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Have you tried it?  We're now carrying one of the tastiest, locally-made granola bars: JiMa!


Two new delicious options from Pure Fare!  Sweet Potato Custard and Grain Free Granola: $4.50  Sushi: $8.00



Here's our #lithespringclean menu for week 1!  Just like our Lithe Foods/Lithe Escape food philosophy, you'll notice that our menus are based on lean, local, mostly seasonal and detoxifying, whole foods.  Our menus coincide with our lifestyle of hard work and consistency, so Monday through Friday you'll want to follow the rules.  Moderation is key for long-term success, so Saturday and Sunday are yours to eat as you please!   

This menu is exactly what I eat when I prep for a photo-shoot or special event.  If it feels spartan to you, that's because it is.  For the next five days we are creating a caloric deficit, reducing bloat and burning off the layer of fat that is sitting on top of our muscles. 

Remember to drink 64 oz of water everyday, and Lithe 5-6 days a week.  Please trust our schedules (don't chase cardio!).  Stay tuned for recipes (like our open-faced avocado) and more food, fitness and tip starting tomorrow.  Good luck, you can do it!  Now lets go shopping!

Download LitheSpringClean Menu

Download LitheSpringClean Recipes

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So, you made it (or maybe you almost made it) through the first month of the #EarnedinWinter challenge and you want to take it to the next level.  Are you ready to take another 20 classes in 25 days AND follow our meal plan?  This second part of the challenge is all about integrating the Lithe Foods component into your practice.  Lithe's Spring Clean is based on our Lithe '10'/Lithe Foods/Lithe Escape food philosophy, so it's been tried and tested; We know it works!  Our plan is uniquely Lithe, is easy to follow five days a week, and can be modified based on your own dietary needs. 

Sign up tomorrow through Saturday, and we'll give you your plan on Saturday so that you can shop on Sunday and get started on Monday.  Much like Spring cleaning, we'll be focused on detoxifying and cleaning house next week.  We want you to cook, but if you're not able, don't worry, we've got you covered.   

How will we keep you motivated?  By banding together in true Lithe fashion!  We'll keep each other in the game  by sharing our recipes and our results along the way.  We want to track your progress, so continue to send us your results!

The Details:

  • Not a here in Philly?  No problem, you can join in!  
  • The challenge runs 25 days:  Monday, March 31 through Thursday, April 24th
  • Lithers who complete the challenge and share recipes and results on social media using the #litheSpringClean hashtag will be entered into the Ultra Lithe Bonus drawing: 1 person will win the grand prize of 1 Lithe Detox and 1 runner up will win a one day of Liquid Lithe!



Lithe Key Lime Pie

Spring is at our heels!  I may be a chocoholic, but one of my all time favorite desserts is key lime pie.  The tart and tangy taste is like refreshing tropical sunshine.  This healthy crust-less dessert is so simple to make, with no cooking necessary!


  • 2 cups raw cashews, soaked in filtered water for at least 30 minutes and soaking water discarded
  • 1 1/2 avocados
  • ½ cup raw coconut oil
  • 1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 2 dates, pitted
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
Directions:  Blend the cashews, maple syrup, dates and coconut oil in a high speed blender or food processor until smooth. Add the avocados, lime juice, and salt and blend until airy.  Spoon filling out into a pie dish and refrigerate for two hours.  This can also be served immediately in cups a la mousse!
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S/S 2014 LITHE ESCAPE! 22 Jan 2014

  S/S Lithe Escape 2014

After a two year hiatus, Lithe Escape is back!  From March 23rd-March 28th 2014, we're taking a departure from our intimate, ultra-luxe villa-based Lithe Escapes of the past and going to my happy place: Jake's Treasure Beach.  Jake's is earthy, friendly, rugged, red, rustic, local, sustainable and hip; it's the epitome of bohemian luxury.

Back-story:  A good friend introduced me to Treasure Beach a few years back, and Jordan and I have fallen in love with the area, the warm, friendly community and the friends that we have made there.  Treasure Beach and Jamaica's south coast is the antithesis of a tourist trap.  It's really off the beaten path, but that hasn't stopped us from returning again and again. 

