when you love crushed black pepper. You up the ante. Self crushed. Black pepper. Think about it.

And when I become obsessed with something, it’s not enough to just be my obsession. Oh no. Everyone needs to be obsessed too. I need to sing the gospel of my new obsession to anyone who happens to cross my path. Have you TRIED this stuff?? It’s amazing! It’s incredible! It’s LITERALLY changed my life. What’s that you ask? Yes, I’m talking about PEPPER! No, but wait. Please don’t walk away! I crushed this myself!

Right now, for example, I’m obsessed with the show Girls on HBO. If you don’t have HBO, and you are a girl...find another girl that has HBO, and watch it. See, there I go again. I can’t just say, I like the show Girls. I have to make you watch Girls too! (Seriously though, watch it, and when you come to episode 9 when Hannah and Marnie have that giant fight, find me in class because I want to discuss.) Among many things, it’s about girls and their obsessions. With men. With their bodies. With their friends. With their insecurities. With their lives basically. So not surprisingly, it appeals to me.

And even less surprising than loving a show about a bunch of neurotic, self-obsessed girls is that recently, a close friend of mine had an intervention with me regarding my Lithe obsession. Because unlike most things I become obsessed with, like white toenail polish or books about urban gardening (I don’t even have an urban garden), my Lithe obsession hasn’t gone away. Unlike my other workout phases, I haven’t quit and moved on to the next thing. If anything, I’ve become more dedicated (read: obsessed) as time has gone on. And understandably, this behavior is disconcerting for my friend who’s never seen me like this.

I venture to guess that I’m not the only Lither this has happened to. It’s no secret that many refer to Lithe as a cult. A place where women voluntarily subject themselves to a killer workout day after day with fierce loyalty. This is cause for concern for some friends and loved ones of Lithers. (Although, when a group of men go to the gym everyday and lift giant weights and make loud grunting noises while doing so, no one thinks they are brainwashed. I’m just sayin.)

At the heart of it however, my friend was not wrong. There is something about Lithe that is addictive. I do obsess over which classes I’m going to take. I do talk with my girlfriends who also Lithe about which classes they are taking. Who’s teaching? Are they going? Have they taken it? Should I wake up early and Lithe before work? Should I go to the 5:15 or the 5:45? It’s never ending. And then when I’m done, I’m texting with my girlfriends and we commiserate about the bands or our soreness. My friend was basing her concerns on the reality of my daily Lithe rituals, and was not too far off. In fact, she had me wondering if I did indeed need a dose of Lithe Methodone.

I started to really think about what it is about Lithe that has me so entranced. What I knew for sure (to quote my dearly departed from daytime TV, Oprah) is that my Lithe obsession didn’t equal body obsession or weight obsession in the way I think ultimately my friend was worried about. Of course, being fit and losing weight and being stronger is a massive part of the appeal, but there was something else and I just couldn’t explain it, which made me realize that perhaps I myself didn’t really know.

So I slept on it. As I do with many things that I can’t decide on right away. And when I woke up in the morning, it was clear. I am obsessed with Lithe because I’m not obsessed with Lithe...at least not in my usual way of being obsessed with things. (Follow me?) I’m actually dedicated to it. When I started this process, I took stock of many of the things that I have started and quit in my life. And on that day, I finally made a decision to really commit to something. And so far, I’ve done it. I think it could have been anything. French classes. Knitting. Baking. Anything. And for lots of people, it is. But that day, for me, Lithe seemed like the best fit. And as a result, for the first time, maybe ever, I am disciplined about something. And discipline has never come easily to me, so it feels good. I don’t want to quit, and I think, for me at least, that’s what is at the heart of why I heart Lithe. For some of us, it’s the community, the supportive instructors, the new bodies (major bonus to be sure), but for me it’s because it’s not the next crushed black pepper. Not so far. And that’s big.

See you in class!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg in Thinny's glute sequence via Lauren



As a long time subscriber to Gmail, it has become a custom of mine to search my inbox for the emails I sent and received exactly 1 year to the very day I am sitting at my computer (and sometimes even 2 or 3 years back). Usually, the results are hilarious. A girlfriend forwarding along a message from her crush at the time with the subject line: This Man Exceeds All My Expectations! (The man in question didn’t exceed expectations for long. I’m pretty sure he lives in his car somewhere outside of Portland, Oregon now.) Or, my mother telling me I look beautiful in my recent pictures on FB, but am I wearing the (5th pair) of Spanx she sent me in the mail. I look great of course; she’s just asking.

