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Main Line Today & Lithe Main Line Today & Lithe Method

Not sure how we missed this one!  Thank you Main Line Today!



A very Happy 1st Birthday and Happy 1st Lithe Anniversary to many of you!  Thanks to all of our faithful Lithers, desk staff and team of instructors.  Now, we can all look back at this post and smile...

Images of Lithe Main Line via Lauren


  New ML Instructors

Lets welcome Jenn Mitchell, Lyndsey Salter & Deanna Stephan to the team!  These ladies have been working hard in Instructor Training over the past four months and I know that you're going to love them!  You'll learn more about each of them right here on the blog.  Stay tuned!

Images of Lyndsey, Deanna & Jenn practice teaching at Lithe OC via Lauren 



Lithe's Main Line Studio Manager is super organized, efficient, hard-working, passionate about Lithe, and will have a true sense of ownership over the studio; making sure that the Lithe Method brand is always upheld.  She/He will provide the leadership and vision necessary to ensure that every Lithers' experience is exceptional and consistent.  

Full Time

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Provide high-level customer service and exceptional hospitality to Lithe Method clientele, handling issues and concerns in a positive and timely manner.
  • Work closely with Lithe's Studio Operations Manager and Regional Director Staff on the implementation of Lithe's operational policies and procedures to accommodate growth objectives.
  • Create and maintain a studio team that is highly personable, client-oriented and committed to achieving both the studio and company goals.
  • Maintain the brand's distinct aesthetic and community.
  • Inspire, train, direct, motivate and evaluate all studio and desk staff.
  • Supervise the studio's retail operations (Lithe Foods & Lithe Wear)
  • Lithe's Studio Manager will be expected to be in the studio four days during the week (Monday through Friday) and one day during the weekend.  

What's Required?:

  • Experience in luxury brand retail, hospitality, food or health & fitness a plus.
  • Prior managerial and/or leadership experience.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Ability to maintain Lithe's Confidentiality Standards
  • Highly organized with the ability to prioritize and juggle multiple tasks with tight deadlines.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with desk staff, clients and director management.
  • Enthusiasm for healthy living and a passion for Lithe.
  • Ability to work flexible/non-traditional hours (as early as 6AM, as late as 8:30PM weekends)

Please submit resume to Melissa@lithemethod.com


Lithe Instructors

Lithe Studios is searching for Main Line Instructors!  Become part of a unique, innovative workout and a growing team leading the industry in health and fitness.  We're looking for spirited, outgoing women with proficient dance, cheerleading and/or fitness background. 

When/Where: Saturday, October 27th, 2012 1:30-3:30PM @ Lithe Main Line, 393 W. Lancaster Ave
Haverford, PA 19041

Please wear fitted clothing, bring water and be prepared to Lithe and have fun!  Please email your head-shot (any picture will do) and current work resume to Melissa@lithemethod.com.  

Images of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg, Lithers, Lithe Instructors, Lithe Foods & Lithe Wear via Dominic Episcopo, Vogue Magazine, Lucky Magazine,  Nic D'Amico, Stuart Goldenberg & Philadelphia Magazine.

LITHE KNOCK-OFF? 14 Jun 2012

Lauren in a Kick Out Full Back

Everyone has seen a "knock-off."  A knock-off is a conterfeit or imitation product or service that is offered for sale.  When you go to any major city, you can hit up the real Gucci or you can buy that fake Gucci. You know how special the real deal is.  With the fake, you no have idea where it was made, or who it was stolen from, how the workers were treated, how safe the fabric is and how long that fabulously faux leather strap is going to last. 

Just like Lithe.  Anyone who has delved into our workout, is living our lifestyle, or has ever visited any of our studios here in Philly knows how unique we are, how much love, blood, sweat and tears over the course of almost seven years that myself and many other dedicated individuals have put into this company.  More importantly, is how much time, energy and money we've put into protecting it; Lithe is intellectual Property.

Sadly, some unethical people are not just inspired by Lithe (anyone who knows me knows that I love inspiring people), they are trying to take Lithe's concepts and turn a profit from it. You may see a Lithe knock-off winning an innovative workout "Best of" Award in another city, a copycat business dress, products, and even a food line pretty similar to ours.

Will we stand for it?  No way.  The theft of ideas and the sale of counterfeit goods suppresses innovation and destroys jobs. We will continue to rise above, but just remember, these people have not been trained by me, and currently, there are no Lithe licenses or franchises in the US.  Just like a Gucci knock-off, it's still a knock-off.  And, there's nothing as authentic as the real thing, or as loyal as our amazing community.  So, Lithers and those of you who are Lithing from afar, look for the Lithe label and beware of imitations!  

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg via Dom


Lithe Instructors!

Lithe Method Philadelphia Instructor Auditions – Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

For those of your who will be attending Lithe's Instructor Auditions or are considering auditioning and want to learn more, please plan on coming early and attending our mandatory 30 minute info session on Saturday, June 2nd at 1:30PM at Lithe Old City!    

Lithe Method Studios is searching for Center City Philadelphia and Main Line Instructors!  Become part of a unique, innovative workout and a growing team leading the industry in health and fitness.  We're looking for Spirited, outgoing, Philadelphia-based women with proficient dance, cheerleading and/or fitness background. 

