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Most of you have heard stories over the years about the 6AMers at our Old City studio. The group above is one of the toughest, most dedicated group of Lithers across all three studios. They're in the studio every day regardless of what life (or Mother Nature) throws at them. Celia dropped by on a rainy Wednesday Sculpt workout to snap a few shots of this badass crew with master Lithe instructor Bari Rosenthal.  

Images via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Lauren Podcast

If you're in the fitness space or growing a business and want to hear how Lithe founder Lauren Boggi built Lithe (and landed the cover of Philly Mag), check out her podcast with Finch Brands president Bill Gullan! Real World Branding is live on iTunes.

Image of Lauren via Free People

A TASTE OF RAH! 14 Jul 2015


Set your Pep Talk to empowerment, join the Spirit Circle for beat-box and sassy, vocal cheer motivation, and Lithe towards transformation and healing. Rah is a great combination of cardio and sculpting with our Twiggy bands and proprietary Double Banded Sculpting with our blue bands.  This workout is a cult classic, and includes vocals (like Rock Steady) and along with fun, high impact CCS: cheer-based, high cardio hitch kicks, herkies, and booty shaking choreography.  

Rah was born out of the following paradigms of influence: somatic psychology (the process of using the body to heal), neuropsychology, self-hypnotism, and movement therapy via Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting.

Don't be rah-shy!  This class should be a cathartic release that transforms your emotional state to promote health and psychological growth. Not to mention you are getting a crazy good work-out. And guess what? Yelling while you Lithe not only increases your core strength, makes the work-out more intense, but it will, with time, improve your lung capacity.  Rock your body, hottie.

  • Born: February 2014 
  • You'll need: Sweat bands on wrists and gloves for double banded sculpting
  • Coordination level: Three
  • Modifiy: Omit vocals to reduce cardiac output, remain grounded during high impact cardio and jumps, omit blue bands during double banded sculpting. If you're new to Rah or Lithe, focus on form and march or jog in place until you master the choreography.  
  • Challenge: Don't be shy! Increase vocal strength and yell from the diaphragm, really get into it (with great form and sharp motions) and work low from the hips/core throughout the CCS Cardio to increase resistance. Try doing the push-up sequence on your toes and maintain a full breathing pattern, scapular stabilization, pelvic/spine & head/neck placement throughout the Double Banded Sculpting. 


We hope you had a blast this weekend, lived free, and let loose. If you're trying to get back on track, join us this week for a personal 9-Day Challenge. Check out our Mission: Lithe column for inspiration!
Image of Lithe Instructor Rachael Bridgens via Antrim & Spruce Photography


PicsNext up? Varsity Lither Starlet Heckard. She's moving to San Diego this week! Starlet, we'll miss you to pieces!  

Has the Lithe Varsity 250 class requirement served as a motivation to get into the studio when you otherwise may have skipped your workout? Although the Lithe Varsity 250 class requirement is a wonderful way to get Lithers into the studio, it wasn't the main motivating factor for me. I’ve gone to Lithe for more than five years and there are a few things that motivated me prior to Varsity. First, I was motivated by the instructors. I wanted to have perfect form at the barre like them, beautiful Rockette kicks, and effortlessly powerful jumping lunges! Also, I’ve been motivated by fellow Lithers. I love working out with women who are strong, focused, and powerful. I love the energy in the studio when everyone is moving together and the breathing is synchronized! It’s magical!

Finally, I was motivated by myself. I had a nasty late cancellation and no-show streak. I challenged myself to eliminate them and was successful for about two years until I overslept for a 6AM workout. I was in a seriously DEEP sleep! I was annoyed and cranky when I woke up and disappointed in myself. I got over it (eventually). Actually that’s not true I still get annoyed when I think about it. TWO YEARS!

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? Tweet! I love venting on Twitter after (or sometimes during) a tortuous day. Live tweeting is the best. I should pay attention during early morning meetings, but ...

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? I'm not sure that there's just one. My top two are perfecting my form and incorporating all of the classes into my schedule. I love working at the barre, on the mat, and using bands and props. I love focusing on which muscles in my body are working. That lets me know that I am moving properly.

I try to take every class that hits the schedule at least twice before putting them in my nightmare closet. I even take classes that force me out of my comfort zone (Hello, Hotstepper! I see you, Cowgirl!) I’m neither a runner nor a hooper, but I managed to survive both classes. If I feel frustrated while learning new CCS I try to “run” the choreography in my head as I’m walking home. I'm sure I've entertained a number of drivers while I'm waiting for the light to change. Wait, what was after the triple jack combo?! Clam diggers? Reach and pull? Boobs and butt?! Gargh! What am I forgetting?!?!

Wait, hold on...how about top three? I think it's cool to see the changes in other Lithers. Like, damn! She looks great! Maybe I shouldn't have fries for dinner! $&@! I really want fries for dinner!

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? That's a tough choice, but I think I'll say Barlesque! It's the perfect blend of classic and sassy (like me). We begin at the barre for serious sculpting and cardio (Hey, jumping lunges! How are ya?), and then move to the bands for funky fresh dance moves. In one class we got to yell "whoooooooooo!" That's probably the first time I vocalized in a class. 

What TV series are you embarrassed to say you've binge watched on Netflix? I'm not ashamed of anything I watch on Netflix. When the weather is funky, I sometimes have a Netflix bad movie marathon. I should be ashamed of my new addiction to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I didn’t watch the show when it was on the air, but now I can’t get enough of their shenanigans. The family is rather disgusting, but they fascinate (and nauseate) me. Disclaimer: The first three seasons of it were the best. Season 4 is kinda dull.

Who was your celebrity crush when you were in middle school? Jake Ryan! He’s not real, but sheesh. Sixteen Candles came out before I was in middle school, but when I saw it ... Zack from Saved from the Bell is a close second. My true celebrity crush is Smokey Robinson. I’ve had a crush on him since I was 5-years-old. Oh, Smokey. When you sang to the letter ‘U’ on Sesame StreetSWOON!

And a little lagniappe: I would love to have my own TV show (although I'm kinda shy, so that might not work, but a girl can dream)!


Meghan Bldg25

We love this article and your summer tip, Meg! 

Lithe Instructor & FP Movement Buyer, Meghan Grauzlis via Free People


Lauren:Lithe Escape Philly Mag

The power of a Lithe selfie! Check us out on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine's July issue. This shot of Lithe founder Lauren Boggi, Lithe instructor Bari Rosenthal and Lither Ilysa Raphael was snapped on our Lithe Escape at Jake's Treasure Beach in Jamaica. Stay tuned to our website to hear about where we're escaping to next!  

Image via Philadelpha Magazine


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You're worth it.  Check it out! 





Check it out!

LAUREN IN NYC! 28 Apr 2015


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