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We hope you had a blast this weekend, lived free, and let loose. If you're trying to get back on track, join us this week for a personal 9-Day Challenge. Check out our Mission: Lithe column for inspiration!
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BEST OF FHH 2014! 29 Dec 2014


What a great year! Thank YOU for all of your hard work and dedication: We completed 3 challenges, 2 Lithe Escapes, traveled on tour to Seoul, NYC & LA, celebrated a decade in Philly, Welcomed 11 fantastic new instructors (Meredith, Cate, Jen L., Maggie, Jenn B., Annette, Liz S., Kalika, Jonathan, Alicia, Katie B), 3 veteran instructors became Masters, debuted 7 new workouts (Rah, Lithe Beach, Hi-Top, All That, Sideline, Mercy & Lithe Lab), 2 WKND's and have seen the most killer camaraderie and results than ever before!  Here's to 2015!  Check out some of our favorite posts...

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Kalika just completed her nine-day challenge. Check out her before pictures. It's truly incredible what nine days can do! Congrats, Kalika! Mission accomplished.  

MISSION: LITHE! 16 Oct 2014

Mission-3Lets cheer her on!  Lithe Instructor Kalika starts a nine-day mission on Monday!  Kalika says:

Why am I doing a nine-day challenge? There are a few reasons, but most of all because I am a burlesque performer and I have a show coming up. During the weeks before a big show, I should be paying attention to my body – Lithing to keep my cardio endurance up and remain strong. I should be putting food into my body that fills me with energy. The reality is rehearsals run late and marathon costume-making sessions take up copious amounts of time. Working out (outside of teaching)? Forget it. Preparing food? Rarely.

Doing this challenge holds me accountable and forces me to make time to take care of my body. I want to feel my best on the day of the show. And yes, I want to look my best when I take my clothes off in front of 350 people. One of the amazing things about burlesque is that it celebrates all bodies, but that doesn't mean I don't want to look a certain way for ME!

Images via Lauren



Check out these final results!  Lindsay was on a bridal mission since May.  I took these pictures two days before her big day.  Lindsay, you look beautiful, fit and strong.  We cannot wait to see you in your dress!  

Images of Lindsay via Lauren



What I did differently: I cut out all processed carbs during the week. My daily eating habits were as follows:
Breakfast: a green smoothie
Lunch: a salad with some protein, or another lean protein-and-veggie based meal. For example, I was at a work lunch and I didn’t want a sad restaurant salad, so instead I had two lamb meatballs (it was a Greek restaurant) and some steamed veggies. It was a great way for me to change up my meals to avoid boredom, without breaking the rules I had set out. 
Afternoon snack: This was big for me: I had a second green smoothie/Lithe Greenie in the afternoon. If I couldn’t make my own or have a Lithe one, I had one of the ones Starbucks sells. Having a mid-afternoon green juice prevented me from making some poor snacking decisions (likely full of processed carbs)
Dinner: Lean protein and veggies. For example, some roasted chicken with sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. 
I think that cutting out all the processed carbs was the biggest change I made. No bread, no crackers, nothing. I had sweet potatoes and a variety of veggies, and made a bunch of extra with every dinner so that I always had those to snack on if I felt the urge. 
I also ate large-ish portion sizes. I am ALWAYS hungry, and to prevent me from snacking on something bad, I made sure I had a good-sized meal and felt satiated rather than skimping on the healthy salad and compensating later with something processed and sugary. Luckily, with all the veggies I was still eating well. But instead of feeling hungry a few hours after meals, I felt satisfied.  Also, I let myself eat freely over the weekend. As much as I enjoyed my weekday diet, I don’t think it is sustainable every day in the long term. And since I am in this for the long term, I let myself enjoy the weekend =) Also, it was my bachelorette party in Nashville, so…. yeah.
How I feel: better than ever! Even despite the poor food choices in Nashville (hey, a girl only gets one bachelorette!) I still feel great! I can see changes in my pictures from last week, and I am just floored by the changes in my measurements. 
My plan: I’m going to stick with eating healthy Monday through Friday, and enjoying myself on the weekends. I have 10 weeks or so until my wedding, and I want to keep seeing progress every week!
Also: I can’t thank Lauren enough for creating this amazing venue for women to work out and be more healthy, while also being supportive and collaborative. Lithe has changed my perspective on working out, eating healthy, and what my body is capable of.
Images of Lindsay via Lauren

