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Sayeh at Resolve to Reach!
So last Wednesday night, I put on a little lip stick (a nude shade by Hourglass that I'm currently obsessed with), ran my fingers through my hair and tried to zhuzz up my post-work self as best I could and headed to Lithe's Resolve to Reach party, and I'm so glad I did. It's no secret that I'm in need of motivation these days. Motivation to eat better. Motivation to get myself to class. Motivation...in general. 

So when I arrived at the Old City outpost, and was directed to the big studio where I could already see a great deal of hustle and bustle, I got immediately happy to be back on Planet Lithe. It was so nice to see fellow Lithers and instructors--but out of our normal athletic context. Stylish, understated outfits. Long lashes. Lip gloss. Hair down. Everyone looked fabulous. There were hugs. Exclamations of not recognizing one another in our street clothes. We munched on gluten free Pure Fare, checked out Bradamant, and sipped some champy while catching up with some and getting to know others. Walking on the hardwood floor normally reserved for bare feet and mats doused with tea tree oil in my boots felt wrong, but everything else was right. 

A mini photo studio was set up in the back, and we were encouraged to set some goals for ourselves and take pictures with the small signs we made. Goals about anything. Not just fitness. Some resolved to get more sleep. Some resolved to spend more time with friends and family. I resolved, as you can see above, to: eat clean and stop spazzing. Given my donut episode of recent weeks, we all know why the clean eating part. The stop spazzing part refers to...well everything. I am given to the spazz. Not like the spazzing out ON people where I freak out and throw things. When I refer to spazzing, I'm talking the nonstop internal freak out dialogue I have going on with myself. 

Why do I lose everything? Why did I eat that donut? Why can't I go to class as much as I used to? Is this turbulence actually the result of a major failure in modern aviation? Do I have something in my teeth? My lips are really dry. I'm so cold. I think I want to go ombre with my hair. Is ombre out? Is that guy following me? 

You get the idea. So this year, I resolve to get out of my head, be mindful, go easy on myself and allow for the ebbs and flow in motivation that are par for the course when it comes to me and...well everything. And it was so nice to see other people's goals and to feel reassured that I'm not the only person that has struggles. I will be checking in with some of my fellow resolvers throughout the year to see how they are doing in reaching for their goals while I try to reach for mine. 

In the meantime, go go Gadget arms!

See you in class!

RESOLVE TO REACH IN 2014! 19 Dec 2013


You're invited to Resolve to Reach in 2014 with Lithe & Bradamant!

Nothing is impossible.  Lithe is all about empowering Lithers and keeping them inspired to reach their goals.  With the new year ahead, we are excited to join forces with Bradamant to cohost a party where Lithers can "Resolve to Reach" their 2014 fit, hip, healthy goals!
Lithe Founder, Lauren Boggi, Instructors, and Staff will be on hand to answer questions, motivate, and guide you toward reaching your goals. Exclusive Resolve to Reach Lithe packages and giveaway opportunities will be available only to party goers!
Bradamant's bodysuits keep you tucked in and confident all day, so you can leave your comfort zone and aim higher.  Tamar Daniel, Bradamant's designer, will be on site with exclusive preview of Bradamant Spring Styles to view, and the opportunity to preshop spring at discount prices. 
You will also enjoy healthy snacks and goodies from Pure Fare throughout the evening!



I think that one of the toughest aspects of Lithe is getting your cardiovascular stamina up to par or back up to par after some time off.  As a newbie, you may find yourself feeling really defeated trying to finish our 1 hour classes, numerous times a week, and having to devote some time to learning some of our Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting cardio choreography.  Here are some tips for safe and efficient cardio:

1.  Protect your feet-but not with sneakers (unless you have a foot injury).  We barefoot train at Lithe.  Why?  It makes you stronger from head to toe and simply builds a better, stronger, leaner body.  If you have a foot injury you should wear a studio sneaker and avoid stilletto. You want to work correctly, stay on a mat and NEVER over-bounce on the balls of your feet.  Our feet work instinctively, but to prevent stress fractures, shin splints and plantar issues, stay on your mat, use your quads to launch a jump and keep a gentle point to your ankle, then roll through the forefoot, and heel.  Your goal is to 'sponge' and not be bouncy. That 'up' energy should be an illusion:  your entire body is active, but you're working the bands' resistance down into the ground.  You want to work harder by getting low (think: squashing grapes) and grounded, not through bouncing high and beating up your feet.

