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Rachael B. Rach 2
I LOVE shorts, but rarely wear them while Lithing. I never teach in them because I figure no one would appreciate me demonstrating fold-overs in micro shorts! I do however wear them when I take class (as long as I can snag a spot in the back). I especially like shorts for Rock Steady. Wearing them makes me feel like I'm back at cheer camp (oh, the days when I owned a thousand pairs of Soffe shorts in every color with hair bows to match). I also love rocking my shorts for Walk Star with bright Nike sneakers. One of my favorite Walk Star pastimes is guessing what type of sneakers clients will wear, and then being shocked by how right (or wrong!) I am regarding the styles and colors. 
Images of Rachael wearing Fabletics & Nike via Antrim & Spruce Photography


We're excited to announce that Lithe instructor Liz Galbally is now a Master Lithe Instructor! Congrats, Liz! She has taught since 2010 and joins Master Instructors Tiffany Nork (teaching since 2006), Krista DeNofa (teaching since 2008), and Bari Rosenthal (teaching since 2009).


What makes an instructor a Master? They must teach for a least four years and have 1,000+ classes under their belts. The status is something that is earned, not simply given. The Lithe Master Instructor embodies a commitment to Lithe, instructs with confidence and selflessness, and continues to study the method. Other elements that define this title include maturity and understanding of instructor injury prevention, utilization of voice (instead of body) for energy, total command of a large studio of 25-30 people, and involvement in instructor training. 


We all know that Lithe is different and teaching it is the ultimate multi-task. Many assume that teaching Lithe is like teaching a grounded workout that rarely changes such as yoga, spinning, barre, or Pilates. They couldn't be more wrong. Lithe instructors are triple threats and it takes years to become a well-oiled teaching machine. Our instructors are forever in training and constantly learning new workouts.   

Image of Liz wearing Lululemon via Dom


Lauren Podcast

If you're in the fitness space or growing a business and want to hear how Lithe founder Lauren Boggi built Lithe (and landed the cover of Philly Mag), check out her podcast with Finch Brands president Bill Gullan! Real World Branding is live on iTunes.

Image of Lauren via Free People



Dear Lithe community,

As many of you know, I leave Philadelphia this week to move to North Carolina. My fiancé Ben will be completing a fellowship in sports medicine at Duke University, so we (and our puppy Fergus) are heading to Durham for the next year! I'm excited for the adventure, but will miss Lithe very much.
Lithe has been an incredible part of my time in Philly and has completely changed my relationship to health and fitness. I'm stronger, pain-free, and balanced in my body. And more importantly, I have never felt more empowered with the tools to lead a healthy, active, and balanced life. 
Thanks to Lauren and the entire Lithe team for being so fabulous to work with and to all of you for being a continual inspiration every time I'm in the studio. It has been my pleasure to be on the mat next to you, to teach you from the platform, and to get to know so many of you. A special cheer for the early morning Rittenhouse ladies who have motivated me to wake up so bright and early. 
Happily, I will continue to be involved in Lithe's instructor training program and I will be back to visit soon! Wishing you all a wonderful, fit-hip-&-healthy rest of the summer. 


Meghan Bldg25

We love this article and your summer tip, Meg! 

Lithe Instructor & FP Movement Buyer, Meghan Grauzlis via Free People


Rach's Braid
Braid 2

Braid 3

We're dying to know more about your braid. Tell us about it!

Have you heard Beyonce's song "Run the World (Girls)?" That song was written about Main Line studio manager Hannah Williams. She can literally do everything. I'm convinced she missed her true calling as the president of the United States. Girl gets shit done! Hannah is always calm, cool, and chic. She is my Lithe/ real life bestie and has taught me everything I know about the cat eye, wearing lipstick, and the importance of well-groomed eyebrows.

I found out about Hannah's hair skills when I decided to be Elsa for Halloween and was stuck on the braid. I agonized about my options (I'm an indecisive Libra). Hannah got tired of listening to me lament and said "I'm going to do it for you." And the rest is fabulous hair history!

I usually wear a bun or braid while teaching since I hate getting my ponytail caught in the bands. So for this shoot I decided to go with an extra fun braid. Hannah picked the style and when she sent me a snap of this crazy faux hawk fishtail, I died. I whined that it was too edgy for me, but she insisted it would photograph well from all angles. Since I trust her judgement on anything and everything, I decided to rock it. I felt like such a badass and didn't want to take it out. It took her less time to put my hair up than it took Anthony to take it out!

