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DECEMBER 23 & 24: TOE TOUCH! 23 Dec 2012


We do so many variations of this cheer inspired move at Lithe.   If you haven't tried this killer ab move with me in Weightless, give it a shot at home (it's a bit tougher to do without our band system, so don't fret if you're having trouble flexing up at first). Lying supine, with abs imprinted and body weight situated on the backs of sitz-bones, shoulders sliding down and chin tilted:

Try it:

(a) Inhale and draw knees into chest as you press ball into shins.

(b) Exhale to engage abs, roll up to the backs of the sitz-bones as you simultaneously open legs into a toe touch and press ball into right shin. Left arm will hit a sharp “High V.”  Repeat left.

Image of LBG at Lithe OC

DECEMBER 21 & 22: TAP & LIFT! 22 Dec 2012


Whether you're at the bands, barre, tall box, blue box, or on the mat, you'll be tapping and lifting a few times a week at Lithe.  Not only does this move increase your range of motion, but it challenges your lateral musculature.  Body will be folder over, standing leg is slightly bent with weight in the heel, hips are open laterally, chin tilted and shoulders sliding down.

Try it:

(a) Breathe in and lower leg towards the ground.

(b) Exhale, to extend left leg from outer hip and thigh.

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg at Lithe OC

DEC 19 & 20: CURTSEY TO LIBERTY! 20 Dec 2012

Curtsey to Liberty

From your last lateral liberty, keep left foot in stiletto.  Both legs should be slightly laterally rotated from the hips and right knee should line up behind left heel and right foot should be at 7 o' clock.  Shoulders should be sliding down and chest is lifted.  Arms are long and gently pressing down into the barre (or back of a chair if you're at home).

Try it:

(a) Breathe in, bend right knee and lower foot to the ground (around 7 o’clock). Your left hip and rib will come closer, as your right hip and rib lengthen away from each other.

(b) Exhale to engage left quad, abs and glutes and come up to a lateral liberty in tuck. 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Tirsa Rivas demo'ing at the barre at Lithe Main Line


Kristin & Heather

Bend at the knees deeply so that your glutes are almost on the same plane as your knees. Keep glutes and abs engaged in tuck,  arms in “T”, shoulders sliding down and chest lifted.

Try it:

(a) Breathe in and rotate from the waist to the right. Ribs will open.

(b) Exhale to the left, knitting your ribs back together. Your back left arm should only go to about 7 o’clock. 

Image of NYC Lithe Instructors, Heather Langham & Kristin Jantzie via Lauren

DEC 11 & 12: LUNGES 12 Dec 2012


Now here's something that changes your entire body!  Remember to keep your chest lifted, shoulders down and body aligned.

Try it:

(a) Keep left foot in stiletto, breathe in, bend right knee and lower foot to the ground in neutral.

(b) Exhale to engage left quad, abs and glutes and come up to Liberty in tuck. 

September image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg demo'ing Lithe's Lunge at Lithe Old City


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Image of Lithe Instructor Carrie Gero via Dom

DEC 9 & 10: LIBERTY 10 Dec 2012


Our Lithe Liberty stems from a cheerleading stunt (here's a picture of me doing a liberty in college).  I love that a few of our NYC instructors thought this move had Philly-based roots to the Liberty Bell ; ). Whether you're doing Liberty at the bands or at the barre, remember to pull up on that knee cap and engage the glutes and the quads.  It's not a calf raise at all...it's total body! 

Try it:

(a) Your left leg is your standing (working) leg. Your right leg is flexed and knee is lifted to waist height. Abs and glutes are engaged (in tuck) and arms are in “T” with chest lifted and shoulders sliding down. You’ll breathe in.

(b) Exhale, to lift the heel, contracting the abs, knitting the ribs, engaging the quads and glutes while keeping EVERYTHING tight.

Image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg demo'ing Lateral Liberty at Lithe Old City


3.  High V-Low V (a) copy

Many of our Lithe workouts begin with this signature move.  Whether we have our arms long and low, Shaving the Head or in a High V, Low V (shown above), Cheer Preps (aka Calf Pumps) are great way to invigorate the body and get the heart rate up, up, up with the quickness!  Don't have our Higher Power Band System?  Use wrist weights, or 3 lb weights!

Try it:

(a) Place feet together, arms long by your sides. Shoulders should be sliding down and triceps engaged. Breathing in to engage your quads, glutes and inner thighs as you rise up onto the balls of your feet in stiletto. Simultaneously extend arms up into a High V. Arms should be slightly forward of the ears and within your periphery.

(b) Exhale to bend the knees and lower your heels as you simultaneously lower your arms into a Low V. 

Check out episode 3 of Lithe TV to learn more about proper form, technique, and the origin of our Cheer Preps!

Sept, 2012 image of Lauren Boggi Goldenberg demo'ing Cheer Preps at Lithe Old City

THE 18 DAYS OF LITHE! 8 Dec 2012


From December 8th (Happy Hanukkah!) through December 25 (Merry Christmas!) we'll be revealing a signature Lithe move to keep you fit, hip and healthy this season!

Image of Lithe Instructor, Tirsa Rivas via Dom

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