But this week, in doing my customary search for what was happening in my life at this point in 2011, I came across some very different kinds of emails. At this time last year, I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years, and was in the process of moving out of his house. If you’ve never been in this situation, it’s awful even under the most amicable of circumstances, which mine certainly were. All of a sudden, I was an unwanted guest in a house I had previously considered my own. I was overstaying my welcome, and despite having a few, generous weeks to move out, I could hear the echo of an impatient, tapping foot reverberating in my brain.

My inbox was flooded with frantic emails to so many different Craigslist posts inquiring about apartments, corresponding with friends of friends who needed a roommate. The search seemed like it would never come to an end, and I felt like a vagabond with no place to go. I remember thinking to myself: How is this my life? I’m in my 30s now. Considering moving into a 494 sq. foot studio that smells like kitty litter is NOT where I thought I’d be at this point.

I don’t only relive this kind of stuff in email, either. I make the trip down memory lane in other ways too. I go through my FB albums with terrible puns as names like: 2008 is Gr8t! (New Years. Natch.) And then of course, there’s my closet. A veritable archive of my life. Different styles, trends of the day...and of course all my different sizes. The tiny tube top I wore in college (one day I’ll pair it with a cool blazer that I don’t own yet, and it will be awesome, I swear), and the much less tiny pair of jeans I wore shortly after college.

It seems like a torturous undertaking, to relive the past like this, but for me, I think my Gmail vision quests and closet cleanouts are just part of a checking-in process. I find myself consistently shocked when I look at the date and realize how quickly life seems to be passing me by. So, I think it’s my way of taking a moment to look at a snapshot in time--an email, a picture, an outfit--so that I can actually see all that’s happened or not happened after a stretch of time.

So this check-in, a year after those angsty emails, I find that although much has changed--I’m happily settled in an airy, light loft in Fishtown--other things have happily stayed the same. Lithe, for example hasn’t changed at all. Yes, perhaps I’m not going 5-6 times a week every week, like I was this time last year, but I’m certainly close most of the time. When I look at a picture of myself from a few months ago, I’m not burying my face in my hands from the shock at how much my weight has fluctuated in such a short amount of time. Something that was standard before. And although I struggle to stay motivated at times, or make poor choices that make the swimsuit I wore just after the challenge last year, seem a little daunting to try on, I no longer feel that I have a mountain to climb to get back to a place that my closet or my pictures or my emails remind me I was.

So although my inbox search put me right back in the moment, where I could feel the anxiety I felt last year, in the pit of my stomach--a body memory of the tense, awful weeks that were June 2011. They also showed me that the things I thought were so awful and stressful at the time, I’ve all but forgotten today. A true lesson in perspective. And what I do remember are all the classes I have signed up for, and all the emails between friends coordinating getting to the studio together. And here I am, a year later, still at it.

That’s certainly something worth looking back at and forward to.

See you in class!

Image of Lither, Sayeh Hormozi wearing Lithe via Dom



I’ve decided that Judy Blume needs to write an honest, funny, and encouraging book for all women dealing with the ups and downs of well...being a woman. If she did, I’m certain it would have an amazing title we could all relate to, and I would give it to all of my girlfriends. I say that because I was overwhelmed by the response I received from last week’s blog. From the personal stories shared by readers in the comments section, to emails I received in my personal inbox from friends, I was stunned by how many people have felt exactly as I have.

In turn, I learned what I’ve always suspected: that so many women, regardless of how thin, feel equally unsure about their bodies. That even the girl we all want to look like can relate too...because there's someone out there that she wants to look like. Now I’m no expert on this subject, and many, far more educated women than me have tackled it, but I must say that it’s a truly astounding phenomenon despite the fact that it’s so prevalent, even in myself, that I forget to notice it.

One of my girlfriends wrote to me about the 20 lbs she’s gained over the past few years. She wrote about her struggles and failures to lose it. How she wasn’t getting anywhere, and how she was contemplating just dealing with it instead.  

I wrote back to her immediately. I commiserated with her, and then set out to motivate her. I told her about the 2 things that I think helped me achieve my losses: honesty and consistency. That I got honest about my habits, and that I was consistent with the changes I made. I told her that I believed in her, and that I had faith that she could do it too. Before I knew it, I had pumped out almost 1,000 words, and hit send...feeling like a great friend.

It didn’t take long, however, when I didn’t get a response from her, to begin to second guess myself. Was she upset? Did I offend her? Oh my GOD, I didn’t tell her what you’re supposed to say in these situations! I didn’t say: you are beautiful the way you are. You don’t need to lose weight.  I felt awful. Who did I think I was? Some weight-loss guru doling out unsolicited advice?

