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FIT. HIP & HEALTHY. 11 Nov 2014


Did you attend Lithe Tour Philly? Last Saturday was fantastic. After teaching two killer classes, hanging out and chatting it up with many of you, I realized that over the past ten years I truly have fulfilled my mission.

My mission through Lithe is to inspire people to be fit, hip and healthy. This is the core of our company and what drives me every day. I live and breathe the concept through our philosophy which is my secret to having a healthy, happy, and inspired life.

My goal has never been to be just fit and healthy, but to also lead a hip and happy life, full of fun and purpose. And I want to inspire all of you to to live your best life, as well. I believe that many of you are! For me, Fit, Hip & Healthy is the driving force of everything that I do and it's a mantra that many of you have adopted in your own life.  Over the past six years (can you believe that the FHH blog is 6 years old!?) many people have asked me what it means to be Fit, Hip & Healthy. 

It starts with Fit. Being fit is the core of Lithe. I move my body every day. 

Next comes Hip. Hip means in the know. Hip does not refer to one specific quality, and what's considered hip is constantly changing.

And finally, Healthy. Being healthy through the food you eat, a positive mindset, and a healthy relationship with yourself is so important. 

All people who Lithe are part of an amazing community that embraces a healthy lifestyle and want to influence others to think the same way. Today my goal is to continue to inspire all of you and spread our message far and wide. I hope that Lithe can become synonymous with active living on a global scale, so that all people can achieve and be their best selves. 

I'm constantly searching for ways that I can do better and feel that it's my responsibility to ensure that Lithe lives up to your expectations. Every workout, food product, and piece of clothing is made to inspire you all to be fit, hip and healthy. At the end of the day, I too am a Lither; I create and design what motivates me to be fit, hip, and healthy and I love inspiring you to do the same! 

Lithe Tour images via Lauren & Katie Kempf

ALL THAT 10 Nov 2014

All That

It's all that! Ten years of the "Best of Lithe" total-body CCS. All your favorites, all wrapped up into a one-hour, double-banded flow. FYI: If you attended Lithe Tour Philly, you've experienced this workout!

Image of Lauren wearing Michi NY via Dom


LITHE IN NYC 10 Nov 2014


Reservations open!  Sign up here

MERCY 7 Nov 2014


She's armed and dangerous, but don't let her name scare you because you're going to look "arm-azing" after just one session! Our "lightweight" (and banded) total-body CCS workout pushes you to the max and can be tailored to all levels. 

Image of Lithe Instructor Diana Khuu via Dom



At Lithe, we're all about making healthy choices without sacrificing any of the fun. Welcome to our Lithe Foods Skinny Heathen collaboration with Art in the Age spirits! First up in this 13-week series is our Bunny Mary, which is made with Lithe's Bunny Detox and AITA's Rhubarb liquor. 


Lithe's Bunny Detox is a cold-pressed juice made with orange, carrot, lime, and celery. AITA's Rhubarb liquor is made from a botanical bounty of beets, carrots, lemons, petitigrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar, and rhubarb (of course). Together, they make a refreshing, perfect-for-brunch Bloody Mary! 


If you're celebrating with us at Lithe Tour Philly this Saturday, you'll get to try it or you can make it at home.




4 oz. Bunny Detox

2 oz. Rhubarb liquor

Celery for garnish

*St. Lucifer Spice


To Do:

First, rim the glass. To coat the rim, mix St. Lucifer spice (a blend of garlic, salt, vinegar and fiery habanero that can be found at the Art in the Age store) into a bowl with coarse sea salt. Use a lime to wet the rim of the glass, turn the glass upside down, and coat the rim of it with the spicy, salt blend. Then, combine Bunny Detox and Rhubarb in the glass. Add ice until the liquid almost reaches the rim. 

Yield: 1 serving

Image via Chaucee




I can't believe it, but today is my FIFTH wedding anniversary and this morning Jordan gave me this sweet photo (above) of Mars in a frame. Right before I left for Lithe Escape, the two of them went to Love Park and took this picture. I can't believe that they planned it and that Mars kept it a secret! I love all that it stands for.  

Five years has seriously flown by and I've never been happier and more grounded. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about commitment in all areas of my life: the level of commitment that it takes to sustain a partnership, a business, a healthy body and mind, being a good mom to my son, eating well, and staying fit. To me, commitment isn't about giving up anything – it all boils down to homing in on what you're going to gain in the long run.

Commitment totally goes hand-in-hand with health and fitness and I believe that you need to be committed in nearly every other aspect of your life to be truly committed to your health. We all know that fitness and healthy living (being fit.hip.healthy) takes time and motivation. I'm motivated by knowing that I am doing everything in my power (most days) to stay committed to being healthy. I think that we can all agree that when you love and look forward to your workout, you really don't require the motivation to stay committed.  

If you make your food and fitness fun, it becomes a part of who you are and it will be something that you actually look forward to! For example, my co-workers and I make healthy lunches for each other during the week, so that we stay on track. Since August, I've committed to walking first thing in the morning or during lunch with a friend, so that I can catch up (sexier in six!) with her and cross-train.

