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I never post any of our sequencing, but I'm breaking my own rules here because I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about what Lithe & Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting ® IS (and what it isn't), and it's origins.  No, Lithe is not Barre, Pilates or Yoga; It truly is it's own thing.

Here's a taste of Lithe's Rock Steady.  Thanks to Lithe Instructor Danielle Ingerman and Lither Veronique Hooper who allowed me to shoot them post-class!  Ignore me as I egg them on in this video.  As you would expect, I tend to get really excited about CCS.  I'll dive deeper into this subject this week!  

ME ON MONDAY (ROOTS). 20 Feb 2013


My childhood friend, Carisa Ploch's family farm was featured here by Sweetgreen.  It reminds me a little bit of my first attempt at Lithe TV, and reinforces just how important it is to know where our food grows, and that we should give praise and recognize our local farmers.  My grandfather had a bumper sticker that said:  No Farmers, No Food.  Not only has that statement been etched in my mind since a child, it's one of the reasons that I created Lithe Foods.  This short video is beautiful (can you believe this is New Jersey?), features my hometown, and is worth a watch.  I love this so much, I had to share. 



About the internship:
*10-12 hours per week. The schedule can be flexible.
* Many different tasks, including scouting for posts and products; conducting interviews inside and out of the studios for Lithe TV and FitHipHealthy, doing blog formatting and admin; taking photographs, running blog-related errands (e.g., picking up leggings for photo shoots, taste-testing Lithe Foods, going to the post office), and providing general administrative and editorial support.
* Commitment of at least three months, starting around Jan 7th, 2013
* Ideally one person based in NYC and one person based in Philadelphia.  You can work remotely from your home much of the time, but I'd love to work together a few times a month.
* Unpaid, but with perks: Exposure on FitHipHealthy, learning the ins-and-outs of how blogs work behind-the-scenes, learning how to run a small business, Lithe classes, Lithe Foods and gratitude.

About the intern:
* FitHipHealthy reader & is very familiar with Lithe.
* Has a camera
* VERY detail oriented.
* Likes to research, photograph, test and scout fashion, food and beauty products
* Fluent in the online shopping world and the blog world.
* Adept at internet research.
* Friendly, creative and hardworking.
* Efficient and adept at meeting deadlines.
* Outgoing
* Bonus: Experience in graphic design and Photoshop.

If you're interested, please email lauren@lithemethod.com with a bit about yourself and your resume by 12.22.12

I'M LOVING. 14 Aug 2012

FavEugenia Kim's headscarf keeps the sun at bay and looks chicer than a hat, Rodin's travel kit is perfect for healing summer skin and it gives you a taste of the brand's luxe oils without the price tag, Lithe's upcoming episodes of Lithe TV, my Tori Praver bikini bottoms have a perfect fit (and they stay put) and Etoile Isabel Marant's Bobby shoes.

Out-take Lithe TV & images of Lauren in Virgin Gorda and Anegada via Stuart Goldenberg, Barney's.com and brand websites


 Just a little taste of some older press from the 10! Show.  Wanna see more? Check out our Press or Lithe TV!

Thanks to Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg!

LITHE TV! 9 Jul 2011


Here's episode two of LitheTV®!  Featuring new Lithe Method Instructor, Jessica Procini, Lithe's Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® using our propritary Thinny® bands & some sweet agave talk with Lither & Sweet Freedom Bakery  owner, Alison Lubert. 

This IS the last episode that you'll see me this pregnant, or pregnant at all for that matter.  I currently have less than two weeks to go and then you can follow me on my very own LitheStyle Makeover!  I can't wait to share my very own transformation with all of you!

LITHE TV! 19 Apr 2011


I'm so excited to roll out the first episode of Lithe TV!  What is Lithe TV?  Short and sweet TV episodes - Where I bring the blog to life and report on all things fit, hip, healthy & Lithe here in Philadelphia and beyond. 

In this episode, I checked in with designer Bela Shehu about Lithe's new Studio to Street clothing line and my good friend Kelley Hughes at Moko Beauty. 

Episodes two, three & four are coming soon!  Stay tuned for brand new Lithe Method sequencing, getting up close and personal with our Lithe Instructors, Fern Brook Farms (home of Lithe Foods), a farm-to-table dinner in Jamaica with Lithe Escape's very own Liz Solms and SO much more!



Yesterday we had a full day shoot for Lithe TV.  The ladies at Moko attached this beautiful feather extension to my hair.  It's so soft, colorful, long-lasting (yet temporary) and perfect for Spring.  It's really a fun way to brighten up your look...I love it!  Thanks Moko!

Image of Lauren Boggi via Jordan's Iphone

LITHE TV! 12 Jul 2010

Welcome to Lithe TV!  I'll be reporting weekly about all things fit, hip, healthy and Lithe.  Check out our first episode, where you'll catch a peek at where I grew up and some Jersey Fresh veggies at my family's farm in Malaga, NJ.  Stay tuned for more! 

Location:  Travaglione Farms, Malaga, NJ.  Music by The Shins, The Gloating Sun.

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