I kept asking myself why it hadn’t occurred to me to at least lead with that sentiment in my email, because of course I felt that way. Instead, I just kept coming back to her words in her original letter to me: “I haven't lost my 20 extra lbs, and I despair of ever actually doing it, and have been trying to convince myself that it's not the most important thing in the world.”

It was the word despair that just kept reverberating in my head. It was that word that made me sit down and write her a novella in the middle of the workday. I realized that I certainly didn’t think she needed to lose a single pound, but that I felt the need to acknowledge that she really wanted to. That it wasn’t that I thought she should lose weight, but that I wanted her to believe she could.

Because for me, over and beyond the pounds I’ve lost, something else happened when I realized I could accomplish my fitness goals, but it was the letter from my friend that helped me finally put a finger on what that is.That it’s not just more confidence in the way I look, but that the despair is gone. The ambient despair about weight loss that almost every woman has felt, that can quietly gnaw at your hope for ever accomplishing your goals, any goals. That feeling is gone...most of the time. And for me, that’s the real victory that comes from the hard work we all put into Lithe.

So when I finally broke down and called my friend to make sure I hadn’t shattered her self-esteem, I apologized profusely and assured her that I did think she was beautiful the way she was. She said, in the matter of fact way that I love her for: “Oh. Yeah. I know.” Turns out, she was on vacation, and didn’t have the opportunity to respond yet. Clearly, my email wasn’t the biggest thing happening in her life that day. I slapped myself on the forehead for ever thinking it was. But, that’s a whole ‘nother blog...

See you in class!

Image of Lither, Sayeh Hormozi wearing Lithe via Dominic Episcopo



Although 2012 has been kinder to me than it has been to many (Kim Kardashian did get flour bombed by a PETA activist after all), it’s been a bit of a pain so far. Literally. I started off the year with a sinus/chest infection that just wouldn’t go away, and as soon as I finally beat that, I came down with a stubborn kidney infection that also didn’t want to go away (hence my recent absence from the blog). For the past 3 weeks, I’ve split my time between doctors’ offices and asleep on a heating pad. Which means, besides the fact that I’ve been Les Miserables, I’ve spent no time in the studio.

And, although I was focused on getting better--drinking tons of cranberry juice, visualizing healthy kidneys dancing around in front of me, chanting mantras (you know...the uzh)--in the back of my mind, I have to admit that I was kind of stressed about being out of class for so long. My rational self knew this was silly, and that a few of weeks of taking it easy was vital to my recovery,  but my paranoid self couldn’t help but think it was the end of the world.

So here I am, my back is killing me, I’m exhausted from a trip to the ER, and wiped out from being on multiple antibiotics, and I’m worried about getting fat? Really? I couldn’t help but think that 3 weeks off would land me back at square 1. That my all my hard work (read: 20lbs lost, doing push-ups on my toes, doing all of my lunges in stiletto without a break) would just fall apart. I found myself wincing as I stepped on the scale (at every doctor’s visit), as I waited for the numbers to pop up...and up and up. I found myself feeling guilty after meals, knowing that I wasn’t burning the calories off in class. (I kept imagining little green men, because that’s what calories look like under a microscope, all running straight to my butt, where other little green men were hanging out drinking booze straight from a bottle, high-fiving each other saying ridiculous things like: Dude, I told you we’d all hang out here again. This place is awesome! Butterbeers on me!) I would look in the mirror daily, sizing myself up from every angle, trying to gauge how fast the pounds were making their way back onto my body.

Obsessed much?

I think so. I’ve always thought of myself as a person with a healthy body image...that I was different than the girls in high school that constantly said they were fat. Turns out, I’m not as different as I thought. And amazingly, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in, in years. When I was heavier, I was focused and motivated to slim down, so I put in the hard work to make it to my so-called “goal size.” But now that I’m here, am I really just going to constantly panic that I’ll fall from this slippery weight-loss zenith? So when is it enough? Just a couple of more pounds here? Just a little skinnier in my inner thighs? A little more sculpted in my arms? God forbid I miss a class or two here and there...I convince myself it’s goodbye skinny jeans.

Not okay.
These last few weeks have been a total wake-up call for me. It was like my body was forcing me to SLOW DOWN. Yes, it’s amazing to get into the studio 5-6 times a week if you’re healthy and are keeping fit, and it makes sense for your life. But I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve Lithed through injuries, or when I’m not feeling so great...because ultimately I’m scared of what will happen if I stop.

So here I am, 3 weeks out, and guess what? I must admit that I look exactly the same. The beauty of Lithe is that it not only slims us down, but it makes us strong. Really strong. So a little rough patch here and there isn’t actually going to derail us like we think it will. Yes, I may be sore again (really sore) when I finally get back to the barre. And maybe I’ll have to do push ups on my knees for a while, but...so what?