Treasure Beach is a tiny fishing village on Jamaica’s south coast.  The community of Treasure Beach is truly unlike any other place in Jamaica. Defined by the Santa Cruz Mountains and the rolling farmland of the Pedro Plains, Treasure Beach is known for its cacti, endless natural coastlines and miles of sweeping savannas—not it’s white sand beaches or jungle-like rain-forests. Treasure Beach is notorious for the warmth of its people, deep community spirit, and rich history (which even includes a Scottish shipwreck from the 19th century).  Full Disclosure:  This is the real Jamaica.  We'll be an almost three hour drive from the airport, so get ready for an adventure that you'll never forget, and to fall in love with a place where you'll most certainly leave your heart. 

What is Lithe Escape?  Imagine one week to focus on yourself...A better body, confidence, lessons learned, fabulous food and fitness, inches and pounds lost (without going hungry), unparalleled results, and an entire support system of like-minded women.  Get excited for girl time and down time, a healthier body and mind, unbelievably delicious food and a week that's all about YOU

Want to learn more?  Download Lithe's Escape Manual

Ready to book your spot?  Email escape@lithemethod.com.  Our friendly Lithe Escape concierge, Meghan Lechette will be ready to assist you beginning on Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 4PM with flight information and roommate details. 


Sayeh at Resolve to Reach!
So last Wednesday night, I put on a little lip stick (a nude shade by Hourglass that I'm currently obsessed with), ran my fingers through my hair and tried to zhuzz up my post-work self as best I could and headed to Lithe's Resolve to Reach party, and I'm so glad I did. It's no secret that I'm in need of motivation these days. Motivation to eat better. Motivation to get myself to class. Motivation...in general. 

So when I arrived at the Old City outpost, and was directed to the big studio where I could already see a great deal of hustle and bustle, I got immediately happy to be back on Planet Lithe. It was so nice to see fellow Lithers and instructors--but out of our normal athletic context. Stylish, understated outfits. Long lashes. Lip gloss. Hair down. Everyone looked fabulous. There were hugs. Exclamations of not recognizing one another in our street clothes. We munched on gluten free Pure Fare, checked out Bradamant, and sipped some champy while catching up with some and getting to know others. Walking on the hardwood floor normally reserved for bare feet and mats doused with tea tree oil in my boots felt wrong, but everything else was right. 

A mini photo studio was set up in the back, and we were encouraged to set some goals for ourselves and take pictures with the small signs we made. Goals about anything. Not just fitness. Some resolved to get more sleep. Some resolved to spend more time with friends and family. I resolved, as you can see above, to: eat clean and stop spazzing. Given my donut episode of recent weeks, we all know why the clean eating part. The stop spazzing part refers to...well everything. I am given to the spazz. Not like the spazzing out ON people where I freak out and throw things. When I refer to spazzing, I'm talking the nonstop internal freak out dialogue I have going on with myself. 

Why do I lose everything? Why did I eat that donut? Why can't I go to class as much as I used to? Is this turbulence actually the result of a major failure in modern aviation? Do I have something in my teeth? My lips are really dry. I'm so cold. I think I want to go ombre with my hair. Is ombre out? Is that guy following me? 

You get the idea. So this year, I resolve to get out of my head, be mindful, go easy on myself and allow for the ebbs and flow in motivation that are par for the course when it comes to me and...well everything. And it was so nice to see other people's goals and to feel reassured that I'm not the only person that has struggles. I will be checking in with some of my fellow resolvers throughout the year to see how they are doing in reaching for their goals while I try to reach for mine. 

In the meantime, go go Gadget arms!

See you in class!

RESOLVE TO REACH IN 2014! 14 Jan 2014


We're about 3 weeks into the new year and chances are good that most people have already ditched their resolution plans.  We haven't!  We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow night at Resolve to Reach 2014!  Lithe Founder, Lauren Boggi, Instructors, and Staff will be at the party to answer questions, motivate, and help guide you toward attainable goals.  Also, a discounted Resolve to Reach Lithe package and giveaway opportunities will be available only to attendees! 

Bradamant's designer, Tamar Daniel, will also be on hand with an exclusive preview of Bradamant Spring styles and the opportunity to pre-shop spring at discounted prices.  Check out her Kickstarter campaign here for a preview!  You are also invited to sample healthy food and treats from Pure Fare and will have the opportunity to get your Lithe Foods fix with samples of your most loved juices and smoothies!

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