One thing that I love to do that translates right down to how we program our schedules at Lithe is map out my own workout and eating schedule for the entire week ahead of time every Sunday. Having a plan keeps me committed and gives me a sense of accomplishment and control. 

What do you guys do to stay committed? 


love letters

Kalika asked if this was anyone’s first time taking Sideline. Of course, I didn’t raise my hand … Does anyone, ladies? Oh, yes allow me to VOLUNTEER the fact that I will be flopping around like a fish on land for the next 60 minutes. Kalika will find out soon enough … poor woman. Somehow I was sandwiched between two girls who I affectionately referred to as Kirsten Dunst in Bring it On! And Janet Jackson in the "Rhythm Nation" video (thank you, Beyonce and Blue Ivy for allowing me to reference your Halloween costumes).  

As I watched these girls ROCK IT OUT during the cardio segment, my hip pops looked like I had some sort of medical ailment. When Kalika announced, “Keep your middle fingers stretched,” you can imagine what I wanted to do with my middle finger. When it seemed like the cardio would never end, we transitioned to the sculpting part of class. Then Kalika announced, “Whoops! We did back-to-back cardio by mistake!” The other Lithe girls sweetly laughed and I glared at her to such an extent that all the ice melted in Alaska.

Okay, sculpting! Here we go! I settled myself on my mat (aka correction corner) and got ready for the next portion of class. It went to next level and we used the Pom bands to sculpt both legs and arms. I only got tangled in the bands twice. For motivation to free myself, I pretended I was a spider caught in a web (the "Rhythm Nation" chick looked like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon). FINALLY, class was over. As I exited the room like a person crawling towards water in a desert, something weird happened. I felt invincible. I felt strong. I had survived. I had done it. Sure, I didn’t look like a member of the L.A. Lakers dance team, but I DID it.

As I reflected on my morning workout, I realized two things: One: I left my water bottle and some dignity in the studio. Two: I had done my best. And today my best was good enough. I walked into my apartment and immediately opened the app and signed up for Sideline again. Damn it, Lithe. You have hooked me and I love you for it.

See you tomorrow,




I'll be posting individual losses for everyone later this week, but check out this awesome Lithe Escape success story. Lither Kristy G. wanted me to take her picture on Thursday when we arrived in Tulum and again on Monday morning immediately after our final workout. Look at her gorgeous results! In Kristy's own words...

When I left for Lithe Escape I really didn’t know what to expect for myself because I am what you might call a different breed of Lither. I mean, I knew I would be working out a TON, but I already Lithe an average of six days a week so what was I going to get done in four short days? I joke with Lauren that I have the willpower of an ant because I Lithe 5-7 days a week, but also eat and drink to a level that one may consider concerning.

Working in the food industry leads to many extra drinks or bottles at the table and an extra dish or five of foie gras. And to be honest, I just don’t want to say no. My average day usually starts with green juice, and then moves on to something relatively healthy for lunch usually post midday Lithe, and then I have dinner which can easily include 4-5 bourbon drinks and 6-8 shared dishes of food which always include some type of red meat. Oh and there is a lot of coffee happening throughout the whole day. I just love the flavor of strong delicious coffee, so you'll often find me hopped up on caffeinated deliciousness.

Fast-forward to the Escape and I was still eating non-stop. I mean I had the most oversized plate of huevos amongst the group, but this time it was different. I could feel the difference in the quality of the ingredients and every meal went this way. I was so worried about not being full that I stocked up on Lithe's kale cashew bars to take with me and let me tell you I didn’t open a single one. Our second to last dinner was an awesome Thai curry (I'm known to be judgmental when it comes to food) and I seriously could not finish it. Half of my fish stayed in the bowl.

Now you must be wondering, did I drink? If you've met me, you obviously know that I did. However, Lauren said as long as I stuck to no more than two per night I would still see results. So, that's what I did. I mean, you can’t go to Mexico and not have a margarita, right? I didn't think that I would see dramatic results because I was drinking, but I was also okay with that because it was the perfect balance of getting on track while also being realistic to the life I was returning to on Monday night.

When we got our measurements, I thought, woah 9 inches. That was definitely more than I thought I would lose, but I am usually pretty hard on myself so I initially was like ah if you didn’t have those two margaritas you would have had a few more. Then later on last night when I was home, Lauren sent me my before and after pictures and almost fell off my chair, that is what 9 inches look like – GO ME! I always feel like I'm slowly getting stronger at Lithe, but this is a different feeling of strong that I don’t quite know how to explain and my confidence switch has flipped.  

If you want to know if I feel lighter, my answer is actually not really (although I did lose 2 pounds). However, I feel fabulous and this trip made me realize that's what actually matters. I AM stronger, I AM definitely in shape and I WILL continue to grow as a Lither and as a person even with a drink or two. I don’t know if I fully believed in the magic of Lithe Escape before I left, but I can tell you for sure you’ll see me on the next one!

Images of Kristy via Lauren



Kalika just completed her nine-day challenge. Check out her before pictures. It's truly incredible what nine days can do! Congrats, Kalika! Mission accomplished.  

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