MISSION: LITHE! 7 May 2014

Long time Lither Lindsay K. just started her 9 day challenge.  She is prepping for her July wedding and hopes that by going public here on the blog she'll be held accountable.  Let's cheer her on! 
Age: 29
Kids: Not yet. I am getting married in July, so at some point I imagine I will be Lithing while pregnant. 
My fit.hip.healthy: I fell in love with Lithe after my first class, 3.5 years ago (wow!). I was a figure skater through high school, and never found a workout that kept up my strength or endurance, much less one that was enjoyable. I gained a bit of weight in college and filled out (late bloomer), but during medical school I began to feel soft and sloth-like. I found Lithe four months into my intern year, and have been loving it ever since. 
Since I first started Lithing, I’ve noticed that both my endurance and my strength have returned and improved upon my 18-year old self. I have more definition in my arms and back than ever before, and my abs are (slowly) making a comeback. These days, I’m on some research time so I have minimal clinical obligations, and I’m enjoying cherry-picking my class schedule to have the perfect blend of cardio and sculpting. I’ve seen significant changes in my body just in the last nine months. 
Fell off the wagon? Never. It is too good a workout, and too good a stress reliever! 
How I Lithe: I Lithe every day that I am in Philadelphia, so between 5-7 days per week depending on my weekend schedule. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately - which is great because I get to see family and friends that I was unable to see during my first three years of residence - but the downside is that there are many weekends without Lithe. I try and get a mix of cardio and sculpting in each week. Lately, I’ve been loving waist work (High Waisted, some new sequences in Lauren’s Floored and Freestyle) because it targets an area that otherwise gets no attention, and I feel that wonderful soreness the next day.
What is key for me: making my workout a priority. It’s the one time every day when I get to focus on just myself, and I’ve found that it helps me relax and de-stress.
My diet: My diet has been holding me back from truly getting to where I would like to be. I love salty snacks, and I’ve always had a big appetite (read: able to eat way more than a normal portion size without getting uncomfortable). I’ve also been living off a resident’s diet for the past few years, which means that I was too tired to pack myself healthy meals. As a result, I ate whatever I could find whenever I was hungry (and justified overeating, because who knew when I would be able to eat again).
These days, I am focusing on my diet. I’ve been pretty good about portion control overall, though it could still use some improvement. I start the day with a Naked green machine juice or a Lithe Greenie, and follow it up with a salad for lunch. Dinner is the hardest, since both my fiancé and I are pretty busy and don’t cook at home as much as we should.  I’m going to eat clean this month during the weeks, and relax a little on the weekends. I’ve tried logging my meals before, and found it helpful, so if I need more assistance with keeping my diet in check, I’ll start doing that again. But hopefully the weekly measurements with Lauren are enough to keep me accountable.
I weigh in: on occasion. I find that I generally have a pretty good sense of my size based on how I feel and look, and the scale is only helpful for when I’ve put on more than a few pounds (ahem, the holiday season). These days, I’m in the low 130s (5’8 tall), and while I would love to be under 130, seeing all the posts on this blog has made me realize that it really is just a number, so a numeric goal is silly.
I feel: great! I have some more changes I’d like to see before my wedding this July, but I feel toned and fit and in the best shape of my life. 
Images via Lauren


Check out Jonathan and Katie's results!  You can visibly see the difference from their before picures

For the past nine days theyv'e been Lithing and eating clean!  We'll hear from Jonathan later today, but Katie said, "I feel AMAZING after completing the 9 day challenge!  This challenge was one of the best things I have recently done for myself.  It allowed me to truly focus on myself instead of letting a busy life get in the way. In addition to the Lithing 9 days in a row, I made sure to drink between 64-92 ounces of water a day, and I stuck to the #LitheSpringClean menu (except for some weekend pizza). By day 3 of the challenge, I found that I've constantly been in a great mood.   I've literally been dancing around to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark  and Happy by Pharrell on repeat.  I feel stronger, healthier and I have more energy.  I feel so great that I'm going to keep going and try to complete 20 in 25 days for  the Lithe Spring Clean Challenge!" 

Images via Lauren



MISSION: LITHE! 3 Apr 2014

Mission Lithe!

Two more of our incredible front of the house crew is doing a nine day challenge! The fabulous Jonathan Cedrone (he's also currently doing his Co-op with Lithe Foods) and Lithe's General Manager, Katie Kempf are on day 4.  Lets cheer them on!  Read about why they are on a mission...

