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2014-2015 LITHE VARSITY TEAM! 17 Sep 2014

Making Varsity is the ultimate Lithe challenge.  Congrats to our 2014-2015 team - These Lithers work hard all year long!  We can't wait to celebrate with you guys! 

BEST OF FHH 2013! 27 Dec 2013


What a great year!  Some standouts: Busting workout myths for the Huffington Post, Sayeh and food, Lithe in The New York Times, Sayeh tries the 9 Days of Lithe, Lauren for Fitness, Lither gratitude (before & after), CCS at its best: Rock Steady, Loving your athletic body, my favorite skinny heathen, Bouncing Forward for Huffington Post, Emerald Mary, Me on taking risks, love letters like this, Lithe in Philly Mag, Summer lovin', Positive studio-esteem tips, lithers lithin' all over the world, Tips on trimming the fat talk, my apple, Lithe on the Kris Jenner Show, prepping, the bomb, major transformation, Lithe ink, Lithe's first Varsity team, Old City 6AM'ers on Halloween, my favorite smoothie of 2013, the love letter that pumped us all up, turning 36, Thinkfest, Sayeh's wedding & Forbes!

INSTAGRAM ♥... 12 Sep 2013

LB Varsity
LB Varsity

LITHE VARSITY! 24 Jun 2013

Lithe Varsity
Here's our greatest challenge yet.  Annoucing our new Varsity Lither program!  "Tryout" for the Varsity Lithe squad by giving it your all ... all year long.  We'll be tracking your logged Lithe hours each year from September 1 through August 31, and Lithers who log 250 classes make the team!  Varsity Lithers will be announced on the blog, receive a limited edition Varsity t-shirt, and get exclusive discounts, specials, and perks throughout the year.  

This year's "tryouts" run September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013.  That means, you still have over two months to log 250 practice hours.  So, hit the studio, get those classes in, and make Varsity!  We'll announce the 2013-2014 team on September 1, 2013.  Your Varsity status will last one year, and can be renewed for the 2014-2015 season by hitting another 250 classes from September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014.

Up for the challenge?  You can check your completed classes on Mindbody by clicking: (1) the "My Info" tab and (2) "Visit History."  If you need a summary count of your total classes, please feel free to email philly@lithemethod.com or call/check in at any studio front desk.

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