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INSPIRATION. 22 Jul 2013


Image of Lauren wearing Lithe's Spur Skirt & Performance Bra via Dom



Working out in faux leather? Uh, yea! I think I found love in a leather-less place (just a little Rihanna humor). Just like the Cinch Band, Lithe's Leather Leggings are studio-to-street style personified.  They're great to Lithe-in because of the stretch (and sweat!) capabilities, but they are also so fun to play around with when it comes to your daily wardrobe…just like all of the Lithe Wear pieces.

Personally, the one thing I have enjoyed the most is the versatility. I easily hop out of the studio in them and can begin running errands or even meet up with friends for a quick bite, all while effortlessly keeping an edgy-hip look. As seen in the picture above, Chrissy perfectly paired up these pants with sweet Nike wedge sneakers, the new Lithe tank, and accents of jewelry for a street look. And if you see Chrissy in the studio, she will tell you how amazingly comfortable they are to Lithe in!

Oh and just as a heads up… if you wear these out and about, be prepared to have a few people dying to know where you got them! 

Content via Lithe Contributor Christina Dollings & images of Lithe's Retail Manager Chrissy Parker via Christina

TRASHY DO: 13 May 2013


I created our Calorie Trashers for High Waisted, but you can increase your flexibility by wearing them in many of our sculpting workouts (listed above).  We DON'T recommend them for our cardio workouts, as you can become severely dehydrated, and possibly cause muscle breakdown. 

Please be smart, drink up, and wear them right.  FYI:  For safety and liability reasons, Lithe Instructors reserve the right to ask a Lither to remove her Trashers in any high cardio workout.

Image of Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto wearing Trashers via Dom

INSTAGRAM ♥... 8 May 2013




Check out The Cult of Lithe Queen of Hearts feature by Richard Rys in Philadelphia Magazine's May issue.  Kudos to Richard for having the guts to enter our culture (and experience the workout!).  Thank you to our Lithe Instructors Jaime Powers, Kim Sauer, Meg Grauzlis and Tirsa Rivas for enduring an arduous 14 hour shoot and body painting session.  And, thank you to all the Lithers of Philadelphia for shaping Lithe's history, and loving this workout and lifestyle; I'm so honored! 

Images via Philadelphia Magazine and Jonathan Pushnick


Lithe Body Diversity

I may not always be at the studio, but I can hear you...
I'm always keeping an ear out for negative body image and eating disorder-triggering conversations at Lithe; it's part of my job.  Since 2005, Lithe has been all about body diversity, from the instructors that we hire, to our branding message.  IT IS what we stand for, and we pride ourselves on being a positive, happy, healthy environment for all women.  

We don't usually hear much negative talk within our walls, but springtime always increases the negative body image chatter about skipping out on sculpting classes for something higher cardio because, "I can't afford to take a class like Cinch, it doesn't have enough cardio/calorie burn.  Or, "Omg, I ate so much for breakfast today...a whole bowl of cereal."  Or, "I won't dare lift anything heavier than 5 lbs because it makes me "bulky."

I'm piping in to remind you that, these types of misconceptions are exactly why this blog and the Lithe Lifestyle exists.

Did you know that mixing Lithe's CCS Cardio and CCS Sculpting is the best way to achieve the results that you are looking for?  When our more traditional, slower-paced,“strength” workouts are performed with the correct timing (think: Sculpt, Cinch, Skinny Jeans, High Waisted, Thinny, Peeled, Wings, Walk-Star, Waspie, Split or Sleeveless), form, precision and intensity they also really get the heart rate up and train the cardiovascular system just like our more aerobic cardio workouts (think: Rock Steady, Hot Legs, Skinny Mini, Spirit, Hot-stepper, Higher Power, Weightless & Twiggy).

Food is also your friend.  If you really want your body to work for you when you're Lithing, you need to feed it right-whether that's making the most of 2 classes a week, or building up to a marathon mileage of 4 to 7 classes per week. 

What the bulk?  Who's building bulk?  You're getting bulky?  No, you really aren't; You're building an athletic body.  If you'd like to remove the fat that's sitting on top of your lean muscles, change your diet and increase your weights to eights and watch you become your leanest yet.  Want to learn more?  Read all about the old bulk myth (#1) in my column for Huffington Post's Healthy Living.

Today I'm reminding you that you are all athletes.  I challenge you all to think like the athletes that you are and love the body that you're building. Our workout will make you: strong, athletic, femininely cut, curvy, and confident.  Our workout will not train you to be skinny.  If you have a body, you are an athlete (thank you, NIKE!).  Love your athletic body.  Feed your athletic body.  Challenge your athletic body.  Accept your athletic body.  Be proud of your athletic, LITHE body.  