Who are we looking for?  Take a peek at our PRESS KIT and what it takes to be a LITHE GIRL.  Interested and want to learn more?  Please email your head-shot and professional resume to Lauren@lithemethod.com.

Saturday June 2nd, 2012

Lithe Method Old City
219 Cuthbert St. 
Philadelphia, PA  19103

Wear fitted clothing and be prepared to Lithe!  Space is limited.  Please email your head-shot (any picture will do) and current work resume to Lauren@lithemethod.com.  

Images of Lauren Boggi & Lithe Instructors via Dominic Episcopo, Vogue Magazine, Nic D'Amico & Philadelphia Magazine



We’re so excited to be able to finally show you our new Main Line studio space – it’s beautiful, and we know you are all going to love it.  However, we’re still in a soft opening stage and we are very much still a work in progress.  Please be patient with us while we smooth out the details of the space.  Looking forward to posting our final images in a few days!

A couple of things to know for your classes this week:

-   Pay attention to parking.

-   We'll have no loaner gloves until next week.

-   The showers will be up and running by Sunday.

-   Our lockers will be installed within the next two weeks.

-   Lithe Foods will be available starting Monday, May 14th!

-   Lithe Wear will be available sometime within the next few days.

-   Our phone line will be up and running tomorrow.  In the meantime, continue to call Lithe Old City (215-625-4919).

Our waiting areas are not yet as comfortable as we would like, and we wish you would have full access to the shower facilities, but our mat room is clean, ready to go, and stunning and we wanted to make sure we can offer you the classes we promised this week.  We’ll keep you updated on the showers and other details as the week progresses. 

Images via Lauren's iphone & Instagram



lithe studio rules

It's a busy time of year!  Just a friendly reminder so that everyone has a great experience at Lithe.  As we expand and open up the doors to our new Main Line studio, you will see our code of conduct posted on the walls and our new, updated website.

25 THINGS {BY SAYEH}! 2 May 2012

Chrissy Lauletta

The new Main Line studio is finally opening tomorrow to the joy of our fellow Lithers who have made the commute to one of the 3 city studios for months now. Learn a little about Chrissy Lauletta, who will be helping Mainliners with all of their Lithe needs and questions as she wo-mans the front desk as Studio Manager at the new suburban Lithe outpost.

1. Very few people call me Chrissy. I usually go by either Parker or Izzy. Izzy is courtesy of my 11 year old nephew, Alex, who couldn't pronounce Chrissy when he was a baby.
2. I am the 2nd oldest of 7 and, as cheesy as it sounds, the oldest 3 are my best friends.
3. I have a South African Mastiff that weighs 10lbs less than me, and is the biggest baby in the world. I always cave and let him sleep with me.
4. My favorite food is ice cream, but i try to be good and stick with 'fro-yo'.
5. I'm somewhat of a foodie (hence the majority of my 25 things being about food), but a simple grilled cheese with tomato will always be one of my top choices.
6. I don't cook but I'll challenge anyone on the art of hard boiling the perfect egg. I eat them for breakfast with hot sauce several times a week.
7.  I have a 'no man left behind' rule when I go out for sushi.
8. I love to travel, and spent a month in Costa Rica touring several different parts of the country.  My favorite was Tamarindo Beach on the northeast coast.
9. My dream for my next trip is to travel through Italy.
10. I hate flying. Be careful if you ever sit next to me on a plane because I will squeeze your hand so tight it will be several pretty shades of purple.
11. I wore pink on my wedding day.
12. I drink my weight in ounces of water every single day, but I have to have coffee at least twice a day.
13. When I ask you how your day is I really, truly want to know the answer. I'd rather listen, but if you ask me anything, I'm an open book.
14. I'm afraid of heights...and spiders. In fact, I just had to relocate seats bc there is one staring at me and no one is around to capture it.
15. I passed up an art scholarship to study art therapy at a small college in the mountains in Virginia.
16. I have a social work degree, but have been in sales since my first job out of college.
17. My “backyard" in the city was horse stables up until construction took over a few weeks ago.
18. I HAVE to watch something happy before I go to sleep at night and boycott scary movies at all costs.
19. Apparently, I find myself funnier than most people find me to be. For example, I'm reading this out loud and I'm the only one cracking up.
20. Outside of Lithe studios, you'll rarely see me wearing anything other than heels.
21. A career dream I've had for as long as I can remember is to be a personal stylist.22. I recently started a list of '100 things I want to do before I die'. I've come up with #59 so far.
23. One of the things I'm most excited to check off is designing my own house to be built one day.
24. I've checked off 11 so far.
25. If I ever have to leave the city (which I hope is never), and move to the burbs, I want a house with a wrap around front porch and horses in my backyard again.

I’m with you on the flying thing Chrissy. I watched La Bamba when I was little, and that did it for me. Been petrified of flying ever since, but I do it. Thank goodness getting to your Mainline desk requires little aviation. It’s good to know there’s a place to Lithe and a friendly face if us city Lithers every find ourselves out on the Mainline.

See you in class!

Image of Chrissy Lauletta at Lithe Old City via Lauren

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