2.  Keep you shoulders open, depressed and lift from the heart.  This instantly engages and elongates your abs. 

3.  Activate your arms.  Think about how you punch out those perfect sharp high v's and low v's...Do this with every movement and feel your heart-rate climb! 

4.  Don't stop as soon as your heart rate starts to really climb.  So many people get nervous once their heart-rate gets in the zone.  Breath, stretch, shake.

Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa in perfect form via Dominic Episcopo.




Kelly wearing Lithe

I know that many of you are completing your last few Fall Challenge classes this week...congrats!  Can you believe that you've pushed through 30 classes in 35 days?  That's no easy feat!  Have you noticed that you've pushed and become stronger, or have you noticed that you're still modifying and doing your push-ups on your knees after 3-4 reps? If you have pushed, have you noticed that your body has changed?   

Most women come to Lithe with the desire to change their body and become the best version of themselves.  When developing new workouts, my main goal is to increase your lean muscle mass, decrease body fat in your female fat zones, keep you interested and make you happy.

We focus on increasing your lean muscle mass because that is a major catalyst in decreasing your fat. We achieve this through cardiovascular resistance training via Lithe's Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting®.  And boy, does it hurt at times.  Have you ever heard the saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger?”  At Lithe, most of you learn how to push through your (good) pain and allow it to help you gain strength and earn the results that you're striving for. 

Many of you become frustrated, or stop when an exercise becomes painful – not injury pain, but the burn that occurs when you are fatiguing your muscles.  It is SO important that when you feel the burn that you “push through it” by continuing on for a few more reps.  Breathe through it, because it's at that exact moment when you're creating changes in your body.  Your metabolic state begins to increase your lean muscle and burn the fat right off your thighs. 

If you never change your diet for the better and do the same workout everyday (with the same modifications) and never push through the burn or leave your “comfort zone," you will never see change in your body. So, in light of finishing the fall challenge this week, make it your goal to channel that pain and strive to get in 1 or 2 more sets, OR - hold that half plank for one more breath! 

Images of Lithe Instructor Kelly Wong wearing Lithe via Dom


Getting Grounded

I've heard from many Lithers, when they first start Lithing, that they were already working out every day, thinking that they were ‘fit’ and had just hit that inevitable plateau with their results. Then, they realize, Lithe.Is.Different.

I have specifically designed Lithe around a sculpting regimen and cheer-based cardio (Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting®) that will give you unparalleled results…and I've put a system in place that assures you will never plateau. By constantly updating and adding workouts, customizing classes to the season, and orchestrating the monthly class schedules so you almost can't avoid variety in your workout, you'll never get bored, and never stop seeing results.

To every thing, there is a season...

Just like eating seasonally is important, it’s just as important to work your body in unison with the seasons and what you’re are taking in food-wise.  During the fall, we get back to the basics with the "bones" of Lithe.  Our classic, grounded, sculpting workouts return to the studios in a big way:  Higher Power, Waspie, Hot Legs, Cinch, and Skinny Jeans take the place of summertime's high-energy favorites.  Why?  We turn inward, are more lethargic and tight as the weather turns cooler. Guess what?  Your body knows this, too!  Without even realizing it, you ground your body for colder weather as well as decreasing sunlight and serotonin levels.  Have you been eating processed, starchy food?  Try to stop.  Right now is a crucial time to winterize your diet, balance your body and your blood sugar with more protein (veggie or animal) and nutrient-rich veggies. 

So remember, to get the most out of Lithe right now, embrace the variety (and the classics) and continue to push yourself (hold those bands longer and pick up those 5 and 8lb weights!). You'll love the results! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Cat Kiernan wearing Lithe via Dom



It's day two of our annual Fall Challenge!  Get #lithein35 and #bandtogether!  This week, we want to see pictures of Lithers getting Lithe together!  Share anything #fithiphealthy or fall challenge related @lithemethod on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #lithein35 to inspire us all. 

