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Here's a huge thank you to our loyal Philadelphia brand ambassadors: our Lithe Share Referral Program!  Starting on Monday April 14th, we're rewarding our customers for spreading the Lithe, and at the same time, helping new people try us who have always wanted to. 

How It Works:  Refer a friend to Lithe, and if your referral purchases a Monthly Membership (1-A-Day, New Client, or Undergrad) within 14 days of their first class, you get $20 off a 1-A-Day or Undergrad Monthly Membership!


LitheShare Discount Details:

  • Only valid towards the purchase of a Monthly Membership (1-A-Day or Undergrad). 
  • Your discount must be used within 30 days of you being notified of having received the discount.
  • Your referral must purchase their membership within 14 days of their first.
  • The discounts are cumulative!  Example: If you refer two friends and they become lithers you will receive $40 off of your membership, if you refer 3 friends and they become lithers you will receive $60 off, you get the point …
  • Tell your LitheShare to share your name when they fill out their new client waiver.
  • Only valid for new referrals (i.e. sorry, nothing retroactive).

Image of Lithe Instructors Lauren Boggi (Founder) & Danielle Ingerman wearing Lithe via Dom


Check out Jonathan and Katie's results!  You can visibly see the difference from their before picures

For the past nine days theyv'e been Lithing and eating clean!  We'll hear from Jonathan later today, but Katie said, "I feel AMAZING after completing the 9 day challenge!  This challenge was one of the best things I have recently done for myself.  It allowed me to truly focus on myself instead of letting a busy life get in the way. In addition to the Lithing 9 days in a row, I made sure to drink between 64-92 ounces of water a day, and I stuck to the #LitheSpringClean menu (except for some weekend pizza). By day 3 of the challenge, I found that I've constantly been in a great mood.   I've literally been dancing around to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark  and Happy by Pharrell on repeat.  I feel stronger, healthier and I have more energy.  I feel so great that I'm going to keep going and try to complete 20 in 25 days for  the Lithe Spring Clean Challenge!" 

Images via Lauren



NO 101? NO PROBLEM! 9 Apr 2014


You've spoken out and we've listened!  Last month we lifted our 101 requirement and adjusted our teacher training program to accommodate newbies in a way that doesn't make them feel frightened or alienated.  If you or a friend have been wanting to try Lithe, but our 101 schedule hasn't worked for you, this is your chance to get Lithe! 

Although the 101 is no longer required, we still believe that our workout is best experienced when you know the basics and our bio-mechanical principles, so our 101 will forever be offered. Guess what? Soon, you'll be able to learn our 7 basic principles and Lithe on-line!

Ready to get started today?  Sign up on-line and create a profile. Select our Complimentary First Class pricing option which is available to all new Lithers and can be used for either a 101 or regular class.  We're here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns please call the studio and they will help you find the right first workout for you so you can have the best experience at Lithe! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Diana Khuu via Dom


Lithe Careers
We're looking for a few great people to round out our front of the house team!

Part-Time Front Desk Studio Staff Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Provide high level hospitality and customer service to clients
  • Be comfortable with computer database functions and other basic computer skills
  • Have experience handling money and a register
  • Be able to communicate clearly and efficiently via e-mail and telephone
  • Maintain the Lithe Method brand aesthetic and studio appearance
  • Maintain the appearance and upkeep of Lithe’s retail (Lithe Foods & Lithe Wear)
  • Assist Lithe’s Studio Manager in daily studio tasks and projects

What's Required?:

  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task independently within a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to initiate tasks independently
  • Excellent communication skills and superior organizational skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills and confidentiality
  • Friendly and professional email and phone etiquette
  • Have a passion for Lithe, healthy living and fitness
  • Be willing to participate in Lithe Method workouts to fully understand the brand
  • Flexible/non-traditional hours:  multiple days per week, including some holidays, early mornings, nights, and weekends

Part-time front desk studio positions are currently open at Lithe Method Main Line, with the following anticipated hours:

  • Lithe Main Line & Center City  10-15 hours per week (including some early mornings, nights, and weekends)

Please submit resume, cover letter, and availability to kempf.katie@lithemethod.com.

ON ISLAND TIME 24 Mar 2014


Happy Monday, Lithers!  Maybe it's the sun but my brain is a bit like soup right now; I'm running at a much slower pace here in the islands.  I know that snow is heading your way, so I'm hoping to warm you up via the internet.  I'll be posting all week from Jakes in Treasure Beach, Jamaica! 

I'm excited to share daily Escape updates & Lithe Escape food and fitness inspiration here and on Instagram and Twitter, which will roll into all the details of #lithespringclean on Wednesday.  Tomorrow we'll be featuring our Summer Bodies are Earned in Winter Edition 6 AND we'll also be announcing the grand prize winner of the #Earnedinwinter challenge!  Can't wait : )   

Image of Lauren buying sugar cane from the Jellyman en route to Treasure Beach via Bari




The most difficult part about fitness is getting started.  You're all over that hump now.  Within just 21 days of Lithing, you've created a habit.  You're seeing results and feeling great, right?  Did you know that the Summer Bodies are Earned in Winter concept is actually 90 days long?  We love that so many of you want to keep going!  We're 91 days away from bikini season.  If you can stick with us (we know you can!) we promise that you'll be ecstatic on June 21. 