And that’s been what I’ve had to say to myself. So I gain a couple of pounds? So I’m going to struggle a bit when I take Tight End again. SO WHAT. I realized that it’s not enough to just go to Lithe classes, but it’s important to truly embrace the entire philosophy. Part of which is to listen to our bodies, to nurture them and compliment them with our workout, not batter them. And certainly give ourselves the room to rest. That it’s essential to the process. That it’s impossible to be fit and hip, without being healthy.

So that’s the new mindset I’m working on: giving myself a break...in all senses of the word. No beating myself up about it. Having faith in all the hard work I’ve done, and that we all do in the studio. I hope that you can do the same, if you need it.

See you in class (when I’m ready)!

25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 18 Jan 2012

Sayeh & Meghan

Recently, in an effort to be more green, I’ve signed up for the paperless option for all of my major bills. Instead of giant packets from my cell phone carrier, I get an email with a link to a pdf of my multi-page statement. This means that I no longer get anything of importance in my mailbox, except my precious weekly issue of US Magazine. I’m obsessed with it. I open my box daily (I never know when it’s actually going to show), and peer in, trying to guess who’s face will be shining back at me from the glossy cover. One of my favorite features in the magazine is the “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” column. This is where I find out ridiculous things I never needed to now about people I don’t care about, and I LOVE it.

I know that Felicity Huffman pees her pants when she jogs. Andy Cohen loves a lady with a side ponytail (what?). Kris Jenner makes Lamar Odom a lemon cake every week, and Zooey Dechanel hates papaya and loves scrunchies. What’s better than that? Now, if I ever run into these people, I’ll have things to talk about with them! Hey Lamar, don’t you just LOVE lemon cake? Zooey, why do people think you’re so annoying, and yes, papaya is gross! YUCK. Now let’s hang out and be friends forever!

Although I’ve basically divulged every detail of my life through my blogs thus far, in a tribute to that great literary publication US Weekly, I’ve managed to find 25 things about me that you don’t know yet.

  1. I am terrified of bugs. All bugs. Big or small. The scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where they walk into that tunnel full of insects, is my idea of hell.
  2. I’m obsessed with avocados. They make everything better. (Except pizza, in which case Ranch dressing makes that better.)
  3. I secretly love Celine Dion. If “That’s the Way It Is” comes on, make room for me and my fake microphone.
  4. I have been to Kabul, Afghanistan.
  5. I LOVE the Olympics. I could watch gymnastics 24 hours a day.
  6. I have a black thumb. I kill all plants that enter my home. Even when I really try not to.
  7. I had blond hair from 9th grade until my junior year of college.
  8. My mom owns a high-end lingerie boutique in Dallas, and I haven’t paid for underwear in years. (Thanks mom!)
  9. I am always late. No matter how early I leave, or how hard I try, the universe thwarts my efforts, and I am late.
  10. I’ve never met an Asian cuisine I didn’t LOVE. I could eat Thai for breakfast. Sushi for lunch, and Chinese for dinner.
  11. If I wasn’t in the field of education, I would be a holistic healer of some kind. I love learning about home remedies and pretending to diagnose people’s various maladies.
  12. I used to be obsessed with Outkast.
  13. I have seen Boyz II Men in concert 5 times.
  14. My favorite fruit is a tie between the mango and the pomegranate.
  15. Opening drawers and cabinets where things are just tossed around willy-nilly gives me anxiety.
  16. I lose EVERYTHING. Always. Even in my own purse. I spend a collective 30 minutes a day searching for various things that are usually exactly where I looked first, or in my hand, or on my head.
  17. Getting in bed after I’ve just put on fresh, clean sheets is one of my favorite things.
  18. I have the WORST sense of direction, EVER. I’ve gotten turned around walking out of Lithe Old City. (Perhaps this and my inability to find things accounts for why I’m always late.)
  19. I hosted two television shows on my university’s cable access network. I think they still air the episodes 10 years later.
  20. My favorite song to sing in the shower (when there is absolutely no one around) is Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”. “Bet ya on land, they understand. And they don’t....reprimand their daughters! Bright young women, sick of swimmin”...ok, I’ll stop.
  21. I was obsessed with the Chipettes of Alvin & the Chipmunks fame, when I was younger. I still think the Chipmunk Adventure is one of the greatest movies ever made.
  22. My last meal would be gyro sandwich and slice of pizza from my best friend’s parents’ restaurant, Lotsa Pasta back home in Dallas.
  23. If my phone rings after ten o’clock, or if the same person calls me twice in a row, I am convinced someone has died...and become too afraid to call them back.
  24. I’m never happier than when I’m by the ocean, but lakes and rivers freak me out.
  25. My idea of an amazing night is a few good friends, an amazing meal, and some laughs.