Images of Lauren Boggi and Lithe Instructors via Dom


  Melissa Weinberg

How present are you in class? Yes, physically you came, but did you bring all of yourself? Or, did you bring yourself … and then some? I’ve seen clients take multiple items into class: cell phones (only Ok if you are on-call, btw), car-keys, lip-gloss, multiple drinks, and once, someone brought a novel in with them. A NOVEL! Rarely, however, have I seen someone use any of these superfluous items while they are working out. So why have we convinced ourselves we need these “safety” objects with us to make it through 1 hour of “me” time?

We walk around all day accumulating stresses and responsibilities. By the end of the day, we have accrued all kinds of baggage: physical, emotional, professional, and relational baggage. If you bring that onto the mat, you are weighed-down, literally. No need for wrist or ankle weights ‘cus honey, you’re already there. You will not jump as high, get as low, or work as hard, because there is less of you to devote to the work out. This translates into a lower-mastery of the moves, increased risk for poor form and injury, and a decreased level of enjoyment during and post-exercise.

You got dressed and came here for a specific experience- to concentrate on YOU for an hour. Do yourself a favor: check the goings on of your day at the locker room door and temporarily replace that with 1 hour of CCS bliss. It is a treat. It is a luxury. Honor it and honor yourself.

Let me now introduce to you my good friend, Mindfulness. This concept is nothing new and in fact it has been practiced around the world for centuries. Neuroscience research shows that, when done regularly, it even produces observable changes in brain function! Using mindfulness as you Lithe will help you better regulate attention, improve memory, and increase your understanding of your own body’s kinesthetic. Check out my next post to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can take your workout to the next level.

Content by Lithe Instructor Rachel Dore, PSY.D. & Image of Lithe Instructor & Director of Operations Melissa Weinberg via Lauren


Kelly Wong

The beauty of Mindfulness, in my opinion, comes from its simplicity. It is about training the mind to pay attention to the present or the “here and now.” Mindfulness is the perfect antidote to our tendency to bring stress in with us to spaces that are meant to be “stress-free.” Below, you will find the three major tenants of Mindfulness (Intention, Attention, and Attitude) and my spin on how you can turn each principle into a guiding mantra to maximize your workout:


Fit.Hip. Mantra: “I Am Ready”
•    Before class, take 30 seconds to state your intention: Why did you come today? What is the purpose of your visit? Most likely you came to burn some calories and kick some ass. Remind yourself of that.
•    As you put your belongings into your locker, think about it symbolically: with every item that goes in, feel yourself become a little lighter and un-burdened with the worries of your day.
•    Listen to the sound as you close your locker: it is the gong that commences your stress-free, clutter-free hour… leave it all safely behind and locked away.

Your intention is to be present for the entire class—from warm up to warm down. It’s your hour.


Fit.Hip. Mantra: “I Am Here”
•    It’s natural for your mind to wander. Our attention naturally will wax and wane in an hour’s time. When you notice it, remember your intention. Just bring yourself back.   
•    Focus your attention on your senses:
o    What does the mat feel like underneath your toes?
o    Focus on the sound of your breath, or that of your instructor’s
o    Make eye-contact with yourself in the mirror
o    Listen to the beat of the music; feel the bass radiate through your body from head to toe
o    Make eye-contact with the instructor
o    What do your muscles feel like? Are they burning? Shaking?

Breathe. Let thoughts float into your mind. Your inhale symbolizes your acceptance of this thought; Your exhale symbolizes the release of this thought from your mind and body. Just blow it out.


Fit.Hip. Mantra: “I Am Strong”

•    Be patient with yourself. No one goes from modifying to doing everything in full-plank and stiletto over night. No one sees a CCS sequence once and instantly knows it by heart.
•    Accept yourself as you are. Accept your physical limitations and do not judge yourself for what you can or cannot do.
•    Be open. Be open to corrections from your instructors. Be open to a new instructor or a last minute schedule change. Be open to version to 2.0 of your favorite class even though you didn’t realize that’s what you signed up for.
•    Trust yourself. Trust your instructor. Trust your body and listen to it. You can do this.

You are powerful. You are flexible. You are Lithe.

Image of Lithe Instructor Kelly Wong wearing Lithe via Dom



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