Are you guys ready for the next challenge? Honestly, this is my favorite one because you see the most dramatic results.  #lithespringclean starts on Monday, March 31st!  All details will be posted here by Wednesday, March 26th!  Stay tuned! 



Can you believe that Lithe is NINE years old!?  Some of your instructors have been teaching the method for almost a decade, and that is something to celebrate!  I'm excited (and very proud) to announce our Master Instructor status. 


What it is: a combination of the number of years teaching (4+) and the actual number of classes taught (1,000+).  The status is something that is earned; not simply given.  The Lithe Master Instructor embodies a commitment to Lithe, instruction with confidence and selflessness, and continued study of the method. Other elements that define this title include: maturity (and understanding) of Instructor injury prevention, utilization of voice (instead of body) for energy, and the perfect, precise, total command of a large studio. 


We all know that Lithe is different, and teaching it is the ultimate multi-task.  Many people assume that teaching Lithe is like teaching a grounded workout that rarely changes, like Yoga/spinning/barre or Pilates, and they couldn't be more incorrect.  Lithe Instructors are triple threats and it takes many years to become a well-oiled teaching machine.  Our instructors are forever in-training and constantly learning new workouts.   


At commencement, we'd like to announce the inaugural team of Master Instructors! Congratulations to Tiffany Nork (teaching since 2006), Krista DeNofa (teaching since 2008), and Bari Rosenthal (teaching since 2009) on this level of excellence in their instruction of the Lithe Method.  Ladies, thank you for working with me and loving this incredible company.  You ARE Lithe, and Lithe wouldn't be what it is without you!


Image of Lithe Instructors Bari Rosenthal, Tiffany Nork & Krista DeNofa via Dom



Check out Kristin & Chrissy nine days later!  Lithers are always shocked at what they can achieve in a little over one week.  Why nine days?  It's a total nine hour reset.  I don't recommend not taking a day of rest, but when you're on a mission and need to turn over a new leaf, nine days straight does the trick.  Our schedules are the secret sauce. There is truly a key at work, as our workouts build upon each other.  All you have to do is make the commitment, show up, give it your all, and be mindful of what you're eating. 

Kristin:  When I don't eat tons of cheese and other dairy, I feel infinitely less sluggish. The same goes for salt. I found that by cutting my salt intake, I felt way less bloated.

By day 3 I realized 1 smart water was not cutting for me during in class, and I either needed to bring 2, or one of those jumbo bottles. Through the 9 days, I started to feel more compelled to drink water even outside of the studio. I never drink enough water, and am pretty sure dehydration is my usual state. You can get by that way (sort of) with a sedentary lifestyle, but try and maintain a fitness regimen without proper hydration and you'll never make it.

I allowed myself two "cheat treats" during the challenge, as one does not simply say no to a friend's delicious homemade birthday cupcakes.

In only 9 days of Lithe, better eating, more veggies, more water, and less salt, I've found my brain is operating wayyyy more efficiently and I have more control over my emotions. On Day 7, I said to Lauren, "I feel more myself again" and it couldn't be truer. It's fascinating how 2 or 3 months off the wagon can cause us to sort of lose ourselves and even forget how it actually feels to feel good.

I also discovered through this challenge, just how supportive a community we really have here at Lithe. I've always enjoyed chatting with you ladies at the desk and felt fortunate to have a customer service position where the clientèle are actually awesome... but having so many of you ask me how it was going and wishing me luck really touched my heart and made me feel so motivated. That's something special that you don't find most places. I'm very thankful to feel the support of such strong, incredible women.

Chrissy:  First, the cheering committee consisting of fellow Lithers was overwhelming. More women than I expected were consistently cheering me on, asking questions, motivating me to stick with it, and found themselves motivated to try 9 days straight, as well.

My time management is back on track. I got into the habit of letting the silliest things stand in my way of getting to class. Now I have a no excuses approach to making it to any class, any time of day and it feels awesome because now I know that I won't let things get in my way in the future. This has to continue to be a priority in my life regardless of what is going on during the day/night.

There's a synergy with taking classes and motivation in so many other aspects of my life. I feel stronger, leaner, far more motivated in general - with exercising, with daily tasks, and my work.  And, finally, my eating habits are back in check. Ill always have Sunday for the treats and extra special things that I'd never permanently give up! Taking care of my body physically led me to take what I was putting into it more seriously. 

Images via Lauren's iPhone




The magic of 30!


Lauren Boggi & Forbes

Chatting with Shutterstock CEO, Jon Oringer and Forbes about bootstrapping and the future of Digital Lithe...without spilling the beans.

Image via Forbes


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