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HI-TOP! 9 Sep 2014


You've never worked your abs like this before! Put on your Hi-Tops and hit the floor. Hi-Top is a total-body workout with a focus on the abs, back, and upper body. We're talking visible abdominal results within 24 hours, post-class. 

Are Lithe's Hi-Tops ($25) required to take the workout? No, but we highly recommend them for the best experience and maximum comfort. Our Hi-Top socks were made for the workout. They are thick, slippery, and provide extra cushion for the ankles, feet, shins, and knees while allowing your ankles to breathe (Bonus: they also look great with Hunter boots!). Our Hot Legs socks are available to borrow through the end of September, but their looser, un-padded knit does not allow for maximum comfort and glide. We recommend DIYing with a pair of thick ski socks.  

Images of Lauren Boggi wearing Lithe's Hi-Tops & Onzie via Katie Kempf




Happy Friday, everyone!  In the spirit of Spring and our outdoor workouts Hot-Stepper, Walk-Star & Dutch, we're giving away one Hot-stepper dress!  For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us your size and how you're going to wear it!  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules: One entry per person.  Thank you, and good luck!

Image of Lauren Boggi Lithe Instructors, Cat K., Liz G. & Bianca P. via Dom



Image of Lauren Boggi wearing Lithe via Dom



Image of Lithe Instructor Cat Kiernan wearing Lithe via Dom

LITHE PROUD! 30 Jan 2014

Lithe Wear

Lithe Instructors Diana Khuu, Colleen McNally & Rachel Dore showing off their Lithe via Dom

BEST OF FHH 2013! 27 Dec 2013


What a great year!  Some standouts: Busting workout myths for the Huffington Post, Sayeh and food, Lithe in The New York Times, Sayeh tries the 9 Days of Lithe, Lauren for Fitness, Lither gratitude (before & after), CCS at its best: Rock Steady, Loving your athletic body, my favorite skinny heathen, Bouncing Forward for Huffington Post, Emerald Mary, Me on taking risks, love letters like this, Lithe in Philly Mag, Summer lovin', Positive studio-esteem tips, lithers lithin' all over the world, Tips on trimming the fat talk, my apple, Lithe on the Kris Jenner Show, prepping, the bomb, major transformation, Lithe ink, Lithe's first Varsity team, Old City 6AM'ers on Halloween, my favorite smoothie of 2013, the love letter that pumped us all up, turning 36, Thinkfest, Sayeh's wedding & Forbes!

LITHE ENDVY! 2 Dec 2013

Lithe Endvy

Like a boss, she's the godmother of all Lithe's glute-based, sculpting workouts.  Triple-propped, and always total-body, you have a "Lithe guarantee" to raise your rear and smoothe your hips and thighs in just three workouts.  You'll have a ball at the barre:  targeted glute toning and fat burning via heavy weights + Lithe's Thinny bands = high and lifted results.  The epitome of Endvy™.

Image of Lauren Boggi wearing Lithe's faux Leather Leggings via Jordan

INSTAGRAM ♥... 11 Nov 2013

Lithe Instructors wearing Lithe Wear at Thinkfest

Had a great time with these ladies @phillymag #ThinkFest! #fithiphealthy #Litheinstructors #LitheWear #cheerleaders #branding #fitness #globalphenomenon



Lauren on Business and Branding


Lauren on Lithe & Branding for Philadelphia Magazine's Be Well Philly.  Want to learn more about Lithe and the importance of branding?  Check out the roster for ThinkFest!



Happy Weekend and Happy August!  This weeks giveaway will make your abs work overtime: one Lithe Cinch Band and 3 Lithe Method classes ($100 value)!  Our Cinch Band gives additional abdominal awareness to any of our workouts, but it's great for slower, controlled classes such as Cinch (it was created for Cinch back in 2009), and can also be used for our other total body/Ab-focused classes: A-List Abs, Waist Not, Floored, Thinny, Waspie, Peeled, Skinny Jeans, Arm-istice, Sweet Cheeks, and even Hipster!  They are also just plain great to wear during the fall/winter for added warmth. 

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us how you're going to wear your Cinch band! Read Christina's post for some Studio + Street inspiration.  One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person; Card will be added to your account with expiration applied.  Thank you, and good luck!

Images of Lithe Instructors Lauren Boggi and Melissa Weinberg wearing Lithe's Cinch band at Lithe Old City


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