Lithe Instructors Liz Galbally, Lauren Boggi Goldenberg, Cat Keirnan & Bianca Pallotto wearing Lithe's Hot-stepper Dress via Dom



A great sports bra should prevent excess movement, soreness, and discomfort during the most intense CCS.  When it comes to protecting your chest in the studio, Low/medium/high impact, seamless, sweat wicking fabric, adjustability, back hooks, eye closures and strap type are all sports bra characteristics that may not be top of mind when making a purchase. No matter what your breast size, you should always think about the impact level of Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting, as well as your cup size. 

There’s a major difference in a ‘high impact-D-cup’ bra vs. ‘low impact-D-cup’ bra. Studies show that a woman’s breast size does not affect how much the breasts move and bounce during activity.  For example, if you are an A-cup, steer clear of thoughts like, “Well I don’t really need any support, so I’ll wear whatever to class.” Instead, the next time you walk into Dutch or Pom, find a bra that is appropriately made for an A-cup + medium-high level impact. Just like we say in Rock Steady, “We Love It!”… Well, we want our boobs to be saying that too! 

Here are a few of our favorites, categorized by cup size and activity impact levels. Take care of your girls and find some perfect fits for every type of Lithe workout:

1.  Lithe Method, "Performance Bra" (S-L)
  Details:  Chic, sexy, supportive, comfortable with double layering, halter strap and open back.  No metal or chafing.  Moonlights as a regular bra.  Shown on Lithe Instructor, Danielle Ingerman

2.  C9 by Champion for Target, "Reversible Racerback Bra" (XS-XL)  Details:  Smooth, supportive, comfortable and seamless.  Shown on Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto

3.  Lululemon, "Tata Tamer II" (C-DD Cup)  Details:  Fully adjustable, good support, no chafing and wide straps

.  Shown on Lithe Instructor Cat Kiernan

4.  Lithe Method, “Ultra Support Performance Bra” (S-L)
  Details: Full coverage, ultra supportive, comfortable with double layering and thick cross-back straps, no metal or chafing.  Moonlights as a regular bra.  Shown on Lither Jackie Kunkel

5.  Shock Absorber, "Max Sports Bra" (B/C-HH Cup)  Details:  Shaped and padded with ultimate support and comfort (Lauren's bra of choice to Lithe in during pregnancy).

6.  Isis, “Sport Seamless” (C-D Cup)
  Details: Serious support, micro adjustability

7.  Lululemon, “Flow Y” (A-B Cup)
Details: Low impact, mesh insert wicks sweat, flat seams, versatility + comfort.  On Lithe Instructor Kim Sauer

Images via: lululemon.com, shockabsorber.com, target.com, isisforwomen.com, lithemethod.com and Dom Episcopo.  Post content via FHH Contributor Christina Dollings.



This weekend, do it bright:  bold mani, Alexander Wang's Tang Rocco, RGB's nail foundation in F1, Jenessa Leone's Sadie hat, my go-to summer sandals, a pop of color + lithe's Hot-Stepper Dress and Kate Spade's Half Moon bag

Images via brand websites and Lauren Boggi Goldenberg and Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto wearing Lithe's Hot-Stepper dress via Dom


Lithe Performance Bra

Tweet @lithemethod your #fithiphealthy inspiration for the spring season for your chance to win Lithe's Performance Bra; A $75 value!

Image of Lithe Instructor Bianca Pallotto wearing Lithe's Performance Bra & "Leather" Leggings via Dominic Episcopo.

IT'S A CINCH! 21 Mar 2013


My obsession: the Cinch band, Lithe Wear—Studio + Street. As an on-the-go Lither in Philadelphia, I am always looking for chic versatility in clothing that will assist in my daily transition from Lithe-ing, schooling, and commuting. Not only does this band heat up the abdominals during a steamy Lithe workout, but it is also works as an ultra-sleek belt to accessorize with my other outfits, whether I am running errands or enjoying a fun night out on the town. During all of the tucks and liberties at the barre, I am more aware of squeezing and pulling in my abdominals for a better result. I’m not afraid to admit that I especially enjoy how the Cinch band shapes my lower abdominal and hip area, which brings out my inner-sexiness that sometimes we’re all a little hesitant to show! Try wearing it in the signature, Barlesque class and watch your hips tuck and pop in the mirror… your confidence will lighten the whole room.

Lithe-Street tip: Outside the studio, I love pairing this band with a maxi dress or a chunky, asymmetrical sweater. Make your ‘lithe’ simple and chic, it’s a cinch.

Images and post via Lither & FHH contributor, Christina Dollings wearing her Cinch band

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