Stay tuned to find to the blog to find out 25 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren and all your favorite instructors!

See you in class! 

Image of Lither Sayeh Hormozi & Lithe Instructor, Meghan Grauzlis via Dom

LEVEL 2, DAY 1. 12 Jan 2012

Lither Level 2, Day 1

So I promise that the pretty pictures are coming.  Today I'm 6 lbs down.  I seamlessly transitioned from our Level 3 Detox Plan (I did it three times over the past 2 weeks) to our Level 2 today.  Level 2, I heart you.  I could eat like this forever.  Just so much good, healthy, whole foods.  I dove into my Oat Cakes this morning and literally forgot to take a picture of them so you'll see our ridiculously delicious Horchata pictured twice above. What a treat.  It's to die for.  Decadent Crepes, Walnut Pate and more of our Chocolate Mousse. Those of you who have experienced Level 2 will probably agree that this sure doesn't feel (or taste) like 1,500 calories a day.

Out and About Images of Level 2 via Lauren's iPhone.



Every December, as the new year approaches, my family and I sit around and discuss what our resolutions are for the coming months. Inevitably, my mother and I discuss our health and weight (we have the exact same shape). We want to eat better. We want to work out more consistently, etc. My father talks about how for his resolution, he would like both of his daughters to get married, so he can stop worrying about them. And no matter how much we explain that this ardent wish not only a) sets the women’s movement back 50 years, and b) isn’t a resolution, he just says in his thick Iranian accent: “Vhy not? You are getting too old. And I’m vorried nobody ever gonna marry you.” We all throw our hands up at the futility of arguing this point, and my sister then announces her annual resolution--which is always the same: to floss more.

This year, I really wanted to come up with a new resolution. Not because I’ve reached my fitness goals, or because I feel like I’m done striving for a healthy lifestyle, but because I wanted to think bigger. When reflecting on my year of Lithing and blogging, my entries were never only about fitness. They also covered the important things like celebrity gossip, and also often led me to realizing something about who I am and the kind of life I want to have. I’m pretty sure that is no coincidence considering that’s what Lithe Method is all about really--not just honing your body, but your entire life.

So as I walked around my hometown of Dallas this year, and met up with close friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, my NEW new year’s resolution dawned on me. I want to stay in touch more. In every way.

First, I’m AWFUL about staying in touch. Of course, I call my mom several times a week because if I don’t, I get weirdly spelled texts with frightening emoticons that I think are supposed to convey sadness and disappointment...but only succeed in making me feel weird inside. But aside from that, I’m terrible. I get phone calls from friends, and tell myself that I will call them back later because we have SO much to catch up on, and I really want a clear block of time to devote to the overdue chat, but then never make that block of time, and never call back, and then feel bad for not calling, which makes me less likely to call back because I feel so guilty, which makes it even longer than it should be. Ultimately there are months between phone calls sometimes, and inevitably the first 15 minutes of each phone call is me apologizing for being a cray.

But this year, as I was sitting across from my friends and family, hearing them laugh and catching up on all that’s happened in the last year, I realized how much I’ve missed everyone. I resolved that despite my new life in Philly, and all of the obligations that keep me busy, I can still stay in touch with my life back home. So if that means squeezing in a 10 minute chat as I’m walking to the subway or while I’m going to and from class, it adds up--lots of little check-ins equal a good deal of quality time.

And while I made a resolution to do that, I realized that staying in touch is more than phone calls and email.  I realized that, for me, it means being aware in general. And not just aware about others’ needs, but my own as well. So I expanded my original resolution, and decided that I should stay in touch with myself too (there’s a good joke in there somewhere, for sure.) It’s a fine balance though, caring for others while also thinking about what’s best for you. It’s difficult not to feel selfish when you make a choice based purely on your own needs, but this year I’m going to give myself the space to do that a little without beating myself up about it.

So, if that means saying no to some obligations to recommit myself to my Lithe regimen (I gained 5lbs in December, and my first class back, after weeks, was Skinny Jeans on Tuesday--and it wasn’t pretty), or sitting on my couch all day long watching a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon, instead of doing laundry, then that’s what I’m going to do. I hope we can all find that time because ultimately, staying in touch and taking care of ourselves makes us better friends and daughters and sisters and partners in life.  And thank goodness for Lithe, without our strong cores, how could we shoulder it all?

Happy new year, and see you in class!

Image of Sayeh Hormozi wearing Lithe's Hotstepper Dress via Dom

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