Why did you want to do a 9 day challenge?
Now that I'll be out of school on co-op for the next 6 months, I feel like I finally have a hot second to actually devote to some [much needed] self care. After seeing Kristin and Chrissy's transformations, I was inspired to make a change for myself as well. As part of the extremely rare species known as the "Lithe Boy", I wanted to see if Lithe would affect the male body in the same way that it affects the female, as seen through all of our amazing client transformations! With this new found inspiration and time, I figured the 9 day challenge would be the best way to literally whip myself into shape so that I could take classes more regularly (without nearly passing out in the mat room - I don't know how some of these ladies do it!) and in preparation for becoming Lithe's first male instructor! While losing some unwanted inches of fat, ideally I'd like to gain some more muscle! And what better time to get started than right before summer?! (gasp, shirtless...)
What day are you on?
Today is day 4 of the challenge!
What is your typical diet like?
Living on the budget of an undergraduate who literally pays for everything himself, nutrition is extremely difficult for me. With barely any time available to devote to shopping for healthy groceries and actually cooking, I tend to gravitate towards the already prepared options, and 9 times out of 10, that means bad for you. With that said, I don't fall into the stereotype of the college kid who only eats Ramen noodles, but I definitely don't have enough fruits, veggies, and proteins (read: I eat a lot of pasta). Regarding portions, my diet fluctuates a bit too much as well. When I'm home with my family, I tend to eat portions that are definitely too large; my family is Italian, so that means consistent yelling from Mom and Mommom that I'm "not eating enough" despite the 2 bowls of pasta with meatballs and bread that I just ate. But when I'm on my own at my apartment, portions are too small. I've been needing an overhaul to steer my diet towards a more nutritionally-valuable, middle road!
Did you fall off the wagon?
Technically, I'm fairly new to Lithe classes, so I've never "fallen off the wagon" in that sense. However, my fitness has definitely not gotten as much attention as I'd like recently. I have generally been in good shape since high school because of dance (I was heavier as a pre-teen, thanks to Mom and Mommom, as mentioned above). In high school, dance for me was much more athletically based, especially with my competition team (read: jumps, turns, splits...). Ever since coming to Drexel and joining their company, dance is more focused on performance and the artform itself. However, that meant dance could no longer suffice as my only exercise. But between rehearsals, dance classes, academic classes, homework, work, and social life, finding the time to get in a workout was the last thing on my list. Ever since, I've never been completely comfortable in my own skin (especially on the beach without a shirt), although I know I'm not overweight or completely out of shape.
How are you feeling right now?
Right now I'm feeling much more energetic and happy, despite the soreness! It's only day 4, and I'm starting to see exciting changes in my body: my stomach looks and feels tighter, my chest seems fitter, and my arms are definitely bigger and more defined. With that said, I'm extremely excited to check in next week!



Why did you want to do a 9 day challenge?

I wanted to do the 9 day challenge because I think it will help me recharge.  It's the perfect opportunity to focus on myself for a bit and get ready for Spring.  I'm pretty social person, and I love spending time with my family and friends.  However, between work and life I don't get much "me" time.  Taking a class is my own personal time and it's so important for my mental health.


What is your typical diet like?

My typical diet is fairly healthy when I'm by myself, but I am very influenced by my friends and will feast whenever the opportunity presents itself.  My diet is full of fruits and vegetables...but it's also full of pizza and cookies and brownies.


Did you fall off the wagon?

I didn't completely fall of the wagon, but I have not been able to take as many classes each week as I would like. I used to Lithe 5 days a week and for the last few months I've been averaging 1-3 classes per week. I'm really excited to get back to the level that I used to be at.


How are you feeling?

Today is day 4 and I feel great.  I'm more energetic and already feel more like myself- happier, more positive, and more appreciative about the little things in life!


Images via Lauren




Check out Kristin & Chrissy nine days later!  Lithers are always shocked at what they can achieve in a little over one week.  Why nine days?  It's a total nine hour reset.  I don't recommend not taking a day of rest, but when you're on a mission and need to turn over a new leaf, nine days straight does the trick.  Our schedules are the secret sauce. There is truly a key at work, as our workouts build upon each other.  All you have to do is make the commitment, show up, give it your all, and be mindful of what you're eating. 

Kristin:  When I don't eat tons of cheese and other dairy, I feel infinitely less sluggish. The same goes for salt. I found that by cutting my salt intake, I felt way less bloated.

By day 3 I realized 1 smart water was not cutting for me during in class, and I either needed to bring 2, or one of those jumbo bottles. Through the 9 days, I started to feel more compelled to drink water even outside of the studio. I never drink enough water, and am pretty sure dehydration is my usual state. You can get by that way (sort of) with a sedentary lifestyle, but try and maintain a fitness regimen without proper hydration and you'll never make it.

I allowed myself two "cheat treats" during the challenge, as one does not simply say no to a friend's delicious homemade birthday cupcakes.

In only 9 days of Lithe, better eating, more veggies, more water, and less salt, I've found my brain is operating wayyyy more efficiently and I have more control over my emotions. On Day 7, I said to Lauren, "I feel more myself again" and it couldn't be truer. It's fascinating how 2 or 3 months off the wagon can cause us to sort of lose ourselves and even forget how it actually feels to feel good.

I also discovered through this challenge, just how supportive a community we really have here at Lithe. I've always enjoyed chatting with you ladies at the desk and felt fortunate to have a customer service position where the clientèle are actually awesome... but having so many of you ask me how it was going and wishing me luck really touched my heart and made me feel so motivated. That's something special that you don't find most places. I'm very thankful to feel the support of such strong, incredible women.

Chrissy:  First, the cheering committee consisting of fellow Lithers was overwhelming. More women than I expected were consistently cheering me on, asking questions, motivating me to stick with it, and found themselves motivated to try 9 days straight, as well.

My time management is back on track. I got into the habit of letting the silliest things stand in my way of getting to class. Now I have a no excuses approach to making it to any class, any time of day and it feels awesome because now I know that I won't let things get in my way in the future. This has to continue to be a priority in my life regardless of what is going on during the day/night.

There's a synergy with taking classes and motivation in so many other aspects of my life. I feel stronger, leaner, far more motivated in general - with exercising, with daily tasks, and my work.  And, finally, my eating habits are back in check. Ill always have Sunday for the treats and extra special things that I'd never permanently give up! Taking care of my body physically led me to take what I was putting into it more seriously. 

Images via Lauren's iPhone


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