Images of Lithe Instructor Rachael Bridgens via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Lauren:Lithe Escape Philly Mag

The power of a Lithe selfie! Check us out on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine's July issue. This shot of Lithe founder Lauren Boggi, Lithe instructor Bari Rosenthal and Lither Ilysa Raphael was snapped on our Lithe Escape at Jake's Treasure Beach in Jamaica. Stay tuned to our website to hear about where we're escaping to next!  

Image via Philadelpha Magazine


Annette1 Annette2

Jenn M1 Jenn M

These ladies do it ALL. They hold full-time jobs, teach at Lithe, take vacations, and still managed to complete our entire Earned in Winter Challenge. Props to you, Annette and Jenn! So impressed with your dedication and results! 

KASEY PORTER! 12 Feb 2015

From: Milford, New Hampshire 
Favorite City: Boston, MA
Favorite Lithe workout: It's a tie between Weightless, All That, and Mercy 
Favorite Lithe exercise: Anything and everything Cardio CCS. I love the endurance it involves. It reminds me of being back on the competition mat. 


How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team: Kasey is fun, spunky, outgoing, positive, and strong. She pushes you with her infectious energy. Her classes are a chance to get present, get sweaty, and have fun!
Other job: Buyer for The Atlas Group 
Enjoys: Traveling, being active, red wine, Cape Cod, dirty martinis with blue cheese olives, no shower Avalon happy hours, long days at the beach, my puggle Wes (named after a former New England Patriots player), New England sports, Lithing (I cannot live without it), skiing, being outdoors, dancing, exploring new restaurants/bars, local farmers' markets, fruit, champagne, fashion, all-natural beauty products, my girlfriends, and spending time with family. 
What you wouldn't know by looking at her: I cheered competitively my entire life and was a cheerleader for the University of Rhode Island. I am really outgoing but can be shy initially. I double majored in merchandise buying and business while holding a minor in digital art. I love being busy and active. Relaxing is not my strong suit (I love to dance until the point of exhaustion). I tend to be a perfectionist and am extremely detailed-oriented. I love fashion and am constantly putting outfits together and drawing inspiration from magazines, boutiques, and my own closet (even if I have no plans on wearing them!).
I am slightly obsessed with my dog Wes and I talk to him as if he were a person. I love traveling back to Boston and I try to go as often as possible. I really believe in positive energy and getting back exactly what you give out. I found this in a book called The Secret which I reread often. I work out mainly for my sanity. Exercise puts me in the best mood. I am the oldest of three. My sister is two years younger and lives with me in Center City. My brother is six years younger. I come from an extremely close family. I love being involved in Lithe and I really believe in everything it stands for.  
Temp image of Kasey via Lauren

JESSICA ENDER! 10 Feb 2015

Jess E
From: Philadelphia
Favorite city: It's a toss-up between New York City and Los Angeles.
Favorite Lithe workout: Weightless and All That.
Favorite Lithe exercise: CCS Cardio! I could do Lithe Cardio-Cheer sequences all day and night.
How she landed a spot on the Lithe team: Jess is strong, fun, outgoing, high octane, and can really command a room. She's form-focused and will push you to get stronger!  
Other job: I'm an owner/buyer at Nest and a mom of three girls.
Enjoys: Laughing with my girlfriends and alone time with my husband!
What you wouldn't know by looking at her: I dance, sang, and cheered my entire life. I eat like a kid (I love cheeseburgers)! I met my husband in fifth grade. We "went out" in sixth grade for a week, kissed in a game of truth or dare in eighth grade, and finally got together senior year of high school. We've been married 13 years in May. When people first meet me they think I'm not nice. I'm actually just choosy, but once I let you in, I'm an open book. 
I have an elaborate family story. I'm the only child of my mom and dad, but I have a half-sister, half-brother, stepsister, and two stepbrothers. My parents have been divorced for 35 years, and remain great friends. We all celebrate the holidays together. They made the decision to remain close for me. My girls are Avery (9), Lola (6), and Charlie (3). I started Lithing in November 2011 after I had Charlie. I couldn't imagine how I'd ever get back to myself again after three kids. I turn 39 in March and I am in the best shape of my life.
Temp image of Lithe Instructor Jess Ender via Lauren

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