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Love letters
Dear Lithe,

When I signed up for Lithe’s Summer Challenge, I was focused more on actually making it to all thirty-six classes than I was on the effects that doing so would yield. The first couple of weeks I was stuck in my old habits of late cancels and not taking seriously my commitment to showing up. So, for the last four weeks, I knew I had to step up my game. And I did. I went to classes almost everyday and even had to take two classes a day a few times. As I counted down my list of thirty-six, the results of going to class regularly totally snuck up on me. I’d be lying in bed and reach down to scratch an itch on my leg or something, and I’d be blown away by how muscular it felt, even when it was relaxed. Or, I’d tie my hair up in front of the mirror at work, and I’d be completely surprised and super pleased to see the biceps peeking back at me. Before the Challenge, I had been going to classes erratically and did notice a change in my physique, but, wow, after the challenge, things are definitely different. I am doing much better in my push-ups, barre work, and form overall. Now, I feel like I can actually do the exercises as they are meant to be, with more proper form than before and stamina to push through most series. The fun-factor of Lithe has definitely evolved for me. I thought I was obsessed before, but it’s on a completely different level now. More than challenging me to become more fit, the Summer Challenge helped me in the area I needed most – dedication. Instead of blowing off classes because it’s been a long day at work or I’m just feeling lazy, I know that I can turn everything around if I just go for an hour. What is an hour, anyway? At Lithe, an hour is the best part of the day!



Love letters
Hi Lauren,

The Summer Challenge is finished, and I’ve more than survived! I’m stronger, leaner, and most importantly Lither! I am doing push-ups in full plank (at least the 1st set!), proudly getting low in wide second work, and I can actually concentrate on my form during the cardio sequences instead of just surviving! As I finish my 4th Lithe Challenge, I really want to thank my fellow Lithers who noticed my hard work. I love celebrating our successes together, and the Summer Challenge was a big milestone. I also would like to share my calorie burns, as I faithfully wore my heart rate monitor throughout the challenge! My biggest burn? Split on June 30th with Brooke - 663 calories! Thanks for a great 6 weeks!

WEEK 1: 2,190 Calories
WEEK 2: 2,575 Calories
WEEK 3: 2,466 Calories
WEEK 4: 1,942 Calories
WEEK 5: 2,471 Calories
WEEK 6: 2,392 Calories

Total: 14,036 Calories!!!!

Thanks again, Lithe!



Love letters
Dear Lithe,

When I turned 37 last November, I knew it was time to make a serious lifestyle change and try something new. It became apparent that my half-hearted attempts at the gym and sporadic running habits were simply not going to cut it. When I first heard about Lithe Method and took my first Lithe 101 class, I knew I had found something extraordinary. I initially chose Lithe because I wanted to change my body. After three months, I can truly say that Lithe has lived up to its promise. What I didn’t expect was the how much Lithe Method would change my life.

Being a newbie, I decided to do the Summer Challenge as a way to establish a consistent routine. Now that I have incorporated Lithe into my schedule, my classes have become as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth. While I do allow myself one day off per week, I always get the feeling that something is missing. My dedication to my workout became so intense that nothing could stand in the way of me getting to class on time. For example, I had a minor scooter accident (yes, I ride a scooter) on the way to my 6 am Walk Star class. I was fine, but the front fender of my scooter fell off. Once my brain was able to process what had happened, I simply picked up the broken front fender and continued on to the Old City studio while squeezing what was left of the fender between my knees.  For what it’s worth, I made it to class just in time.

The “Lithe effect” has taken me far beyond the workout routine. I spend more time than I probably should reading the blog and checking my waitlist. In order to make my husband more comfortable with the cost, I started to bring lunch to work, cut down on the take-out, and gave up my daily Starbucks habit. As a result, I not only save money, but I eat healthier. I even saved the “eating Lithe shopping list” to my phone and I use it regularly.

Because of my new healthy lifestyle, I am much more comfortable with my body – I even bought a pair of shorts for the first time in five years. All of these changes have made me a happier and healthier person, and I am truly thankful. In short, Lithe has changed my life because it changed the way I live.

Thank you,


READY, SET, GO! 18 Jun 2012


Today is officially the first day of our Summer Challenge and Lithe "10".  There are over 70 Lithers signed up.  You can do it!  I wish you all health, perseverance and hope that you have fun and make some memories along the way.  I'll be right with you guys...I'm teaching/doing our Lithe "10" I'm eating Lithe Foods all month. 

Are you wait-listed at Nolibs & Rittenhouse?  Walk a few blocks (and burn some extra calories) to Lithe Old City  and take advantage of TWO mat-rooms and more peak class times!  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall in Thigh High via Dominic Episcopo.  



Remember our Fall and Spring Challenges?  This year, we're bringing you a Summertime Challenge!  We know everyone is busy with vacations, weddings and the fourth of July, so we've made it accessible to everyone by making it 6 weeks! And you have two options:


- Five classes per week, for six weeks (total: 30 classes).  At least 3 of those must be an outdoor class.



- 36 classes total, at least three of which must be an outdoor class

Instead of trying to get in one outdoor class per week, we're only requiring you to take a minimum of three Hot-stepper or Walk-Star classes throughout the challenge (FYI: We'll be adding a few more outdoor classes to the schedules this week).  Good Luck everyone!

Are you in?  Please email [email protected] by 6/15 and let us know if you are participating and which option you'd like to attempt.

**Correction to the above image:  The dates of the Challenge are 6/18 to 7/29 (six weeks).

Images of Lithe Instructors, Kelly Wong, Shannon Graham, Brooke Holloway & Kim Sauer wearing Lithe Wear via Dom


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