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Most of you have heard stories over the years about the 6AMers at our Old City studio. The group above is one of the toughest, most dedicated group of Lithers across all three studios. They're in the studio every day regardless of what life (or Mother Nature) throws at them. Celia dropped by on a rainy Wednesday Sculpt workout to snap a few shots of this badass crew with master Lithe instructor Bari Rosenthal.  

Images via Antrim & Spruce Photography

INSTAGRAM ♥... 19 Feb 2013


Image of Lithe Instructors Melissa Weinberg's Lithe Old City 12:15pm Floored

LITHE KNOCK-OFF? 14 Jun 2012

Lauren in a Kick Out Full Back

Everyone has seen a "knock-off."  A knock-off is a conterfeit or imitation product or service that is offered for sale.  When you go to any major city, you can hit up the real Gucci or you can buy that fake Gucci. You know how special the real deal is.  With the fake, you no have idea where it was made, or who it was stolen from, how the workers were treated, how safe the fabric is and how long that fabulously faux leather strap is going to last. 

Just like Lithe.  Anyone who has delved into our workout, is living our lifestyle, or has ever visited any of our studios here in Philly knows how unique we are, how much love, blood, sweat and tears over the course of almost seven years that myself and many other dedicated individuals have put into this company.  More importantly, is how much time, energy and money we've put into protecting it; Lithe is intellectual Property.

Sadly, some unethical people are not just inspired by Lithe (anyone who knows me knows that I love inspiring people), they are trying to take Lithe's concepts and turn a profit from it. You may see a Lithe knock-off winning an innovative workout "Best of" Award in another city, a copycat business dress, products, and even a food line pretty similar to ours.

Will we stand for it?  No way.  The theft of ideas and the sale of counterfeit goods suppresses innovation and destroys jobs. We will continue to rise above, but just remember, these people have not been trained by me, and currently, there are no Lithe licenses or franchises in the US.  Just like a Gucci knock-off, it's still a knock-off.  And, there's nothing as authentic as the real thing, or as loyal as our amazing community.  So, Lithers and those of you who are Lithing from afar, look for the Lithe label and beware of imitations!  

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg via Dom


Lithe in Lucky Mag!

Love this! Grab the May issue if you can.  Many thanks to NYC's Well & Good. 

"This incredibly popular studio is responsible for 99 percent of the high butts and flat abs in Philly.  The fat-burning classes use resistance bands that dangle from the ceiling, and the tough, toning barre classes have names like "Skinny Jeans."  Go for three classes per week.  $20

PS:  NYC girls, we're on our way with our biggest, baddest Lithe studio yet!

FIRST FRIDAY! 1 Mar 2012

First Friday Map

It’s First Friday!

Some of our Old City regulars may have noticed that the Old City neighborhood on some Friday evenings seems…abnormally crowded and hectic.  It’s suddenly harder to find a parking spot, traffic moves slower, and there are people everywhere

Welcome to First Friday.  Each month, the Old City Arts Association hosts a Community Open House in which dozens of area galleries and shops host special exhibition receptions, or remain open beyond normal hours.  Held from 5-9pm, year round, in all weather, there is no cost for attending any First Friday events.

What does that mean for you?  Be prepared!  Give yourself a little extra time to get to the studio and find parking.  If you’re lucky enough to find a spot on the street, parking during First Friday is free after 5pm between Front St & 5th St, Walnut to Callowhill.  For back-up, check the map of Old City above, and locate a couple of nearby parking lots. 

And while you’re in the area, wander around and check out some of the festivities! 




I've been living in Lithe's Ultra Support Performance Bra.  I'm talking seriously supportive and super comfy (thanks to double layering and cross-back straps) whether you're on the mat, watching a movie or going to dinner.  I took some shots of Lithe Instructors, Elizabeth Howe (testing size Medium) and Elizabeth Galbally (testing size Large). 

We all agree that this one holds 'em up at the barre, the bands and during the most intense, bounce-heavy CCS sequences and Hot-Stepper.  It's more than a sports bra and it's handmade locally right here in Philly. $75 On-line ordering will be available soon!  

Images of Lithe Instructors, Elizabeth Howe & Elizabeth Galbally at Lithe Old City via Lauren

GET LITHE! 27 Apr 2011

  Brooke wearing Lithe

It's not too late to get Lithe in May!  Our May Rittenhouse Immersion is full, but we have five spots open in our Old City Immersion that begins on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7PM!  

Old City:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 5.3.11 at 7:00PM

If our Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 classes. Sign up and purchase online for convenience or call 215-545-5144 to register.  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Brooke Holloway in Thigh High wearing Lithe via Dominic Episcopo. 

LITHE TV! 19 Apr 2011


I'm so excited to roll out the first episode of Lithe TV!  What is Lithe TV?  Short and sweet TV episodes - Where I bring the blog to life and report on all things fit, hip, healthy & Lithe here in Philadelphia and beyond. 

In this episode, I checked in with designer Bela Shehu about Lithe's new Studio to Street clothing line and my good friend Kelley Hughes at Moko Beauty. 

Episodes two, three & four are coming soon!  Stay tuned for brand new Lithe Method sequencing, getting up close and personal with our Lithe Instructors, Fern Brook Farms (home of Lithe Foods), a farm-to-table dinner in Jamaica with Lithe Escape's very own Liz Solms and SO much more!



Happy Monday Old City Lithers!

We’re so excited to be able to finally show you our new Studio space – it’s beautiful, and we know you are all going to love it.  However, we’re still in a soft opening stage and we are very much still a work in progress.  Please be patient with us while we smooth out the details of the space.

A couple of things to know for your classes this week:

-   The showers will be up and running sometime during the week (we’ll let you know!). 

-   Our lockers will be installed next week. 

-   Our Old City phone line is being installed ASAP, and we’ll give you the phone number as soon as it is confirmed.  In the meantime, continue to call Rittenhouse (215-545-5144) for questions about all studios.

How do you get there?

The space can be a little tricky to find on your first shot.  Our address is 218 Cuthbert St.   It’s in the same building as Sweat Fitness and (Hush) Salon on 3rd St; however, the entrance is actually the Creative Arts Building on Cuthbert St (between Market and Arch).  You cannot enter through Sweat. 

-   If you are coming up (walking) on 3rd St, Cuthbert is not a full street.  To get to the studio from 3rd, make a left or right at the walkway between Hana & Posy, and Jonathan Adler.  The entrance is then to your left (through the parking lot), to the left of Olde City Day School in the Creative Arts Building.

-   If you are coming down 2nd St (South), Cuthbert is a marked street.  Just walk onto Cuthbert, and the studio will be through the parking lot to the right in the Creative Arts Building.

Our signage is not yet installed (thanks, management!), our waiting areas are not yet as comfortable as we would like, and we wish you would have full access to the shower facilities, but both our mat rooms are clean, ready to go, and stunning and we wanted to make sure we can offer you the classes we promised this week.  We’ll keep you updated on the showers and other details as the week progresses. 

Images of Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer practicing in Studio 1, our locker room sinks, waiting area, showers, hallway and Studio 2


Locker number

Hey Old City Lithers!  Guess what?  We will have lockers within the next two weeks!  How will you use them?  Well, you'll see 60 lockers in the locker room-each with a big, round key chain and a number just like the one above (no personal locks allowed).  Prior to each class, you'll choose your locker, stow your belongings, lock your locker and take your key to the class room with you and hang it up at our locker key rack. 

Remember your number because after class, you'll grab your key, remove your belongings and leave the key back in the locker for the next Lither.  We'll be installing lockers and the same system at Lithe Rittenhouse soon!

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